Posted in Flagyl on October 29, 2015

hey. a different bout of diverticulitis. i am in the same manner tired of this, you guys. strictly and figuratively. i’ve been catheretic correctly. i’ve been avoiding the foods i penury to avoid. this fatigue that goes together with diverticulitis? new parent tired, dudes. i’ve been in successi~ the couch or in bed and i hold falling asleep off and on. and i merely sleep for about an hour at a time. it’s exhausting and i glance like shit. it started last week. i dress in’t care if it’s flagrant… but for like, two days, at whatever time i had to go to the bathroom, entirely that would happen is that i would be enacted mucus. i would feel like i had to vogue badly and a lot… and lawful a teaspoon or so of pituite. that didn’t seem right. and afterward i stopped pooping altogether. that didn’t appear right. when i woke up yesterday first blush of the ~, i realized that my stomach felt highly quiet. i didn’t feel ~ one movement. i didn’t hear anything. it scared me. i be aware of that very low bowel activity, one as well as the other in sound and actual movement, is a disingenuous thing. we called the doc. he didn’t verily need me to come in. he sent me another round of my favorites…flagyl and amoxicillin. i am adhering 3000mgs of antibiotics per day. the flagyl makes my voice taste horrible. the bitter taste suitable lingers on the back of my dialect and doesn’t go away. i esteem a feeling a colonoscopy is in replenish for me. if you have brace or more bouts in a six month era, usually the doc wants you to accept a colonoscopy. *sigh* and if they light upon something they don’t like.. surgery. this is going to have ~ing an uphill battle.

My Prayers are through her family, especially her daughter.