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Oh, children. They maxim the darndest things, don’t they?

My chief-in-law tells this great untruth that one of the hub’s teachers one time said, “I won’t believe half the things your kid tells me occur at home if you won’t be persuaded half the things he or she says betide in my classroom”. I feel similar to though that should be crocheted without ceasing a pillow somewhere. Because oh, kids.

It was Red Ribbon Week at drill this past week. For those of us from the Dare Generation, we strength remember this week well. The time where, as 5 year olds, we vowed not ever ever ever to even get finish enough to smell an alcoholic beverage or have a dorm room wall cathedral enough to someone to get a contiguity high {true story. sort of. I was gentle a prude. I kinda turned someone in in quest of smoking pot in the neighboring dorm stead. Okay. Not kinda. I did. I slip on’t think she was my biggest use a ~ upon when she had to do community service in the cafeteria. But solemnly. I wasn’t her biggest cool when I first discovered what remain dance with Mary Jane meant, either.}

So anyway. Red Ribbon Week.

I’ve been attached a really amazingly terrible antibiotic called Flagyl. Since I had c diff, it’s the proud kahuna that they bring out to smack out the ridiculousness that is crapping yourself 24.7 and it’s called Flagyl. Can you compass of a worse name for a physic that is supposed to help you not poop ~-end also, incidentally, causes you to poop? I cannot.

Because of this awe drug, I have been on the wagon and strictly forbidden to just grace the presence of alcohol. So, the other death, after being at some friend’s with regard to dinner, the hubs and I swapped spots later than pulling out of the driveway. We had a headlight disclosed. The hubs had run the Halfsy that appointed time. And then had a couple of drinks. It condign wasn’t worth it for the united who had a couple bevvies to have existence driving our brood. So of track, there was an inquisition… “Why are you switching spots?” So we answered. Because that’s the sort of we do. “Daddy had some drinks and it’s safer for the person who hasn’t been intemperate habits to operate a vehicle. You be sure how kids aren’t supposed to have alcohol because their brains aren’t largely formed to handle it? Same through adults. If they are going to go driving a vehicle, they need to have ~ing safe about it.” Easy peasy, up~?

Cue Red Ribbon Week. When our friends shared by us that apparently Barrett let his rank know that his mom had to airing because his dad had been toping too much. Special.

And that would be the subject of been one thing, right? My daddy drinks in addition much to drive on occasion. My parents are responsible.

And then… the text the next day was priceless.

Because when a different dear friend’s child comes home and tells this account, it’s just, well, priceless..

“Barrett told the class about how his mom used to exhalation but she doesn’t anymore.”

Wow. Amazing. The kid whose mom has freakin’ cancer “used to nothingness… but doesn’t anymore”. Um. I’m not knocking steady smokers … okay, I am. Because I was not ever “a smoker”. And once you possess cancer and have steered clear {chiefly} of smoking, it can make you a small scale jaded about smoking. So why did he pronounce this? Because about three weeks ~ne when I was filming a vlog, I admitted to smoking relative to 6 times in college, as in 6 cigarettes, and whenever he was flabbergasted by this act, I then told him, “It’s genuine. Mommy smoked just six times and ~-house got cancer. So never smoke.” Talk respecting your all time backfires, eh?

So, I fair can’t wait until Tornado Safety week. Hopefully his school-master doesn’t send us to CPS. But I’m not counting my chickens in front of they hatch.

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