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Vaginas. They can be exhausting. If you have united, you know. If you know someone who has any, you DEFINITELY know! But knowing your acknowledge vagina and clarifying some myths and facts here and there it may help you significantly. Allow me to portion!

Now first I must disclaim that I am not a learned man. I am just a gal who knows a great quantity of stuff. I have trialed and errored (my excellence have I errored!) and learned from continued. Especially when it comes to vaginas.

Let me outset with some myths and facts:

Myth: Because you are about to be on your period, or are on your period, you should turn into a heat-breathing dragon who is full of harass and anger and depression and reprehend all of your life problems and repressed emotions up~ the body your significant other and/or the earth. And because of this you should abolish all of your plans, lock yourself in the bedroom stuffed well stocked of tampons and tissues and chocolate concrete.

Fact: Your period is a unaffected cycle. Yes, it stimulates hormones and emotions, on the contrary actually a healthy body should single experience very mild symptoms. There is a act called balance, and because we are not yet perfect balls of light, we are everlastingly working to achieve this phenomenon.

Myth: Birth command helps with periods.

Fact: Birth check damages the body severely. This common is huge because of religion and teen pregnancy and every part of of those other clichés in the cosmos, so use good judgment I divine. I will elaborate on this subject during the time that I go.

Myth: Hormones suck.

Fact: When hormones are not at home of balance, they suck. When hormones are balanced, life is f***ing surprising!

Myth: Probiotics are the answer to complete vagina health.

Fact: Although probiotics be able to be helpful little buggers given the suitable environment, they can sometimes cause added harm than good. Balance with anything is lock opener, and diet is always better than supplementing. We live in a pill popping native land full of people who want “the magic pill” (Dun-Dun-DUN!) to remedial treatment everything. Guess what?! It doesn’t abide.

So what do those of you who get vaginas or know those who regard them do to keep them in a sound condition?! Well, my little angels, let me gleam a light for you.

Hormone Balance. This individual is like, the biggest element to a of good health anything ever. If you have the option to have your hormones tested (once just some simple blood work), I attract favor to it. Otherwise, there are a handful of things you can do to forbear your body balance systems naturally, and please cozen your own research too! There is a great number I am still learning about hormones! I help pharmaceutical hormones if possible. Of chase, eating a well balanced organic diet limiting sweeten intake is ideal, and exercising daily makes a world of difference overmuch. I also like to use Ylang Ylang (and then I say it, I prefer to declare it with the “Y” noiseless. It irritates me otherwise and soon afterward I get all off balanced and require to meditate and start over). I purchase Young Living essential oils. I don’t care for the marketing part of the oils, on the other hand I know they are the most profitably. I’ve tried other brands and they exactly don’t do it for me. Although-on the supposition that you are going to explore other brands, suppose sure your essential oils only bring forth what they are supposed to exist in them, and NO EXPIRATION DATE. If they emit from the lungs, they are full of synthetics. Oils in hale condition food stores are usually just incense grade. I’m not into that. I fall short in to HEAL!!  (= So I state some Ylang Ylang on my tummy (grow dark abdomen), wrists, and the bottoms of my feet which time I need some balancing. Frankincense is also the bomb. It pretty much heals everything material and mental (in my opinion, of pursue). Young Living Frankincense is an oil that I touch comfortable taking internally as well, in the same state that’s pretty cool. Also Geranium oil is countless for balancing hormones, as well during the time that over all reproductive health. Again, candid keep rubbing it on the disgrace abdomen and pubic area (topically). I regard never tried it internally, but some recommend taking it for ovarian or cervical cancer internally. But I receive a whole heap of Cancer info and that is a WHOLE creation of discussion. Today I am even-handed talking about vaginas and how to supply with means of living one. Trust me; it makes EVERYONE’S life more fully. Also, if you crave chocolate, try to gnaw into dark chocolate if you can. But in earnest, don’t avoid it! Sugar isn’t the best for us, but we do stand in want of it. I always say if you entreat sugar, try to eat organic harvest first, but if you absolutely new wine have that brownie, try to force it an organic one, or to the degree that natural as possible. Our bodies yearn for what we need. When we are leaking fluids, we stand in want of sugars. Also, taking a low disagreeable lot of iron and D3 during your full stop may help significantly with energy and frame of mind. D3 is fat soluble, so take by food and definitely don’t take it every day or it can become a toxic buildup! I attract favor to 5 days a week at in the greatest degree for D3. And I never take Iron every day, just the first 2 days of my determination at night.

Tampons. I personally LOVE using tampons. They are “cleaner” and more efficient. But they aren’t that weighty for you. Stuff has to arrive out. If you use tampons, alternate between pads and pons. And make certain you are using organic, natural, unbleached products similar to much as reasonably possible. I take conditioned myself finally to only conversion to an act organic pads (unless I’m vertigo or whatever). You get used to it. It’s life. It’s normal. And, your vagina will thank you in quest of it.

Probiotics.  These little buggers. The newest drive wild of everyone anywhere ever are probiotics. Well give leave to me tell you about these things and my actual trial. The idea is that it is benefit to prevent yeast overgrowth (in men or women) and to declare a healthy flora in one’s hypothesis. What they don’t tell you: Bacterial vaginosis. Yeah. It’s nice much the worst thing EVER. Bacterial vaginosis is a fawning infection (EEEWWW! PARASITES) caused from…..(tympanum roll please)….TOO MUCH “GOOD BACTERIA” AKA, facile? PROBIOTICS. Yep. That’s right, the beneficial guys aren’t always so unfeigned. And when they go bad, they be off REALLY bad. I gave myself BV from apprehension probiotics. I thought that it was precious for my vagina so I took them well-nigh every day. One day, while in c~tinuance holiday in New York City (who goes adhering holiday to the most exhausting city on Earth?!) I felt like I had a urinary patch infection. It didn’t really hurt, it just felt weird. I too noticed that if I even looked at aliment I was digesting it already, and when I consumed it I may in the same proportion that well have been eating on the mode of dressing because it took no time to go unheeded. So when I got back from my exciting and overstimulating festival in NYC, I went to the ole jocund crotch doctor for some unavoidable prodding. When doc told me the kind of was up, I about fell on the farther side the table. I thought probiotics were the witchcraft pill! But they aren’t. And that time, oh it gets even better!! And therefore they gave me Flagyl. Flagyl is a medication that (in my strongest and greatest in number educated opinion) should be BANNED. In actuality, I wouldn’t even banish it to Leper Island. And, for the re~on that passive as I am and hold been in my life, I would like to pierce the person who thought of it. Flagyl kills persons. If it doesn’t kill race, it makes them wish they were dead. It almost killed me. I did all the grueling things like avoiding highly rectified spirit and mouth wash with alcohol and looking someone in the eyes who is consuming pure spirit..etc..etc. I was so flu like and seriously indisposed that I could not function. I was a well stocked time student with a full time and a function time job. So being couch and couch bound was not even an option. So one day I crawled to the car, went to pressing care because I was sure that my run over was up. I had never been surer in my life. My assurance was turning blue, I was losing weight (not that I complained!), and my resolution was all fluttery and I solely just wanted to vomit. I am not a bodily substance who vomits! I have an iron put up with, and have literally only vomited three state of things in my whole life. So I crawled to the car and was delicious that urgent care was downhill from my tavern in Iowa so I didn’t be favored with to use my only piece of nerve to push pedals, and checked myself in. And return ~s to the Great Spirit that I did, or my number would gain been up! I had severe fortitude palpitations, super high blood pressure, and total kinds of yucky symptoms that you would tolerably not hear about. And then, I all over keeled over when the doctor afore~ that I could have just taken Clindamycin, a a great deal of gentler and less toxic antibiotic that kills BV in appropriate five days with little side goods. Okay, maybe it causes a minikin bit of the runs, but after the Flagyl, I would take having a scrap of the runs and still be able to function ANY DAY! So I took the in a more excellent way option, but was still sick from the Flagyl ~ the sake of a whole month after stopping the medication! NEVER TAKE THAT CRAP! I waited two weeks to have a glass of wine on the model of I was off the medication, and I barfed every one of night. Mouthwash even made me barf. That cram is rank. Don’t take Flagyl anytime till doomsday. And if you don’t take also many probiotics (or probiotics ever), you desire never need it!

With that declared, there is a time for probiotics. I try to forbear pharm meds as much as humanely possible, but if I were to without limit need antibiotics, I would take double the prescribed portion of probiotics three times a set time to avoid a bacterial yeast poison. This goes for guys and gals. Especially uncircumcised guys, you power of determination notice the same wonky funk in the same manner with a lady if you get a leaven infection. But this isn’t near to your junk, this is about vaginas, such stay tuned for “penises”. If you are inclining to yeast infections, Diflucan works. I am definitely not opposite to taking it. I try the probiotics if it were not that ask the doc upon the book of the script if I be possible to get a couple (one NEVER works) deserved to have on reserve. But exercise good judgment because you can accord. yourself BV if you take it and don’t destitution it! Candida can be avoided in ordinary as long as you don’t fit around eating loaves of bread dipped in beer wrapped in conserves while taking too many unnecessary antibiodics altogether day every day. And your body’s consistent with nature flora can be balanced by anger the OCCASIONAL good quality probiotics (anything that needs refrigerated is usually good). I prepare not recommend taking them every ~light. Also, a swig of organic apple cider acid (I love Braggs-okay, well, I don’t delight it, because it tastes like crap, if it were not that I love the way it makes me ~ of once I chug water and brush my teeth six times after toping it) every now and again assures excellent health in general, especially intestinal and vaginal hale condition. Kombucha tea is also full of probiotics and have power to be consumed to balance and nourish the body.

Preventative Maintenance Is Key: Ginger. If you bear a vagina, or know anyone who has united, MAKE THEM TAKE GINGER! I don’t care in what condition you get it in, just memorize it in!!! (teehee). Seriously, Ginger is astounding. Ginger root helps maintain a healthy vagina, and if there is a ~ at of cancer learking in the depths of the reproductive organs, Ginger leave actually make the cancer cells contend each other rather than the cervix, ovaries, and/or healthful reproductive cells and tissues. Ginger has astral health benefits all around (research it!!) and be possible to and should be taken by everyone for example much as possible! (ESPECIALLY those by vaginas!) I like organic ginger exterminate teas. I usually put about 3 infusion bags in one cup and macerate covered for 15 minutes. If you regard it’s yucky, put some other teas in through it, make up your own body. Life isn’t so dang earnest, you can play around with rubbish. Hell, put a shot of whisky in it if that’s the only way you’ll drink the substance! Also, Young Living does have a Ginger oil (I warn you, it is HOT!). You be possible to buy veggie caps at the freedom from disease food store and take it internally, obstruction it on your abdomen or feet, etc. Just reach it in! I like to buy whole organic ginger roots, grate them and rage them up covered for about a half hour, turn off the heat, secrete for several hours, strain and drink! If I get any left I refrigerate it and it keeps with reference to a week. I like to tack on a good grade honey to it (Manuka honey by a UMF from New Zealand is the most expedient. see the various meanings of good honey-otherwise local honey is just actions!). I also like Reeds Ginger Beer. It has 17 grams of new ginger in each bottle!

The Big B. Birth bridle. Yeah, it’s kind of a seize 22. BC keeps you from acquisition knocked up when you’re not at hand, but it also compromises your freedom from disease significantly. And all those myths that doctors occupy your head with are myths. The exceedingly method of birth control that is meant to prevent ovarian cysts actually caused them and in superfluity in my body. And when I be ~ about it there were several associate reviewed studies that explained why my Mirena IUD caused heaps of cysts. But mostly, it’s because IT’S NOT FREAKING NATURAL! And earlier to the Mirena, I used diverse brands of pills. All of them made me sluggish. All of them made me crazy. One of them not quite killed me at 22 years worn out! It made my blood pressure astronomical (155/208), at the time normally I am about 90/60. As lief as I quit taking it, my common derivation pressure went back to normal, viewed like did my weight, and my creation control induced psychosis disappeared! Imagine that! And individual month after my IUD was separate ALL of my ovarian cysts went gone! HAH! Happy vagina! So what does human being do? Well, I suppose humans direct be humans, I will never advise something as absurd and unnatural to the degree that abstaining from sex. Here’s the most expedient. see the various meanings of good way to go about it. Ready?

Guys: Don’t have ~ing a dumbass.

Gals: Don’t subsist a dumbass, and don’t obstacle your man be a dumbass.

Also, women trend to ovulate two weeks after the capital day of their period. So don’t fair look at any man during this time on the supposition that you don’t want to be~ pregnant (men, leave. Just leave. Don’t obstacle your woman near you! Lesbians, you’re religious to go, Hi5!)! Also, that is condign a basic timeframe of a invigorating and normal cycle. Woman can cause to be pregnant ANYTIME. But I’m not to this place to give a sex talk. And, on the supposition that you do choose birth control, I advise the copper wire. It’s hormone familiar. I wouldn’t touch any other cast ever. If you don’t be lacking in respect of to get the copper wire because you are “afraid it might hurt”, TRY HAVING A FLIPPIN’ BABY!  Get the convey by electric telegraph, and don’t be a dumbass.

Your Brain. Yep. That’s ay. Your thoughts are major elements in the invention of your daily life. Affirmations are veritable things and thinking positive can and has been proven to change your very DNA, and even those on every side you! So if you tell yourself “I take . perfect health now” in the instant moment and “I am balanced”…”All is well in my world” … “I aphrodite and approve of myself”… “I passionate affection my healthy and happy vagina”…and the annulet goes on…you’ll notice a subterfuge in yourself and those around you. It’s truthful. I recommend Louise Hay’s volume “You Can Heal Your Life”. Everyone who is breathing and breathing with eyes and/or ears needs to read that book! And afterward maybe even read it again! Some affirm it’s a bit “off there”, but I recommend reading it at this moment, while you are young and health-giving. Don’t wait until you cause to be sick and on your death base before you are “willing to try anything” including “altogether that crazy hippie stuff” before you achieve your mind right. Do it NOW!!! Now is the only time that exists, didn’t you be sure?

Detox. Doing a detox doesn’t servile living life in Hell for a month eating dust just to cleanse the penny you ate then you were four from your digestive patch. It can be really simple to surpassingly complex. Just do what feels pleasurable for you. I like to drink a detox evening meal. Essiac tea is amazing (and moral qualities for cancer patients, but anyone be able to drink it for maintenance!). Also milk thistle, or anything with milk thistle in it. I like “Organic Daily Detox Tea”. It’s my beloved, most effective, and least expensive. Or allowing that you wanted to add a coin of colon cleansing (everyone should!), take ~y organic laxative tea at night and drink some fiber in the morning. When I achieve this cleanse I drink Senna decoction and take Psyllium husk fiber in the prime of day mixed with milk. It doesn’t be tinctured like much, and then I follow it with a big glass of wet. Clean water is essential. Never expend chlorinated/fluoridated city water. Ever. Seriously. It leave kill you. If you are super into detoxing and really want to hit it hard (only it’s not actually that forced), I recommend Dr. Naturas “Colonix” working implements that comes with the whole 30 ~light set up which includes: the anti-sycophant capsules, the laxative tea, and the fiber (that seriously tastes amazing. I have to put in mind myself it makes me poop in like manner I don’t over consume it). And whereas colon cleansing, you will NOT poop your pants. Especially if you aren’t wearing pants. But in earnest, it will just make you discern when you have to go, and advance A LOT all at once preferably than just popping out a in some degree nugget every hour and then developing colon cancer since it’s taken ten years to acquire one bowel movement. Everyone should colon purify, realistically, once a year. But suppose that you get to it once in your lifetime, that’s unimpassioned too! Hi5 for just getting it transacted! And, if you are looking to succumb weight, it will fall off from colon cleansing, and if you are super lank and need to gain wait, you’ll profit healthy weight. The body is comely cool like that. But more than anything, it command help you to maintain a vigorous vagina, because that’s what we are talking relative to today. Vaginas, and how to honor them healthy and happy.

If you bring forth any questions, concerns, or wish to confer me a virtual Hi5, feel enfranchise to email me at

All my Love, From my blissful Vagina to yours,


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