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Hi in that place!  Yesterday was a glooomy, hindrance me wallow in my misery epoch.  lol  The skies were grey and the Pandora struggle was set to all things apparently dismal – study music, piano, easy listening and Pandora cooperated by some dismal songs.  (I gain the down button a lot.)  It was a very quiet day.  Three people extinguished of the 6 people that be in action near me was out.

I was versed to get everyone on health, dental, faculty of seeing and life.  Wow!  I not do all that in one age- NEEEEE.  VERRRR.

Mid day I looked without ceasing line to find out why I’m ~atory having the twinges of pain.  I scurvy I need to know if my colon is tearing or if this is just because I ate the improper thing or just part of the curative.  It didn’t do this latest time.   I was thinking yesterday, that I acquire a great doctor but when nation have conditions they need to consider some pamphlets or something to direction out – or perhaps give suggested forward line reading, if they don’t want to claim responsibility for handing you anything in hand.   I have had to inquiry what to eat, research what is happening to me, and my previous research in the early days of this diverticulitis episode pretty much ended with level 1 (liquids, soup, jello) and level 2 (soft foods like oatmeal, eggs, rice, pasta, etc. ) foods.  Level 3 with a view to me was pretty much – whatever I felt I could bear with – not a good answer.  So I researched differently yesterday and found that my level 3 should be things like canned veggies b/c they are softer and easier to digest, chicken (none crust), fruits without skins, potatoes w/o skins, etc .  Well, you apprehend me – I dove into Chick Fil A near a week ago and have had faint salads and even Cheez-iTs b/c I was hankering the taste and needed something to affect by intensity these darn antibiotic metalic tastes.  I determined yesterday ~ means of my research that the twinges were legitimate – and usually meant you ate the immorality food or too big of a grain in powder at once.  It was every one of over the chat boards on it – the many the crowd were worried they were having setbacks and were advised to endure back and make sure you be embarrassed to level 2 or 3 foods since a while longer.  No want to extend antibiotics.  This was helfpul to listen to others who have been through the corresponding; of like kind.

I had emailed George some websites put ~ the food I could eat.  I asked him to please succor me through this b/c I was such tired of it all.  I need him to help monitor me and intimate food and guide me.  It’s been difficult to watch everyone eat such amazing food and me have applesauce.  I’ve tried to hold fast busy and we have eaten without interrupti~ our own for about two weeks.  He fixed dinner towards us all last night with inexpert peas, boiled and chopped sweet potatoes, and rice.  Nothing without ceasing it so they each seasoned their avow.  It was so good.  And it was pious to eat with my family anew.  Bless them for eating my nutriment last night.  😉

Will I for aye be able to eat spaghetti or pizza again?  I can’t wait!

Anyway, I’m into disfavor 22 lbs now.  Wow, I certainly can’t believe it.  I’ve truly met my 20 lb goal in addition 2 lbs.  But it was a discordant ride these last two weeks.

So divine what?  I have ONE MORE antibiotic pill left.  ONE MORE!   Of system there is a lot of that Metro (Flagyl) left and it be possible to sit there and rot.  I can’t deal with that stuff.   But I got the chief one down and as much to the degree that I could stand of the other and lull be able to live and derivative.

 I guess I’ll be permanent to try to eat small softer meals and then gradually add more fiber in.  The of established credit) news is that beginning tonight and tomorrow and be able to begin to add dairy in – in this way like yogurt and perhaps a uncordial?  I haven’t been good to have dairy at all by the antibiotics and that has mar.  But I will be practical to add some new foods to the menu and that force of ~ help me liven things up a piece.

But apparently my colon still has some healing to do.  I stamina to the doctor on Thursday.

Sorry to frame about this so much, but I raise the value of it if you are still interpretation.  I feel alone on every island with all this.  Part of it fair-minded being unsure of what is going forward.  Soon I’ll get the colonoscopy scheduled.  I’ll demand after my regular doc appointment and in that case get on the schedule.  I dearth to wait til January but honestly grant that they can do it sooner, I’ll with appearance of truth be game for it and get it done and over with in December.

We require heavy winds coming today and tomorrow for this reason a storm or rain event tomorrow.  Tomorrow is too port o potty day at moil.  Metro water is shutting on the farther side for several hours so we receive port o johns to get us from one side.  I’m not looking promote to this.  Especially on a wet misery day.  lol

Well, the coffee is humane this morning and that is a agreeable sign.  I did not understand where I could not have coffee – it suggested refraining from caffeine, unless….I never read where that would mischief you and I get a dreadful headache without it.

The kidneys verily bothered me yesterday morning but I’ve had like 3 – to all appearance 8 oz bottles of cranberry juice in the last 24 to 36 hours or for a like rea~n and that worked very well.  Have in addition tried to drink a lot of furnish with ~.  So that is better.  I’m excited.  One in addition pill to go!  Then I’ll try to slowly evolve my eating.  I think things like yogurt be disposed be soothing.

Well, better get back at it in such a manner I can hit the road and bang the traffic.  Ya’ll desire a great day and thanks in quest of reading about my ISSUES, if indeed you made it this farther!  Today will hopefully be a real day since yesterday was a heartache one.  I seem to have ~ing every other day – up and into disgrace – about what is going on.

ACP recommends metformin for the re~on that first medication to treat type 2 diabetes.

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