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My mom formerly told me that everyone is their have a title to favorite comedian. I’ve heard that thought numerous times throughout my life, moreover she was the first one I heard speak it, so I’m giving her the credit. With that in inclination, here are the two best jokes I’ve for aye come up with. Full disclosure, I’m not a comic actor, which isn’t a surprise to anyone who’s explain my jokes here. But I’ve had these two jokes in my head for a slack time now and it’s time to dividend them since we’re in the compass of trust. One joke I’m mildly ashamed of, and the other I’m greater degree of amused by than I probably should be. I’ll let you decide that is which.

What’s the quell thing you could give your dad? A boner.

The only thing additional difficult than writing a one liner? Writing a three liner.

Whew. Now that that’s extinguished of the way we can offer for consideration on to the real comedy, that is this week’s picks.


carson pQuarterbacks

Carson Palmer vs Pittsburgh: Palmer has turned the clock back this interval, because he’s dropping more hits than Carson Daly attached “TRL.” Woof. That any was a dog, but it’s quiescent not as bad as the Steelers sanction by a majority of votes defense.

Marcus Mariota vs Miami: Shout public to Josh Klein of the TBD Fantasy Football Podcast in this place on Bro Jackson for dubbing Mariota “The Maserati.” That’s in the same state a great nickname, I need to implore Josh to help me replace my have nickname: the labored, uninspired “Eddie Spaghetti” I’ve been saddled with since elementary school. But I be delivered of a nickname of my own in favor of Mariota.  This week, he’s Marcus Murakamiota. The figment he’s going to write in c~tinuance the Dolphins’ defense is gonna have ~ing so good that Miami’s gonna discharge of ~-arms Joe Philbin again.

Running Backs

Arian Foster vs Jacksonville: Nobody wants to watch the AFC South. It’s like at the time you had to watch “Mary Poppins” in 40 take a note of chunks over the course of a week in third grade. Arian is the sugar that helps this decayed lemon of a game go downward. He wants to be there plane less than we want to watch it, in this way look for him to make alert work of the Jaguars.

Duke Johnson vs Denver: Denver’s defense is impossible to believe. They’ll shut down the Browns’ protest game faster than the pretty lassie at the 8th grade dance inclination respectfully decline your dance request, orifice up Duke to continue on his PPR sunder, ringing up catches all day. He’ll subsist limited to 50 yards total, nevertheless it’ll be on at smallest 10 catches.

Wide Receivers

Brandon Marshall vs Washington: Hopefully the Jets didn’t employment their bye week to remember that they’re the Jets. Marshall has been a in a ~ condition key beast this season, and he’ll incivility Washington more than Washington disrespects Native Americans. Or our guys through those eyesore uniforms.

Calvin Johnson vs Chicago: Calvin has else frustration to work out than ~y old man with ED. With the Bears soggy defense forward tap Calvin is getting his two times-a-year dose of metaphorical Cialis in the cast of Kyle Fuller. If the symptoms utmost more than four hours, change the canal.

Tight End

Jacob Tamme vs New Orleans: With Julio Jones hobbled utmost week, Jacob Tamme did a great persons impression of an NFL tight period and with whispers of a fix count for Julio this week, Tamme’s warming up on account of an encore.

Defense / Special Teams

Patriots vs Indianapolis: It’s destiny that the NFL is imposing a accurate 18-and-up pay per see policy for this game, but it’s that must be. The Patriots are gonna do things to the Colts that you can’t understand on the special adult section of your cable budget where you always linger for a other or two to read the titles before backtracking to the gameshow network. “Patriotic Duty” – unobtrusive porn title or headline from this prey? Either way you’re going to subsist embarrassed when this title shows up up~ the body your bill, but do let everyone be sure about the embarrassment of riches you’re D / ST exercise volition post this week.



Andrew Luck vs New England: Lemony Snicket one time said “Reading is one con~ation of escape. Running for your life is another.” Luck escaped the horrors of Jacksonville and Houston ~ the agency of reading on the sidelines, but Sunday night there’ll be no escape from a certainly to be swarming Pats defense. I within a little feel bad for Luck. Between the requite factor and the worse-than-publicly-acknowledged shoulder injury, he’s a puddle expectation to be gleefully stomped through.

Tyrod Taylor vs Cincinnati: No substance how much we love Tyrod / Tygod / Tool Man Taylor hither at Brojackson, Cincy is for substantive and the Bengals are going to clown their collective foot so far into Buffalo’s pursuit that Rex Ryan won’t accomplished to contain his tumescence. I’m dejected I put that image out there. Let’s just close our eyes while this game comes on RedZone and counterfeit this never happened.

Running Backs

Washington RBBC vs New York Jets: As we’ve even now established, Washington has no respect as far as concerns anyone, and nowhere is that again emblematic than their running backs. They regard three rock solid options but they stay structure sure they use them in the principally nonsensical, Dan Snyder way possible.

Whoever starts because Seattle vs Carolina: Most likely Marshawn Lynch be pleased be back, but given the pursue record of RB1s this season, we should exist terrified. And Thomas Rawls looked highminded last week. This game so clearly has affliction written all over it that Ryan Adams has even now covered the Taylor Swift song encircling it.

Wide Receivers

TY Hilton vs New England: Consider TY the wooden guy in porn who stands most distant to the side while the leads render their Patriotic Duty. Yeah, he’s there, but he’s not going to exist doing anything productive.

Jordan Matthews vs New York Giants:

Mr. Turner: “You check roll with Jordan Matthews?”

Mr. Feeny: “It’s not a thing I brag about.”

-“Boy Meets (the 2015) World

Tight End

Greg Olsen vs Seattle: It looks like I’m expecting a defensive struggle. Well, the offenses faculty of volition struggle, I should say. That’s probably more accurate. After getting gashed by half of the duo responsible on the side of one of fantasy football’s total time lamest name (Good Eifert, Good Schaub), the merely sure bet in this game is that Seattle does not yield a tight end to beat them afresh.

Defense / Specials Teams

Texans vs Jacksonville: I dependence this isn’t the game the Texans’ defense wakes up. It’s jolly having Bortles be a top 10 fantasy QB, and it’s genuinely gayety to watch the JAX-Aliens cast through secondaries. If we have to watch the Texans bestow the ball to anyone aside from Arian or Deandre Hopkins, they have to attribute to us multiple shots of Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns streaking end brilliant coverage gaffes.

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