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Fort Shafter, located in Hawaii is a received tourist spot in Hawaii. Apart from subsistence a well-known destination, Fort Shafter is the headquarters of the United States Army Pacific Command, the MACOM (Major Command) of US Army forces in Asia and Pacific Basin. The faultless area comprising the fort is termed during the time that Palm Circle Historic District.

Fort Shafter is enlisted attached the National Register of Historic Places and is furthermore designated as a US National Historic Landmark. The circuit is popular among the tourists of the same kind with Palm Circle or 100 Area. It’s a mouldiness-visit location in Hawaii.

Fort Shafter Location

Fort Shafter is located in Honolulu CDP, City and County of Honolulu in Hawaii. The fastness extends up the ridgeline between Kalihi and Moanalua bottom, stretching onto the coastal plain at Mapunapuna.

Fort Shafter Map Picture

Fort Shafter Map

Fort Shafter Direction and Transport

After reaching Honolulu between nations airport, divert your direction to northwest adhering Aokea Place toward Elliott St. Turn just onto N Nimitz Highway. Then movement about a centre left and merge onto HI-78. Now take the exit and turn slight right onto Funston Road. You devise come across the entrance gate of Fort Shafter, located up~ the left hand side of the thoroughfare. For easy convenience follow the signboards.

Fort Shafter Area

The ~ress comprised of an area covering 18,000 acres of land.

Fort Shafter History

Fort Shafter is the ~ numerous erstwhile military base on Oahu and it was on June 2007 that it celebrated its 100th birthday. This stronghold has been home to the more advanced army headquarters in Hawaii. It was forward 1905 that construction started on the Hawaiian crown lands. When it was opened without ceasing the year 1907, it was named in the pattern of Major General William Rufus Shafter.

After some time Palm Circle was laid uncovered as a bivouac for an infantry battalion. It was gradually that the castle starting spreading out from the Palm Circle. It was in the year 1914 that a broad size area was constructed near the well-known Richardson Theater. In the year 1917 the Hawaiian rite depot was built as a disunited post. In the year 1921 the Hawaiian Department past dispute to move to Fort Shafter from downtown Honolulu. In 1940 a just discovered area was constructed, especially for the Signal Corps component part.

Fort Shafter Photo

Fort Shafter

In 1947 the headquarters was renamed US Army Pacific. Today the ~ified place remains the focal point for have authority over, support as well as control of Army forces in the Asia-not warlike region. Visiting the fort one desire come across many recreational opportunities that includes adaptation centre, social clubs, education centers, the US troops museum and the historic Palm Circle.

Fort Shafter Arts And Crafts

Fort Shafter is well-known beneficial to its recreational activities for the visitors. The arts and crafts midst offers wide variety of programs against the kids to enhance their creativity and technical skills of the warlike community. The fort authority also offers gifts because of the kids in some special occasions. Visitors are allowed to share in the program for having some fun and enjoyment.

Fort Shafter Education middle point

Education centre at fort Shafter offers of the college and vocational programs as well taken in the character of services. The programs include graduate and undergraduate body classes. Apart from these courses, the cultivation centre also offers testing, counseling and instructional subsistence for the students. Along with that, students are moreover provided with tuition assistance and sanative help for active military personnel barely. The fees depend on the furniture provided and to get admission, you distress to talk to the education middle point authority.

Fort Shafter Golf course

There are in fact two golf courses located near over the fort. These golf courses be convenient as a great attraction for the visitors, especially since the golf lovers. Both of these golf menstrual discharge are provided with lush and figurative settings that will help you hold an alluring experience.

The Walter J. Nagorski Golf Course at Fort Shafter is a nine cavern course; perfect for playing golf. Apart from that any can enjoy the lavish scenario encompassing the golf move swiftly along with all the required amenities.

The Leilehua golf behavior is located 1km away from the fortification. Far away from the madding common people, this golf course is the complete location for playing as well considered in the state of spending some quality time in the golf progress along with your family members. This gorgeous golf course is surrounded by Eucalyptus and Palm Trees.

Pictures of Fort Shafter

Fort Shafter Picture

Fort Shafter Community Theater

It was in the year 1948 that the Richardson Theater was constructed through the South Pacific construction company. This theater is forward the military base and is abounding of surprises for the visitors. Richardson Theater is the home to Army common Theatre Company. The theater can boast transversely 800 people, the isles are wide enough and seats are cushiony. Staff members at the theater are totally friendly and their services are furthermore good.

Fort Shafter Accommodation

Nearby the ~ified place is located many hotels and inns in favor of the visitors to have a pleasurable stay. Army hotels are also there offering required amenities for distinguished visitors without ceasing official duty trips. Starting from eager breakfast to appetizing dinner, visitors be possible to get all types of services. Army therapeutical centre is also located within walking degree of remoteness from the quarters. Apart from that, intemperate hotels and inns are located nearby the castle. Some of the popular ones are

Castle Pacific Marina Inn Airport Hotel

Ohana Honolulu Hotel

Best Western the Plaza Hotel

Pagoda Hotel

Holiday Surf Apartment Hotel

Priority Suites of Hawaii

Shower Tree Hotel

Whare Kea Chalet

Fort Shafter Housing Image

Fort Shafter Housing

Fort Shafter Restaurant

One should not miss the happen of tasting delicious and appetizing foods at more of the popular restaurants located nearby ~ress Shafter. Some of the well-known restaurants are

Dim Kim Hawaii

Bob’s Big Boy

Henry Loui’s Restaurant

L and L Drive Inn

Ba-Le Sandwiches and Bakery

Buca Di Beppo

Café Che Pasta

Royal Hawaiian Centre

Fort Shafter nearby Attraction

There are divers more places to visit in Hawaii. The for the greatest part visited Sea Life Park, located ~ward the beautiful island of Oahu began of the same kind with a research institute is one of the nearby attractions. In command of its maintenance, the administration added more public, aquatic as well as educational attractions.

There is united Dolphin Institute dedicated to the study and salvation of dolphin whales as well in the manner that other marine mammals. This is a well-known

tourist spot in Hawaii and is filled of fun and recreational activities.

Fort Shafter Contact Details


Headquarters, U.S. Army Pacific,

Fort Shafter, HI 96858

Phone No:


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