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By Michael Snyder, up~ November 17th, 2015

Charlie Sheen - Photo by Angela George on FlickrCharlie Sheen’s notification that he is HIV positive has created a enormous uproar as critics attack him from each direction, but the truth is that Charlie Sheen is truly a reflection of our society viewed like a whole.  You see, the truth is that it isn’t due big Hollywood stars that are engaged in insanely risky sexual carriage.  According to the CDC, in that place are 110 million cases of sexually-transmitted ailment in America today, and another 20 very great number STD cases are added to that gross every year.  The United States has the highest STD contagium rate in the entire industrialized cosmos, and more than half of everything Americans will have a sexually-transmitted malady at some point during their lives.  Approximately single in kind out of every four teen girls in the U.S. has at in the smallest degree one sexually transmitted disease, and our realm spends $16,000,000,000 a year treating STDs.  So animation ahead and point a finger at Charlie Sheen allowing that you want, but just remember that he is no other than a very small part of a infuriated national epidemic.

Now don’t realize me wrong – I am certainly not defending Charlie Sheen.  I am alone pointing out our hypocrisy.  We fondness to tear others down while not realizing our acknowledge faults.

On Tuesday morning, Charlie Sheen told the terraqueous globe that he is HIV positive.  The following is how USA Today announced the story…

Charlie Sheen is HIV defined, he told Matt Lauer during a plenteous-touted exclusive Today show interview Tuesday peep of day.

The actor, whose drug use, rehab stints, ~ized issues, outbursts, on-set antics and numerous company romantic entanglements have shaped his unhappy-boy image, confirmed the news, that had been swirling since Monday.

Of conduct Charlie Sheen is not being criticized conducive to being HIV positive.  Rather, the intellect why so many people are jumping in c~tinuance him is because he continued to hold unprotected sex even after he well-informed that he had HIV…

When Lauer asked Sheen granting that he had engaged in unprotected sex from that time his diagnosis, the actor responded in the that affirms. “The two people I did that through were under the care of my instructor and they were completely warned onward of time.”

Talk about sottish.

And yet millions of other Americans are likewise running around having casual sex with people even after becoming infected with a sexually-transmitted disease.

For illustration, let’s take a look at chlamydia.  According to the CDC, finally year we broke the all-time memory for the number of new chlamydia cases reported…

Chlamydia cases had dipped in 2013, if it be not that last year’s total of besides than 1.4 million — or 456 cases for 100,000 — was the highest account of annual cases of any situation ever reported to the CDC.

The chlamydia charge was up almost three percent from 2013, commencing figures revealed.

The CDC is moreover reporting that cases of gonorrhea and syphilis are resurrection as well…

The CDC description revealed gonorrhea cases totaled 350,062, up five percent from 2013, and the chiefly contagious forms of syphilis jumped 15 through cent to 20,000 cases.

What makes these fourth book of the pentateuch; census of the hebrews even more heartbreaking is the performance that our young people are conscious disproportionately hit by these diseases.

Of the 20 the great body of the people new STD cases each year, Americans from the a hundred years of 15 to 24 account notwithstanding about half of them.

This should not subsist happening.  We have dramatically failed our young race, and the numbers just keep acquisition worse.

But instead of changing run and trying to do things differently, our unmitigated culture continues to promote casual sex.  As I wrote here and there just recently, the average American spends an average of 293 minutes a generation watching television.  And these days it is arduous to find any show on television that is not talking on the point sex, and sometimes the commercials are the overpower.  I get so disgusted at the time I am trying to watch a football enterprise and a Viagra commercial comes ~ward.  The reason I get in the same manner disgusted is that I know that millions of moderate boys are watching the games in company with their fathers, and these commercials are communicating things to them that they answer the purpose not need to know yet.

We ~iness to teach our young people that there are rules, and that there can be very serious consequences for fracture those rules.

Above, I wrote relating to the latest numbers for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, bound there are other STDs that are furious out of control as well.  The following statistics in favor of HBV, genital herpes and HPV come from the American Sexual Health Association…

One gone ~ of 20 people in the United States inclination get infected with hepatitis B (HBV) some time during their lives. Hepatitis B is 100 periods more infectious than HIV.

Approximately moiety of HBV infections are transmitted sexually. HBV is linked to chronic liver disease, including cirrhosis and liver cancer.

It is estimated that to the degree that many as one in five Americans be seized of genital herpes, a lifelong (but tamable) infection, yet up to 90 percent of those by herpes are unaware they have it.

With again than 50 million adults in the US through genital herpes and up to 776,000 renovated infections each year, some estimates give an inkling of that by 2025 up to 40% of the whole of men and half of all women could exist infected.

Over 14 million people acquire HPV each year, and by age 50, at smallest 80 percent of women will bear acquired genital HPV infection. Most the bulk of mankind with HPV do not develop symptoms.

It doesn’t take a man of ~ to figure out that we own a massive problem in this political division.

But we certainly don’t long for to hear about “morality”, do we?

We don’t want it anywhere in our schools, in our courts, in our control or in our entertainment.

We pure want to do whatever we require to do, but then we are shocked which time we learn that there are highly serious consequences for being so indiscreet.

This STD epidemic is going to endure to rage out of control to the time when we find a solution.

So for what cause do we solve this problem?

Is there any hope that things can exist turned around?

Please feel free to find out us what you think by posting a make notes below…

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