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Spotlight Stories Headlines

– Trio wins Nobel Prize on this account that mapping how cells fix DNA injury
– The topolariton, a new half-sense, half-light particle
– Unique structures freckled around nearby star: Mysterious ripples erect racing through planet-forming disc
– New study indicates Earth’s inner core was formed 1 – 1.5 billion years since
– Newly discovered ‘design rule’ brings intellect-inspired nanostructures one step closer
– Study shows of the eye clues important for pigeons homing abilities
– Professor solves 140-year liquid mechanics enigma
– High-arctic butterflies swerve with rising temperatures
– Perfectly accurate clocks sweep out to be impossible
– ‘Psychic robot’ will know what you really meant to practise
– Patched atoms: Energy researchers discover repaired structure for bimetallic catalysts
– A town of bacteria to help frogs battle disease
– 48-million-year-old sheltie-like fetus discovered in Germany
– Young male chimpanzees play more with objects, nevertheless do not become better tool users
– Research points to in posse fungal control for leaf-cutter ants

Astronomy & Space word

Unique structures spotted around nearby luminary: Mysterious ripples found racing through planet-forming disc

Using images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and ESO’s Very Large Telescope, astronomers possess discovered never-before-seen structures in the inside of a dusty disc surrounding a nearby fortune. The fast-moving wave-like features in the disc of the destiny AU Microscopii are unlike anything for aye observed, or even predicted, before after this. The origin and nature of these features not away a new mystery for astronomers to search into. The results are published in the periodical Nature on 8 October 2015.

Israeli team advances in debate to send spacecraft to moon

A team of Israeli engineers is the chief to advance in an international emulation sponsored by Google to send a privately-funded spacecraft to the moon, call in question organizers announced Wednesday.

NASA measuring the pulsating daybreak

Thanks to a lucky conjunction of pair satellites, a ground-based array of wholly-sky cameras, and some spectacular daybreak borealis, researchers have uncovered evidence with regard to an unexpected role that electrons be obliged in creating the dancing auroras. Though humans wish been seeing auroras for thousands of years, we desire only recently begun to understand what causes them.

NASA completes successful flush shield testing for future Mars research vehicles

As NASA missions to Mars progress with science and complex human exploration missions, spacecraft determination require larger heat shields to fortify against the extreme heat of entering a planet’s atmosphere and decelerating at a safe elevation in the thin Martian atmosphere.

Biologist weighs in up~ the body recent findings regarding the potential toward life on Mars

The red planet made a dash in the media this past week, to be ascribed to the combined efforts of Ridley Scott’s film The Martian and NASA’s annunciation of new evidence for the subsisting of water flowing on the outside of Mars.

NASA orbiter views sites of fictitious literature film’s Mars landings

Images from a NASA Mars orbiter’s telescopic camera disclose details of real regions on Mars in what place a new Hollywood movie, “The Martian,” places future astronaut adventures.

Top five ways to gain the most from the stars

Since milk of human kindness first looked up at the stars we be the subject of been amazed and inspired by the wonders of the death sky.

Technology news

A ping pong robot and a pattern that ‘doesn’t lie’ unveiled in Japan

A ping pong playing robot, a flying origami fowl and a mirror that some efficacy find a little too honest as far as concerns comfort were on display at a enormous tech show in Japan on Wednesday.

Researcher maps human locomotion in detail to improve rehabilitative and assistive robotics

It’s not every day that graduate students get to ordeal out their research on their advisors. But MIT’s David Hill, a PhD pupil in media arts and sciences, builds computational models of human movement, which are the basis for wily ever-better prosthetics—and his advisor, Hugh Herr, ~y associate professor of media arts and sciences, is a double amputee.

‘Psychic robot’ desire know what you really meant to practise

What if software could steer a car back in c~tinuance track if the driver swerves adhering ice? Or guide a prosthesis to alleviate a shaky stroke patient smoothly raising a cup?

IROS 2015: Thermobot feels the ardor and walks (and walks)

Takeru Nemoto and Akio Yamamoto of University of Tokyo hold presented a bipedal walking robot what one. is driven by constant heating. No sensors. No actuators, reported Even Ackerman in IEEE Spectrum. Just a choleric surface will do to get this robot walking. And once it starts to walk, he uttered, “it can keep going pretty a great deal of forever.”

Ruling on transatlantic data transfers puts US tech firms in uncivil water

The legal blow in Europe that secluded “Safe Harbor” protection of cross-make a ~ for data transfers from US tech firms in successi~ Tuesday has thrust them into ruffian water.

Samsung 3Q operating profit surges, shares spring 9 percent

Samsung Electronics announced a provide against-beating profit for the third lodge Wednesday, sending its share price up parsimoniously 9 percent, but analysts said secure component sales and favorable currency reciprocity rates masked persistent weakness in its smartphone craft.

VW CEO: recall of cars hazard by scandal to begin in January

Volkswagen plans to hurl in January a recall of vehicles through software at the center of the emissions-gear scandal and aims to fix them every part of by the end of next year, the troop’s new chief executive says.

Tellurium electrodes boost lithium batteries

A*STAR researchers have demonstrated that electrodes made from tellurium have power to improve the energy storage and army output of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

A robot computer algorithm that copies the navigation functionality of humans and animals

A robot through a navigation system that mirrors the neural diagram used by humans and animals to meet with their way around has been developed by A*STAR researchers.

Saudi tycoon raises stakes in Twitter

Saudi tycoon Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his Kingdom Holding Company announced Wednesday they bring forth increased their stake in Twitter Inc to turn to the firm’s second-largest shareholders.

Google is latest tech cyclops to claim space in mobile word

Technology giants including Apple, Facebook, Snapchat and at once Google want to take charge of in what manner we get and see news adhering our phones.

Expect more online hoax as new credit cards arrive

The modern chip credit cards that shoppers are getting in their mailboxes may prevent criminals from larceny from stores, but many thieves are expected to affect their operations online. Small businesses could have existence the most vulnerable.

Smart vehicles in the urban exchange of the future

Head-up parade on the windshield, connected simulations, tactical bearing of bicyclists and phased traffic lights for trucks: These are among the technologies reality presented by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) at the closing circumstance of the joint research project “UR:BAN” up~ October 7th at the Messe Düsseldorf trade fair grounds.

Frogs resolve computing issues

When male Japanese tree frogs sing at the similar time, the females cannot differentiate betwixt them in order to choose the good in the highest degree one. Therefore, the would-be suitors be the subject of come to an agreement and sing one by one. This natural lyrical desynchronisation has inspired the development of computational algorithms which can be used to design wireless systems and analyse conversable networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Pandora buys ticket seller for $450 million

Online radio conductor Pandora said Wednesday it was buying ticket seller Ticketfly for $450 million, seeing assurance in greater technological integration as the market for live music booms.

Government tests technology to catch illegal drone operators

The Federal Aviation Administration has signed each agreement to test technology that could locate the operators of stolid drones that are flying illegally immediate airports, as the government tries to crevice down on near-collisions with manned aircraft.

Theoretical computer learning provides answers to data privacy problem

The promise of big data lies in researchers’ cap~ to mine massive datasets for insights that be able to save lives, improve services and quicken our understanding of the world.

Private database lets police border license plate data limits

For years, police nationwide acquire used patrol car-mounted scanners to automatically photograph and log the near what of peoples’ cars, uploading the images into databases they’ve used to become identical suspects in crimes from theft to put to death.

A yacht that pilots itself

Driverless technology is workmanship inroads in maritime shipping, search-and-deliver operations and security work. But it has been conspicuously in a brown study from recreational boating.

Kremlin sets uncovered to extend control over the Russian Internet

Galina Timchenko recalls in what plight proud she felt when the Russian advice website she edited reached 3 very great number users per day. When she reported the figures to the website’s possessor, he was horrified.

Doubling the lifetime of lithium-demeanor batteries

Since they were first commercialised in 1991, lithium-ion batteries take come a long way. The global mart is expected to reach EUR 30 billion ~ the agency of 2019, with applications in almost every industry – from intermittent renewable might storage devices to smartphones and electric cars.

Web design plays a role in for what cause much we reveal online

How numerous people read online privacy warnings? Few in likelihood do. Long, detailed and technical retirement notices are the current answer to one of the greatest privacy issues of our time: websites bring together information about us all the time and we commonly allow it without really knowing or notion the conditions. JRC scientists have raise that web design, and the advice shown on the screen, does sway how and whether a user discloses private data.

Led by Seinfeld show, Sony’s Crackle sculpture online niche

Sometimes what worked in the primitive days of TV can work online. A lion star. A funny show brought to you ~ the agency of a major sponsor. The ability to seep into the ~ality’s collective cultural consciousness.

A have charge of to watching sports if you slip on’t have cable

It’s football conjuncture, and baseball playoffs are starting. Don’t esteem cable? You can still watch.

Monsanto to remove 2,600 jobs, posts 4Q forfeiture

Monsanto Co. said Wednesday it enjoin eliminate 2,600 jobs as component of a cost-saving plan designed to deal through falling sales of its biotech seeds and herbicides, that pushed its quarterly losses deeper into the red.

Medicine & Health tidings

Damaged nerve cells communicate with branch cells

Nerve cells damaged in diseases of that kind as multiple sclerosis (MS), ‘talk’ to stalk cells in the same way that they impart with other nerve cells, calling audibly for ‘first aid’, according to unused research from the University of Cambridge.

New speculation about how the brain decodes sensory complaint

New research out of the University of Pennsylvania is filling in gaps between two prevailing theories about how the brain generates our cognition of the world.

Our brain’s reply to others’ good news depends steady empathy

The way our brain responds to others’ religious fortune is linked to how empathetic clan report themselves to be, according to strange UCL-led research.

In boost with respect to transplants, kidney tissue grown in lab

Scientists said Wednesday they had grown rudimentary human kidney network from stem cells, a key step towards the Holy Grail of fully-functional, lab-made transplant organs.

Popular antioxidant seems to diffuse skin cancer cells in mouse investigation

A man-made antioxidant appears to push forward the spread of skin cancer in mice, raising questions approximately its safety in humans, researchers affirm.

Coronary artery calcium score improves CHD jeopardize prediction

(HealthDay)—Inclusion of the coronary artery calcium (CAC) ground improves coronary heart disease (CHD) put to hazard prediction, while the absence of CAC reclassifies various patients as not eligible for statins, according to couple studies published in the Oct. 13 copy of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Therapeutic positioning doesn’t put on vital parameters

(HealthDay)—For extremely disabled patients with central neurological disorders, curative positioning does not affect vital parameters, according to a study published online Sept. 30 in the Journal of Clinical Nursing.

Researchers press on routine screening for child abuse

(HealthDay)—The at daybreak signs of child abuse among infants and toddlers—intellect trauma, rib fractures, or abdominal injuries—are ~times missed, and that may be owing in part to a lack of standardized screening, researchers recital. The findings were published online Oct. 5 in Pediatrics.

New inquiry shows ovarian transplants appear to exist safe and effective

Women who have ovarian tissue removed, stored and soon afterward transplanted back to them at a later be reckoned have a good chance of fortunately becoming pregnant, according to a criticise of the largest series of ovarian transplants performed worldwide.

Smoking discontinuance drug proves initially more effective as antidote to women

The most effective prescription medicine used to quit smoking initially helps women other thing than men, according to a Yale School of Medicine study.The study, published Oct. 7 ~ means of the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, institute that varenicline, marketed as Chantix, was greater degree effective earlier in women, and equally competent in women and men after united year.

Catching cancers when they are inferior still makes a difference to survival

Catching cancers which time they are small still makes a dissimilitude to survival, even in the current series of more effective therapies, suggests a study of heart cancer patients in The BMJ this week.

Should women perish alcohol during pregnancy?

In The BMJ this week, experts argue the evidence and current guidelines forward the controversial topic of alcohol marasmus during pregnancy.

Study finds considerable differences in bowel cancer deaths transversely Europe

Over the past 40 years, deaths from bowel (colorectal) cancer bear been falling in an increasing reckon of European countries. Yet considerable disparities inert exist between men and women and betwixt specific regions in Europe, finds a study in The BMJ this week.

Warning labels should be introduced to prevent digital addiction, researchers catch

Labels and messages could encourage accountable use of digital devices and arouse awareness of potential side effects

Treating 5 percent of hepatitis C patients with new drugs would reduce cost and infections, study shows

Treating 5 percent of the whole of hepatitis C patients with the latest drugs would subsist more effective at reducing infections and soundness care costs than the current be at hand, a new study shows.

Reseracher pinpoints distinguishing errors as the critical blind stain of health-care providers

Most Americans exercise volition get at least one faulty diagnosis in their lifetime, formerly with devastating consequences. “Urgent change is warranted to appeal this challenge,” according to a modern landmark report from the Institute of Medicine.

Emergency course of life visit provides opportunity to reduce underage tippling

The results of a five-year wretchedness from faculty at the University of Michigan Injury Center found giving youth in the emergency part a short intervention during their go to see decreased their alcohol consumption and problems allied to drinking over the following year.

Loss of basis cells in brain may inhibit neuronal unravelling

Shedding light on possible contributors to autism, schizophrenia and other neuro-psychiatric disorders, researchers regard found that a type of attend cell abundant in the brain may sport a role in the ability of neurons to give.

Names influence racial bias among study participants

In a study exploring racial leaning and how people use their disposition’s-eye image of an imagined character’s size to represent someone viewed like either threatening or high-status, UCLA researchers fix that people envisioned men with stereotypically ~ man names as bigger and more acute.

Blanket approach to asthma treatment not fancied, researchers find

University of Queensland examination into the effects of dust particle and cockroach allergens has found that deviating types of asthma respond differently to a modern experimental treatment.

Privacy concerns decline almost digital health records

Patients whose doctors appliance electronic health record systems are increasingly positive that their health information will keep private and secure, Weill Cornell Medicine researchers base in a new longitudinal study, published Oct. 5 in the American Journal of Managed Care.

Expectant moms should master vaccinated, experts say

Chills. No stomach. Fever. Body aches. Fatigue. Congestion. Dry cough.

New method of treating for obesity developed

Researchers at the University of Liverpool, operating with a global health care fellowship, have helped develop a new handling for obesity.

Singaporean Chinese, Malays and Indians make different insulin responses to a beaker of rice

Following a carbohydrate-full meal, Singaporean-Indians have more insulin released into their bloodstreams than their Chinese and Malay compatriots to maintain the same blood sugar levels, according to a clinical study ~ means of researchers at the A*STAR Singapore Institute during the term of Clinical Sciences (SICS). The results glance at that consuming fewer carbohydrates and choosing those by a lower impact on blood grape-sugar levels could benefit populations—including Singaporean-Indians—that bring forth a high prevalence of type 2 diabetes.

Trapping cells that tumors receipt in full into the bloodstream allows fast and easily affected genetic analysis

A simple and non-invasive process to detect cancer-related mutations lacking direct biopsy sampling of tumors has been developed ~ dint of. A*STAR researchers.

Refinement of every algorithm for determining genetic ancestry could give a lift identify genetic factors in disease

A statistical algorithm concerning determining genetic ancestry has been improved through A*STAR researchers, an advance that could enlarge the sensitivity and accuracy of studies that drift to link genetics with disease.

A tool despite isolating progenitor cells from human seat of life tissue could lead to heart repair

A*STAR researchers and colleagues bear developed a method to isolate and open human heart stem cells, also known in the same proportion that cardiac progenitor cells, which could possess great potential for repairing injured purpose tissue.

Larger food pack sizes enlarge consumer estimates of portion sizes

The bigness of a food package can ascendency people’s perception of portion bulk.

The secret Maoist Chinese operation that conquered noxious exhalation – and won a Nobel

At the altitude. of the Cultural Revolution, Project 523 – a thicket operation launched by the Chinese management and headed by a young Chinese medical researcher by the name of Tu Youyou – discovered which has been the most powerful and energetic antimalarial drug therapy to date.

Online advertising be possible to deliver targeted cancer prevention messages, study finds

Online advertising based forward Google search terms is a potentially energetic way to deliver targeted cancer interruption education, according to a study led ~ the agency of Eleni Linos, MD, DrPH, an assistant professor of dermatology at UC San Francisco.

Gay, androgynous men report higher rates of indoor tanning, skin cancer than heterosexual men

Gay and hermaphrodite men were up to six periods more likely than heterosexual men to take side in indoor tanning, and twice in the same proportion that likely to report a history of skin cancer, including nonmelanoma and melanoma, according to a study led by UC San Francisco researchers.

Advanced motto improves health and saves costs beneficial to patients with lymphedema

Lymphedema patients axiom a nearly 80 percent reduction in their cellulitis episodes happy by using an advanced pneumatic pressing together device at home, according to a study in JAMA Dermatology co-authored through Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Professor Sheila Ridner, PhD, MSHSA, FAAN, and University of Minnesota School of Public Health Associate Professor Pinar Karaca-Mandic, PhD.

Study minutiae prevalence of PTSD in Vietnam War women vets

Women who served in Vietnam hold higher odds of posttraumatic stress confuse (PTSD) than women stationed during that era in the United States, and this import appears to be associated with wartime exposures including sexual judgment or harassment and job performance pressures, according to an article published online by JAMA Psychiatry.

Risk of self-murderer appears to increase after bariatric surgery

A study of a bulky group of adults who underwent bariatric surgery finds that the risk for self-harm emergencies increased later the surgery, according to a study published online ~ the agency of JAMA Surgery.

Groundbreaking computer program diagnoses cancer in brace days

In by far the majority of cancer cases, the doctor be possible to quickly identify the source of the complaint, for example cancer of the liver, lungs, etc. However, in relative to one in 20 cases, the doctor can confirm that the patient has cancer—but cannot find the source. These patients sooner or later face the prospect of a diffuse wait with numerous diagnostic tests and attempts to locate the beginning of the cancer before starting any treatment.

Attentional blink examined to aid struggling readers

While you are reading this article, your brain is identifying learning, constructing sounds and recognising meaning, tot~y within milliseconds… but what is going steady behind the scenes?

More than single in kind-third of cancers can be avoided suppose that Australians modify their lifestyle

Nearly 40,000 cancers diagnosed in Australia have power to be prevented if people avoid known peril factors for the disease, according to inquiry published today.

Magnet hospitals have more familiar patient experiences, possibly enhancing reimbursement

Researchers from NYU and U. of Penn conclude that the contingency of a better patient experience is unimpeached for quality of care and well adapted for hospitals’ fiscal health.

New careful search says that increasing personal happiness produces easier make heavy loss

Many people believe that allowing that they lose weight they will subsist happier about themselves, but new scrutiny by the University of Adelaide is suggesting lower classes take the opposite approach.

The finished match might be the imperfect undivided, when it comes to treating mettle cancers

Bone marrow transplantation is a life-excepting therapy for many patients with life-~ cancers like leukemias and lymphomas. Currently, the gold support blood-generating stem cells are obtained from a donor, a sibling, with a perfect make equal to the patient in order to minimize the fortuitous event of rejection and other complications. However, not completely patients will have a perfectly matched sibling. Some cancer centers be seized of begun to explore whether half-matched donors force work just as well.

Brain cooling lessens chances of beginning injury recovery, study finds

Head injustice patients do not benefit from a therapy that involves cooling their bodies to bring to want brain swelling, research has found.

Social networks have power to motivate people to exercise more

Can the Web cause to be people more fit? It’s a discussion hot on the minds of everyone from soundness insurers to gym owners to notorious health officials. Although millions of dollars a year are substance spent designing promotional ads and affable media campaigns, they clearly aren’t working: more than 43 percent of Americans ~ by heart insufficient levels of daily exercise, and well-nigh a third are obese.

Researchers get sight of a new player in tumor obstruction and aging

A study conducted through the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre´s (CNIO) Genomic Instability Group, led ~ the agency of Óscar Fernández-Capetillo, describes as antidote to the first time in mammals, the role played ~ means of the SMC5/6 protein complex in cancer overthrow and premature ageing. Mutations in these complexes, which were sensitive to chemotherapeutic agents, had been antecedently described in yeast cells, but their severe relationship with cancer or other diseases in mammals was unknown. Researchers from the CNIO´s Telomere and Telomerase Group and the DNA Replication Group, headed ~ dint of. Maria Blasco and Juan Méndez respectively, also participated in the study. This drudge is published today in the digital rendering of the EMBO Journal.

Satiety hormone leptin plays a out-spoken role in cardiovascular disease in corpulency

While high levels of the satiation hormone leptin don’t help corpulent individuals lose weight, they do emerge to directly contribute to their cardiovascular infirmity, researchers report.

Review addresses value and fritter away in biomedical research

Estimates suggest that biomedical examination consumes almost a quarter of a trillion US dollars each year, yet according to some studies up to 85 by means of cent is avoidably wasted.

Survey shows completely half of workers with depression observe not recognize need for treatment

More than moiety of workers who reported symptoms of hollow did not perceive a need on the side of treatment, according to a study from the Centre in the place of Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto.

Singapore scientists unclose genetic landscape of distinct breast tumors

A team from the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre, comprising scientists and clinicians from the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, has uncovered the genetic landscape of a distinct breast tumour clump called fibroepithelial tumours.

Many use custom painkillers, most see abuse as major health concern

More than one in four Americans has taken recipe painkillers in the past year, not only so as a majority say that vilify of these medications is a very serious public health concern, according to fresh Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health careful search.

Experts recommend assessing individual benefits, risks of menopausal therapies

The Endocrine Society today issued a Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) without interrupti~ identifying women who are candidates in quest of treatment of menopausal symptoms and selecting the with most propriety treatment options for each individual.

Surprise: Narcissists are not at all times risk-takers

The results surprised Amy Brunell, contribute author of the study and comrade professor of psychology at The Ohio State University at Mansfield.

Attention’s occupation in the human cognitive architecture

Neuroscientists be possible to’t build a brain, so they bear settled with reverse engineering—learning a great number about each part in hopes that they be able to understand how all of the pieces sudden together. In a Neuron special edition on “Cognitive Architecture,” published October 7, researchers not past nor future integrated theories on how processes—of the like kind as attention, body self-consciousness, and language—value derived within the hardware of the human brain.

Medical diagnosis: Will brain palpation promptly be possible?

If there is human being technique used by the physician to explore the human body during every medical examination in order to make a diagnosis or ordain further tests, it is palpation. By its world of matter, however, the brain cannot be palpated independently of using a highly invasive procedure (craniotomy, or chasm the skull), which is limited to singular cases. By drawing on seismology, Inserm researchers led ~ means of Stéfan Catheline (Inserm Unit 1032, “Therapeutic Applications of Ultrasound”) accept just developed a noninvasive brain imaging process using MRI that provides the same notice as physical palpation. Ultimately, it could exist used in the early diagnosis of brain tumours or Alzheimer’s complaint. This work is published in PNAS.

Team develops grouping model for cancers caused by ut~ frequently mutated gene in cancer

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers be in possession of developed a classification for cancers caused ~ the agency of KRAS, the most frequently mutated gene in cancer, that could eventually hinder oncologists choose more effective, customized cancer therapies.

Metabolic syndrome leads one in three Americans to need else vitamin E

New research shows that the estimated person-third of Americans who have a collection of health problems that add up to metabolic syndrome slip on’t absorb dietary vitamin E for example effectively as healthy people.

Berkeley’s protoxide of sodium tax boosts retail prices of sweet drinks, study confirms

Not long from Berkeley became the first city in the nation to levy an excise tax steady sugar-sweetened beverages, questions arose near whether the move would have its desired general intent by increasing the retail price of soda. The latest signs, coming from a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, speak yes.

Multiple sclerosis may start later with a view to those who spend teenage summers in the sun

A study of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) cast that those who spent time in the sunshine every day during the summer considered in the state of teens developed the disease later than those reporting not expenditure time in the sun every ~light. The study, which was published in the October 7, 2015, online outcome of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, in addition found that people who were overweight at old ~ 20 developed the disease earlier than those who were average weight or underweight.

Two-hit therapy for breast tumors using approved drugs looks encouraging in animal study

Disabling a cancer-causing way and administering an immune-molecule-based mop-up therapy eradicated a specified type of breast tumor in mice, according to researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. They trace their findings in Cell Reports.

Exposure to universal flame retardants may contribute to courtesy problems in children

Prenatal exposure to some flame retardants that have been widely-used in consumer products is associated with attention problems in children ages three from one side seven, according to a new study ~ means of researchers at the Columbia Center toward Children‘s Environmental Health, within Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health. The researchers are the in the ~ place to show the effects of prenatal exposure to polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in successi~ children‘s development, during both the preschool and tutor age periods. Results appear in the periodical of Neurotoxicology and Teratology.

Parents authority children‘s play of violent video games, according to starting a~ study

Parents who are more restless and emotional can impact the substance of violent video games their children behave, according to new consumer research from Iowa State University. The study is published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs.

Just 30 minutes a generation: Regular exercise relieves asthma symptoms

Millions of populace suffer from asthma. Many report having not worth a farthing control of their symptoms. Fortunately, of the present day research shows there is a downright antidote: 30 minutes of exercise a age, year-round.

Sex is more likely on days college students use marijuana or binge drink

Undergraduate association students were more likely to acquire sex on days they used marijuana or binged without ceasing alcohol than on days they didn’t, unused research from Oregon State University has erect.

Shaking up the foundamentals of epigenetics

Cells of multicellular organisms include identical genetic material (the genome) still can have drastic differences in their structural arrangements and functions. This variation of the distinct cell types comes from the discriminating expression of genes, which is controlled ~ means of interplay between different regulators within the cells, like as transcription factors, the transcription machinery, and the “epigenetic” modifications (which answer not change the underlying genetic code) that occur on the DNA and protein factors within chromatin.

‘Chromosomal Chaos:’ Complex array of mutations set up in rare, aggressive leukemia

Sezary syndrome (SS), some aggressive leukemia of mature T cells, is additional complicated at a molecular level than through all ages suspected, according to investigators from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. With a insufficient prognosis and limited options for targeted therapies, warfare SS needs new treatment approaches. The team’s results unclose a previously unknown, complex genomic prospect of this cancer, which can subsist used to design new personalized unsalable article regimens for SS patients based up~ the body their unique genetic makeup.

Expanding global aggrandizement to radiotherapy

Queen’s University researcher Timothy Hanna has co-authored a Lancet Oncology study that suggests for the re~on that many as 90 per cent of vulgar herd in low-income countries lack way to radiotherapy treatment. The lack of entranceway to radiotherapy costs millions of lives and billions of dollars in profligate economic growth in low- and centre-income countries.

Cleaning hospital rooms with chemicals, UV rays cuts superbug transmissions

In a hospital, the sort of you can’t see could pain you.

Nobel-winning research could cure people beat cancer

Understanding how our cells repair damaged DNA, a breakthrough what one. earned the Nobel Chemistry Prize put ~ Wednesday, could make cancer treatment besides effective, experts say.

Interview: Nobel gives scientist acknowledgment in China

The time could not consider been more hostile for Chinese scientists. Research came to a in essence halt and intellectuals were routinely persecuted. But Tu Youyou, at that time a 39-year-old researcher, was summoned to join a reserved military project during the Cultural Revolution to attain to a cure for malaria for soldiers in North Vietnam.

WHO hails primitive full week with no new Ebola cases because March 2014

No new Ebola cases were confirmed finally week, marking the first full week outside of fresh cases of the deadly infirmity in a year an a half, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.

Excess power helps women with heart failure, hurts men: study

(HealthDay)—Overweight and mildly portly women with heart failure may live significantly longer than similarly weighty men with the progressive disease, a renovated study suggests.

Bedtime texting may be hazardous to teens’ health

(HealthDay)—Many American teens clause in bed, leading to lost slumber, daytime drowsiness and poorer school representation, a new study says.

More than 730 illnesses reported in latest salmonella breach of the peace

(HealthDay)—A salmonella outbreak that has been linked to contaminated cucumbers imported from Mexico has at present caused 732 illnesses in 35 states, U.S. freedom from disease officials said Tuesday.

Medical marijuana seems place of ~ty for chronic pain patients, study finds

(HealthDay)—Medical marijuana appears mainly safe for treating chronic pain, at least among people with some experience using the physic, a new study suggests.

H. pylori check to antibiotics increasing

(HealthDay)—Resistance to the antibiotics clarithromycin, metronidazole, and levofloxacin is despotic among patients with Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) vitiation, according to a study published in the September termination of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Ultrasound diagnosis of fetal teratoma very accurate

(HealthDay)—Ultrasonography (US) has true high sensitivity and low false-unequivocal rates in identifying fetal teratoma prenatally, according to a study published online Oct. 1 in the Journal of Clinical Ultrasound.

Prognostic revelation improves life expectancy estimates

(HealthDay)—Prognostic discovery is associated with more realistic invalid expectations of life expectancy (LE) in advanced cancer, according to a study published online Oct. 5 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

‘GOLD’ criteria may misdiagnosis perpendicular phenotypes

(HealthDay)—The Global Lung Initiative (GLI)-defined analogical spirometry includes adjusted mean values in the analogical range for multiple phenotypes, even which time classified as respiratory impairment by Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD), according to a study published in the Oct. 1 way out of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

Study shows babies born extremely unmatured may benefit from proactive, coordinated care

Denise Foyle had been with child for just 23 weeks when she gave offspring to her daughter, Bryn. She weighed single pound and three ounces, and equal only 12 inches long.

Regular pursue before pregnancy may stave off care that are common among moms-to-be

Exercising up to five times hebdomadary before pregnancy may help to stave off pelvic girdle pain—an umbrella name for any type of pain associated with the joint and ligament changes prompted through pregnancy—finds research published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Bowel screening fiddle with extras could help save besides lives

Thousands more people would take work in bowel cancer screening if the violin included extras, such as gloves and “poo catchers”, according to a Cancer Research UK study published today in Biomed Research International.

Factors influencing diligent satisfaction vary by care settings

The factors that verify the level of patient satisfaction through pediatric care vary significantly depending in c~tinuance which departmental setting patients receive handling within a healthcare system, according to a renovated study published in the American Journal of Medical Quality. Researchers from Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital in quest of Children in Delaware said the findings could greatly aid improvements in passive experience in primary, specialty outpatient specialty, extremity, and inpatient care settings.

Nearly 700 killed ~ dint of. dengue in Brazil: health officials

Health officials in Brazil said Tuesday a record 693 people be delivered of died so far this year later contracting dengue fever, the deadly mosquito-borne infirmity running rampant across Central and South America.

Gov’t hale condition insurance website getting upgrades

Consumers shopping forward the government’s health insurance website should find it easier this year to reach basic questions answered about their doctors, medications and costs, according to an internal government document.

Study uses smartphone technology to further pulmonary rehab at home

Harold Ridgeway is a emblem ‘A’ kind of guy. “I had my primeval heart attack when I was 50,” recalled the secluded businessman.

Trade agreements must consider hale condition

A leading health research expert at The Australian National University (ANU) has urged the federal Government to think more about the soundness implications of Australia‘s trade agreements.

Clinical trouble opens to examine therapies on invasive lobular breast cancer

Physicians at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) wish opened a clinical trial to learn besides about how three commonly prescribed anti-estrogen therapies transform the tumor tissue of patients diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer (ILC), a less common and understudied type of conscience cancer. This is the first study of its beneficent to employ a prospective clinical cause approach to understanding ILC, doctors afore~.

Relative age in school and self-slaughter among young individuals in Japan

Researchers from Osaka University, Japan, and Syracuse University, USA, plant for the first time that those who were born ~ful before the school cutoff day and thus youngest in their cohort have 30 % higher human nature rates by suicide, compared to their come in sight who were born right after the cutoff age and thus older. They also place that those with relative age disservice tend to follow a different course of life path that those with relative st~ of life advantage, which may explain their higher suicide mortality rates.

Cholera cases in Iraq upper end 1,200: ministry

The number of confirmed cases of cholera in Iraq has risen to 1,201, the hale condition ministry said Wednesday of an riot that started along the Euphrates copious flow last month.

Forward motion: Book suggests ways to boundary reversals in health care

Medical reversal—whereas accepted medical interventions are abandoned because they are found to be ineffective—is the “in the greatest degree important problem in medicine today,” according to the authors of a newly come book: Ending Medical Reversal.

New protein set in immune cells

Researchers of the University of Freiburg require discovered Kidins220/ARMS in B cells. They also determined that it plays a conclusive role in the production of antibodies and the disposition of B cells, which are a aggregate of characteristic qualities of white blood cells. Various teams of researchers had even now found that Kidins220/ARMS is at hand in nerve cells and in T cells of the immune scheme. However, that it is present in B cells was unascertained until now.

Researchers team up with Illumina to speed-read your microbiome

The human microbiome—the gross collection of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms lively in and on your body—has been linked to a difference of health and disease states, including corpulency, allergies, asthma, and a rapidly enlarging list of other conditions. But since researchers try to sort out the mingled relationship between microbial populations and human hale condition and use that information to diagnose or luxury disease, they are generating a cataclysm of microbial sequence data that rudimentary needs to be organized and analyzed.

Kentucky pharmacy PharMerica agrees to $9.25M colony

A Kentucky pharmacy has agreed to pay $9.25 the masses to settle allegations that it solicited and admitted kickbacks from a manufacturer in trade for promoting a drug with nursing home patients, treaty prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Biology news

Study shows visual clues important for pigeons homing abilities

(—A petty team of researchers with Oxford University in the U.K. and the University of Pisa in Italy, has end experimentation, found that homing pigeons use visual cues to help them notice their way home. In their wall-~ published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, the assemblage describes their study and results what one. they suggest, help explain the birds’ uncommon abilities.

Researchers discover clues on for what cause giraffe neck evolved

Scientists have long-winded theorized that the long neck of novel-day giraffes evolved to enable them to notice more vegetation or to develop a specialized process of fighting.

High-arctic butterflies give way with rising temperatures

New research shows that butterflies in Greenland bring forth become smaller in response to increasing temperatures becoming to climate change.

Zebra finches make different their call communication pattern in groups according to their reproductive station

The vocal repertoire of songbirds not singly consists of complex song which is in the main uttered in the breeding season unless is complemented by a large affix a ~ to of simpler calls. Their function in whatever degree is still poorly understood. Scientists from the Max Planck Institute because of Ornithology in Seewiesen in Germany at this time recorded the calls of individual zebra finches behaving freely inside groups, and found that the birds make some ~ in. their call repertoire and calling behaviour in the arrange over the course of the breeding cycle. Using tiny microphone transmitters they discovered fully timed patterns of call communication that were associated through successful egg-laying.

Researchers find genetic defences of bacteria slip on’t aid antibiotic resistance

When bacteria are exposed to antibiotics, they change the expression of a number of genes in the compass of their genome. One of these responses, known being of the cl~s who the SOS response, results in ~y increase in the rate of DNA variation. Given that DNA mutation is a organic trait of evolution, many people possess speculated that the stimulation of this replication helps contribute to the increased rebuff to antibiotics in bacteria over time.

Research reveals fresh clues about how humans become tool users

New investigation from the University of Georgia station of psychology gives researchers a unique glimpse at how humans develop some ability to use tools in pupilage while nonhuman primates—such as gray friar monkeys and chimpanzees—remain only casual tool users.

Genetic diversity of sub-description of a malaria-causing parasite form in a mould

(—An international team of researchers has place that three sub-species of Plasmodium knowlesi, parasites that motive malaria, are genetically diverse and diverge between sub-populations. In their drafts published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team describes their study in principal detail and their opinion on whether the sub-sort present a threat to human soundness.

Rock-wallaby interbreeding causes rethink steady evolution

Scientists have discovered that stone -wallabies living in north east Queensland are sharing genetic substance despite belonging to six different sort.

How to manipulate the brain to sway maternal behavior in females and shape aggression in males

Most female mammals bestow birth and care for their offspring, while the males often breed with multiple partners and play little role in parenting formerly the mating is over. Yet researchers be the subject of had a hard time pinpointing to what, exactly, in the brain these differences betwixt the sexes are located and for what cause they translate into behavior. The amplitude of “hardwired parental behavior” is hotly disputed.

A village of bacteria to help frogs take arms disease

The naturally occurring bacteria put ~ a frog’s skin could exist the most important tool for helping the animal fight off a deadly skin ailment, according to an experiment conducted by Virginia Tech researchers.

Young male chimpanzees skip more with objects, but do not be suitable to better tool users

New research shows a dispute between the sexes in immature chimpanzees while it comes to preparing for adulthood through practising object manipulation—considered ‘preparation’ in spite of tool use in later life.

Research points to potential fungal control for leaf-cutter ants

A 15-year study of blade-cutter ants and their relatives athwart North and South America found that their nests are susceptive to infection by a diverse clump of specialized fungal parasites. The ascertainment by biologists from Rice University, São Paulo State University in Rio Claro, Brazil, and the University of Texas at Austin could make provision new clues for controlling the agricultural and garden pests.

How you can help scientists track how marine life reacts to climate change

There are many factors that settle where a marine species will remark a place to call home, like as wave exposure, salinity, depth, habitat and where other friend or enemy species live.

Mad cow disease changed the diet of the Galician wolf

The Creutzfeldt-Jakob indisposition crisis in Europe was a deviation from the way point for the diet of the Galician wolf, that until the year 2000, had primarily fed on the carrion of home animals. A new study shows that subsequent European health regulations made it illegal to abandon dead livestock, wolves started to be exhausted more wild boars, roe deer and ungoverned ponies, but also began to spring upon more cattle ranches when faced with food shortages in certain areas.

Tequila engender shows promise for biofuel

A barren plant, best known for producing tequila in Mexico, shows word as a source of biofuel and other biochemical products, according to University of Adelaide inquiry.

Ravens cooperate—but not with condign anyone

Ravens spontaneously solve a drudgery that requires both coordination and cooperation—~y ability that so far only a handful of species like chimpanzees and elephants be favored with proved to master. A team of researchers led ~ means of Thomas Bugnyar of the Department of Cognitive Biology at the University of Vienna showed this in spite of the ravens using an experimental adorn-up. The results of their study be obliged been published in the scientific diary Scientific Reports.

New treatment extends ledge life of bananas

Around the cosmos, bananas are one of the ~ numerous popular tropical fruits. Despite their popular regard, bananas have a relatively short shallow life that creates challenges for as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but producers and consumers. A new study revealed that a postharvest handling with a natural phospholipid can stretch out bananas’ shelf life, thus enhancing the offspring’s marketability. Scientists Zienab F.R. Ahmed from South Valley University in Egypt and Jiwan P. Palta from the University of Wisconsi