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In my foregoing blog entry I summarized my burgeoning weal in the science of the GI biome. This blog ingress will serve as a background to kindred out subsequent ones where i recount my experiments: tinkering with uBiome, OTC probiotics in the manner that well as running an Elixa struggle. Here, however, I form a fondation of comment and hypothesis which informs this.

As you may repeal i have written extensively of my allow GI dysbiosis. I described how acetic acid , zinc, and also probiotics) greatly helped it. I described using highly low dose bleach and resolving splay ups, as well as eliciting a quick increase of ketones, much to the vex of hecklers. I’ve written wholly prolifically on the subject even allowing I have been accused of sentient a typical ketard who denies the biome entirely. I was advocating toward the importance of fiber (and the benefits of a nut based ketogenic diet)  well under the jurisdiction this became “trendy”. I have for aye noted, if for no other higher of the intellect reason, I felt “better” eating fiber… in addition content, satiated at the very minutest. I had been writing hi indian corn starch promotes fullness and satiety a decade since practically.  I had always famed this in the corner of my ~let.

My predominant interest in the biome, still, has always taken on a ail– pathogenic pathogenic perspective, mostly focused forward my troublesome gut. I have observed a majestic deal:

Immune modulating nutrients such because ZINC and VITAMIN D are intersecting to prevent GI pathogenic growths.

Immune suppressant hormones that specifically staying the GI, such as progesterone, are a trigger in spite of a flare up.  Nothing triggers in the same proportion that much as progesterone does, but repose loss, stress, and inositol (a fiber) are also horrible.

Probiotics help , but seem to crap aloud.

Flagyl helps a deal, suggesting the elementary pathogen is a protozoa or fungus . (i.e. the “subacute giardia” model i’ve toyed with here and there) 

Vinegar can shut down the growths, suggesting they are selfish intestine localized. 6% vinegar works besides than 5%. 2 tablespoons is stronger than 1. Within minutes symptoms improve or dissipate.

Coconut , lauric pungent, is almost as powerful as flagyl rely upon it or not. Its stronger than constant cooking vinegar without question. This is more distant evidence of a duodenal beast, e.g. species of cellular cryptogam or giardia/protozoa  which naturally live in the SI like coconut oil does not reach the colon.

My put down bloating/pain is upper gut,   it is not let down tum, further evidencing small intestine mayhem. Often times the lower gut is flat and solely the upper gut is one annoying henious hell hole.

When I actual observation a GI flare up, i experience foul moods, fatigue, brain fog, usually feels like illness. I have skilled what i consider to be “progesterone symptoms” ofttimes is the natural course result of the thing done progesterone always leads to GI dysbiotic splay ups. When i target the dysbiosis, i many times feel very well in spite of the hormonal predicament not changing.

Metformin, which is a GI antibiotic, has greatly helped hormonal issues specifically i give faith to because it blocks the ability in quest of progesterone to trigger GI dysbiotic flicker ups. The 1 week i experimented through lowering it during that time, did i always regret that decision. Ironically it is human being reason i rekindled my interest in the GI biome and am caligraphy this blog entry now.

Broad representation antinfectives that target the GI of that kind as BLEACH or METFORMIN will grow my ketones in minutes. Quite singular.

Substances that promote growth of bacteria like probiotics and progesterone, depress energy, mental clarity, and ketones pathologically. 

Some probiotics may have calming properties, but all i acquire used appear to destroy ketosis construction them incompatible with well being.

I believe my small intestine pathogenic flare ups are unconfused from the general obesigenic/ketotic retention nature of my colonic GI flora…even if the same intervention targets as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but (e.g. metformin seems to support ice the small intestine asshole, and it in like manner ices the bacteria in my colon that interfere me fat and inhibit keto, except ultimately these are independent functions).

Inversely, more interventions may target the SI sudden throw, but make the colon obesity station worse, e.g. probiotics.

I appear to be to have two primary GI problems.

One is this narrow-minded intestine MONSTER that flares up relapses and remits.  I tame toward giardia chronic/subacute that i be able to keep at bay with vitamin D, acetic acid , zinc, lauric acid ATC

The other is the incident my GI flora is obesigenic and ruins keto, and all mainstream probiotics raise this worse. Taking a tiny pendant of any broad spectrum anti infective, or metformin -> purple ketones in minutes, nay lie. Taking probiotic, even “good ones” -> clean pee, brain fail, fatigue and fog.

The above is a list of observations by regard to myself in regard to the GI biome. To unable to speak it down further:

The GI Biome is veritable as a clinical entity.

It clearly affects science of organized beings, in a measurable way. Other than the in like manner present subjective symptoms like mood appetency and energy, I can clearly metre my ketones up and down alone by imbibing a pro or anti biotic real being. That alone is diagnostic proof this is substantial, and important, and can majorly collision how we do or don’t handle. (sidenote: i have often verified the animation of an effect by measuring ketones, its a convenient side effect of being a ketard!)

Where i divaricate from the hippie dippie paleo embowel biome tards is this foolish appeal to nature  belief there are our friends in the present state to help us. My hypothesis is ascendant GI flora are fat burning , intellectual depressant. They have every evolutionary stimulus to make you slow, stupid, and hyperphagic. They live in your disembowel and literally feed on the shit you cant digest. Why would they tend you slim and eat less and active? The non diarrheal/pathogenic ones, anyway?

Eating inferior -> less fibers for them to feed. Why on earth would they aggravate your ability to do this? All used by all sense,  incentive is for them to bring low and impair your lipolytic  and lucrative oxdiation capabilities.

Moving more -> stimulates peristalsis, at all medical worker can tell you costiveness is partially induced by bed rest/be in want of of movement. Simply getting up and walking surrounding is the best treatment for constipation…unless you are seized by GI microbes hijacking your colon of deportment. They have every incentive to clog your energy and mental alertness in such a manner you move less.

Just as the fetus induces these changes in the source through the placenta (arrest of plaster muscle to prevent contraction, and severe metabolic disorder to steal blood nutrients beneficial to growth), so do opportunistic bacteria act this in our guts. We are great with child with parasites, rendering us into a regalement. They are not our friends.

It is in posse throughout evolution the superior fat prevail upon/metabolic handicap of GI flora helped survival. Needless to reply, this is the opposite of that which we want now in the midst of obesity epidemic. In medical literary works, poor growth and wasting is something associated with diarrhea. A lack of GI plants and thinness are historically noted. 

The obese have excess, not deficient bacterial populations. Perhaps person reason this is so is circadian/immunological dysruption in a 2 interval cycle (more flora, more metabolic/circadian burst, more pathogenic growths…). 

As a nourish, pts with colonic injury and colostomy are invariably exceedingly very thin. You just don’t mark fat or healthy weight long designate colostomy pts, even though they be seized of every capacity to eat and digest rations as normal individuals. 

So, the over summarizes my conclusions, thoughts and theory about the GI biome thus remote.

TL;DR : most “good” diarrhea warfare bacteria make you fat stupid and sluggish. 

It’s in their interest to do so.

However, lately i be seized of been open minded to the reality perhaps….

Perhaps there are beneficial strains of GI flora that help mood, sleep, metabolism and charter?

At the very least, perhaps more bacteria specifically favor ketosis and ~-witted burning?

Perhaps there are some strains of vegetable life that evolved to favor energy decline , lipolysis, fat oxidation? Perhaps bacteria that copy more rapidly, form spores, and favor spread in diarrhea/loose stool would wish the opposite effect: encourage the quiet to under eat and burn sluggish. Thus, the reason in hospitals we comprehend CDIFF attack the anoretic pt who is already fat burning, who has poor populations of “ordinary/wt restoring” flora.

Something about the clostridia – to be expected the tenacity of the spores that have power to transmit through diarrhea – resulted in this microbe promoting diarrhea and ketosis/anorexia .

Perhaps in that place is a two way arrow between anorexia/wt loss and clostridia infections? Under caustic triggers a die off of fatass bacteria, a what one. perhaps fosters diarrhea/spore forming ones that be able to result in septic deaths. When the spore formers become dominant, they produce physiologic changes to conduce the host eat less and impress more.

This is more favorable to its be dispersed, than the more traditional “helpful” bacteria that induce constipation and mental retardation and hyperphagia.

Though cdiff is a pathogen, that which if there were non pathogenic strains , suitable diarrhea forming, which promote anorexia and ketosis/oily burning?

My hypothesis is METFORMIN favors this hypothetical, lipolytic bacteria milieu. This is wherefore metformin diarrhea can be stopped through probiotics, or XR form (which murders the GI antiobiotic). If metformin diarrhea is stopped (evidencing concealment of the “clostridia like” bacteria that likable favor lipolysis and energy), my observance is if this is accomplished ketones are depressed at the same time.  

The capacity for metformin to ear ketones more or less depends without interrupti~ inducing a loose BM effect suggesting it is entirely end the GI flora. This is not in subject of investigation after experimenting with probiotics while still taking metformin.

As previously described it makes every bit of sense that spore forming bacteria patronize diarrhea ketogenesis and low appetite/vigor. Meanwhile, the more handicapped and frail strains favor constipation and lethargy and hyperphagia/wt profit .

This is basically the R vs K preference principle,  applied to bacteria. Capacity to reproduce and resource availability determine how and why a GI baceria might affect us this direction of motion. The “good” bacteria are only lively because they grow like shit (play upon words thar), and shut down the wild ones. A slow growing non spore forming bacteria that is frail is less likely to give you sepsis in the way that you die, totally unlike clostridia.

 These are questions I be in possession of been asking and hypothesizing, IF metformin selects conducive to spore forming , diarrhea/energy wasting bacteria, maybe it is possible there are strains of not in like manner pathogenic bacteria that can maximize ketosis by minimal GI side effects?

I also wondered if the development of chronic poor sleep in august, which clustered through almost total resolution of sensitivity to inositol, was a GI vegetable life change induced by metformin. It makes understanding the lipolytic strains would induce sleeplessness, as part of their general intensity wasting effects. They induce energy, and movement, and wt loss/fasting, so you maximally shit their spores aggregate over the environment. Correct?  The “unblemished” bacteria do not do this not since they are our friends and alleviate us, but because it behooves their (admirable bacteria ) survival to take things slower and construction you rest, get fat, eat, for a like rea~n they can nom your fibers.

Seeing as my sleep has crapped out this is a sharp end blank question: The EARLIEST observation of metformin therapy  was massively improved slumber and strong ketones. Only months later, by likely significant GI flora change, did i open troublesome insomnia. I cant help but that wonder if the two are allied.

There is evidence the B12 malabsorption of metformin is besides elicited through destroying GI flora that synthesize it. Is it villanous to assume what was once a unblemished solution, becomes a chronic insomnia refrain? When i was at my put down, i was unable to eat, constantly energized/overstimulated, what one. very well might have also been partially influenced by the GI flora personal estate of long term metformin.

I formed a  hypothesis:
I MIGHT have an overrepresentation of energizing, lipolytic, SNS/NE invoking bacteria, it may be types of clostridia. 
I put faith in METFORMIN favors this bias as component of its slimming effects.

Bacterial norepinephrine / catecholamine precursors potency be overrepresented among autistic / scz neuropsych pts. This fascinating website describes NE bacterial antecedent levels of clostridial orgin, and time on FLAGYL therapy, and how the pair drop together.

Remember : we can hypothesize that spore forming bacteria like clostrida portion common properties of promoting diarrhea/looser stools (spore forming) and so favor LIPOLYSIS, KETOGENSIS, WT LOSS. One progression they accomplish this in host is ~ the agency of amping up CATECHOLAMINES just like stimulants.

Perhaps in weak individuals , neuropsych disorders like autism and psychosis may proceed from clostridial dominance. 

Flagyl therapy is known to prompt depression, a more common result, that might be a critical loss of norepinephrine and dopamine in equally liable to injury people.

While this certainly is SOLDLY in the “quackosphere” part of valid data, i say its none more out there than the complete gut biome IN GENERAL. Definitely fascinating feed for thought that resonates with me.

These were ideas forming in my first;  the spore forming – catecholaminergic synthesizing – diarrhea inducing – lipolytic/wt squandering/insomniac thing might all boil downward to METFORMIN and the types of bacteria that continue to live in presence. We can see they cut diarrhea, we can see they spur ketones/wt loss. Likely also they pray to catcholamines and may have mental freedom from disease or sleep consequences. They have every reason to, just as much since the slower/fragile strains might pray GABA to sedate you and put a damper on movement. The bacteria are like the fetus of a gravid woman: the fetus bides its time in the interior of of the mothers abdomen, protected after a fortress that is a barricade, walls of which secretes progesterone that acts without ceasing the GABA system and metabolic processes to perform the same thing as “good” bacteria. This is achieved to slow you down, discourage nimbleness, so it may feast upon you. The spore formers behave in one opposite fashion, rather as men behave differently from women: K vs R pick. The name of the game is genetic survival, not befitting elves from God to help humans.
 So you power see with spore forming bacteria: a SNS predominating state, NE precursor overload, depletion of GABA/vagal handicap, spewing diarrhea, et cetera. And they are much more apt to KILL YOU since they travel so well, so fasting, and live forever in the spore.

Above tot~y else , i was inspired by the symbolism of my engender dying of a c.diff taint. I know it resides dormant in in the greatest degree of our intestines, but he was a confine in.
Given the research between clostridia and neuropsych disorders I observed, I set up the whole thing ironic. My maker spent his whole life waking up at 5-6 am, destitute sleep, paranoid, WIRED and agitated by sympathetic excess visible to observers.  Perhaps it was authentic : bacterial dysbiosis produced his life.  Perhaps equal , this is my disorder? I have short sleep. I get wired. I secure paranoid. An interesting idea.

Anyway, enough rambling about my observations and ideas.

In my nearest entry I will describe my uBiome results and toying with various probiotics.

That excitement typically continues once people realize the number of provisions can be treated with Pai Skincare.