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1120eulessstellaEDITION OF FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2015 (PetPowellPress) — Thanksgiving has even now started for some people. So, be careful on Friday. Thursday’s decline of day rush hour was awful enough and those population were just trying to get home. Lord knows that which they’ll be like trying to shaft out of town on Friday. 
That cat is atop of the fray — posing at the Euless Animal Shelter. Just walk in and scream for her, “STELLLA! STELLLA!” We’ll debate this cat and many other animals for example we proceed through this edition.
And, we be under the necessity a particularly touching Contemplation today. It’s a Contemplation that resoluteness need some help. 

Now, our tell (and, of course, our reminder that calories perform not count between evening rush hour Friday and morning rush a week from Monday). Here goes:
1120thecaptainYou remember this station from our previous edition. Eight pups turned in at the Denton living being shelter. Ringworm. Needle being readied. EIGHT. 

Amy Poskey reports, “Thankfully, person of our AWESOME shelter volunteers and a confidant of our on-site vet tech order be pulling these puppies today [Thursday] …  We had to spree to ‘Plan B’ cuz no one stepped up to foster them … So, while soon as the puppies are well, they order be placed for adoption.”
This the same is Captain. Beyond cute. 


We’ve gotten notes near Lancaster, Mesquite, Euless and Lake Dallas. Which shelters are not in privation of adoptors? The ones on Mars, taken in the character of far as we know.
1120lancmandie    FROM LANCASTER — Our trustworthy Lancaster monitor Tomi Jasso tipped us to this bill posted on the Furbabies of Lancaster Texas seat: “EMERGENCY AT THE LANCASTER ANIMAL SHELTER. Thank you SO SO a great quantity for sharing but we still indigence your help. Please do not bestow up–please share and spread the word in hopes of saving these of great worth pets. RAINING CATS AND DOGS IS WILLING TO RESCUE THEM ALL BUT THEY MUST HAVE FOSTERS. The covert has no more space. If undivided more arrives, we all know that which that means. Please help us. We NEED ADOPTERS AND FOSTERS NOW!!” The cover is at 690 E. Main. To volunteer to help or foster, call 740-403-8070.
    FROM MESQUITE — The ordinary tone is evident in the Mesquite advocate’s 1120mesqwuiteladyreport: “ THE MESQUITE SHELTER IS COMPLETELY FULL!! MANY CODE RED’S FOR 7AM, FRIDAY, 11/20! NEED ADOPTION INTEREST/RESCUE TAGS EMAILED TO THE SHELTER BEFORE 7AM 11/20! … TO TAG FOR RESCUE – SEND EMAIL TO RESCUES@CITYOFMESQUITE.COM. PLEASE NOTE, “TAG – ID NUMBER & DESCRIPTION/BREED OF DOG/CAT IN THE SUBJECT LINE”. See to be availed of animals online HERE. [LARRY ASIDE: That’s Lady, a Collie commingle, surrendered because she “was too spirited..” Give me a break. Give me a bleedin’ smash. Well, at least they didn’t small quantity the dog off somewhere in meridional Dallas.]

1120eulessstella    FROM EULESS — Yes, this is a the same of Euless’ homeless cats. How all over those marking! Stella! STELLA! One of our dear all-time humans, Karen Lee, the tipster and propagate of animals, the Euless shelter and the Trinity GAP Club, wrote, “If you desire room for one more around your Thanksgiving list, why not adopt a homeless cover pet?  There are no holidays in beast rescue—the need is constant to fall upon homes for so many dogs and cats.  Holidays in the safety are long and lonely for these pets in this way please take a look and be attentive to making your holidays brighter by 1120eulessmablemaymemeadopting, or fostering, single in kind of these cuties.  Fosters are evermore needed and appreciated so if you can’t adopt, be able to you please foster?  There is a nourish application on our website at    in successi~ the right hand side, scroll along the course of a little…Just complete and go to us at  or contact us for more info! Please follow and share GAP on  Facebook HERE.” For pets in the shroud, please contact the Euless Animal Shelter at 817-685-1594 and REFER TO THE PET ID# then calling.  The Euless Shelter is liberalize weekdays from 7  a.m. to the time when 4  p.m. and in successi~ Saturday from 9 a.m. to the time when 2 p.m.  Closed Sunday!    The house is located at 1517 Westpark Way in Euless, TX.   For notice on any pet, contact
That dog? Oh, that’s Mable May, moreover known as MeMe — dumped at the harbor door during off-hours and wearing a band and a halter. That’s it. Great visage — Hollywood make-up eyes.
    FROM LAKE DALLAS — Lake Dallas is overloaded with unwanted animals 1120lakedallfridaythedogand the Animal Shelter Manager Patricia Barrington is additional than concerned about more animals arrival in and none going out. No adoptions this week and, in addition, people still decide this is a sublime time to dump a dog or cat. The screen is on Facebook HERE. This dog? That is “Little Friday, The Culvert Dog.” Yep, tells a falsehood, doesn’t it. Still waiting concerning the happy ending. The dog was “apprehended final Friday,” according to the Lake Dallas noise. She’s about 8 months ancient, vaccinated and heartworm negative. But she’s prepared for adoption. “She does possess Demodex mange, which is being treated and is not deadly. Her adoption comes with her mange treatment. Please consider giving this former highway dog a home! What a sublime story she has!”
To propound to help with any critter at Lake Dallas, email or divine choice 940-499-7090. The shelter is without anxiety to get to from anywhere in North America. Take I-35 to Lake Dallas and fire to Swisher Road. Trish says, “We are equitable near the toll bridge off Swisher Road – in a ~ degree than 3/4 mile from I-35.” Easy to adopt at Lake Dallas. You condign have to stop by.

There are in like manner many rough animal stories from Oklahoma that I regard become 1120okcatconvinced the roaming jerks from my innate State of Texas have crossed the brim and are spreading their stupidity from first to last the Sooner State. For a time I considered the idea that Texas should exact royalties anytime someone does something insipid in the United States — but, of beat, we’d go bankrupt from all the paperwork. Now, here’s the kind of our favorite Burns Flat, Okla., tipster Terry Lynn Fisher has pressure across. Her words:
“This story breaks my heart. A friend went to the hellhole of a crush 20 miles from me to take pictures of the dogs finished of time there. Curled up nearest to two puppies was this baby. As you can see, there is some type of injury to the forward part leg. The cat is also skin and bones. This is a loose dirty pound with very little piece of luck of getting out. I am such grateful the cat never made its space into one of the kennels by some very aggressive dogs. I had it rushed to my vet. They uttered even though you could tell the cat was in anxiety, it never stopped purring. It choose be at my vet at least a week for treatment, but I be under the necessity no place for cats. If you can help me with this baby, please obstacle me know.”
Email Terry Lynn at


We receive some experience with these human of medicine situations at And while this nation is blessed — here comes a rational faculty to be thankful — with fantastic, proper nearly Star Trek medicine, there are challenges 1120kwhiskercatthat strike the wind out of you, bankrupt your heart, disrupt everything.
Our pal Alexandra Kelsey lives in Houston and works to abet animals there. Here’s the story from Alexandra:
“Larry, my bring off friend in Nacogdoches, Diana Hensley, has chest cancer and it is time in spite of her to close her rescue and agree out her fosters and then her private cats.  I know it is calamitous for anyone to take on another cat … I don’t know granting that you might have room sometime early to post some of her cats.  Below is the highest group of fosters Diana wants to commit.  … Diana has a pair of Siamese cats (her corporal cats) she will want to put at interest later, but she wants to last them with her as long in the same manner with possible.  I might make a confidant of hers the contact, b/c I regard she is going to be having some treatment away from home.”
[LARRY ASIDE: People draw apart together in life all the time. Sometimes the life involved is a human. Sometimes, ~ means of association, the pulling together involves multiplied lives that someone has been irksome to save.] Alexandra continues:

“These darling babies are fully vetted and super soft.  They are the first ones she wants to town. They are cats from a disabled woman who lives with~ in a trailer park in the country somewhere near Diana.  They are full vetted, vaccinated, chipped, negative on combo tests and self-same sweet.  They are currently active in a metal building outside the lady’s home, and I think it gets certainly cold up in that 1120ktonguecatarea. 
“Diana wants to fix these and then will start forward the other fosters, followed by her exterior cats.  Below are details in c~tinuance the kittens.  If you can help with any of them, that would exist wonderful.  That little Rocky is beyond adorable.  I will arrange carriage.” [Her email is]
The descriptions:
“Sunny, the orange and hoar, has diarrhea but her fecals are negative. We regard started her on Flagyl, Probios and powdered pro pectalin and her poop appears to exist firming up. Unfortunately, this woman cannot provender good food to these fosters in this way that might be the issue. The kitties are the whole of litter box trained and just winning.

“The first four kitties’ estimated DOB is 6/1/15 and in the present life is their info and some 1120korangblackhipcatpictures:
“1) Macy – Tabbico of ~s – loves her belly rubbed
“2) Max – distil dead gorgeous Merle tabby male
“3) Jasmine – demanding divine honors Calico female
“4) Sunny – remarkably sweet and loving orange and of a ~ color female
“5) Rocky – adorable round headed grey tabby male. Estimated DOB is 8/13/15 1120kcasualcatand he’s had 2 FRCP and 1 FeLV and is scheduled on account of his last set within the week. He resolution also be ready to neuter concisely thereafter.
“6)  Darby – stable blue and white DMH estimated DOB 8/4/15 was erect on the side of the public road right after a 1120kshowcathuge rain tumult. Evidently he had been rolled ~ dint of. a car and suffered severe injure to one of his rear legs and it was amputated without ceasing Tuesday. Darby has completely bounced back, has learned to navigate well on 3 legs, and is caustic up a storm. We also had him neutered at the same time. Here a few pictures of Darby face to face with. I’ve asked for after pictures on the other hand then again it took this woman months to 1120kgraykittenarrive me pictures of the above 4!
“We acquire a number of other fosters only am waiting on current pictures of them control networking.
“Thanks so very plenteous for spreading the word. I’m 1120ampfaceauspicious to serve as contact while I notwithstanding can.”

Diana is the Founder and President of the O’Malley Alley Cat Organization. It’s mailing skill is P. O. Box 633452, Nacogdoches, TX 75963-3452. The phone consist of is 936-556-2754. Email The website is

The war cry of O’Malley is “Colonies of People Helping Colonies of Cats.”

Strong populate. Strong people are the backbone of denizen of the deep rescue. Contemplate the strength in this call to answer. 

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