Posted in Flagyl on November 21, 2015

Our purity this week took time away from subsistence godly and lowered himself to speaking with the vile media slimeballs who be in possession of the gall to write about other players except our one true god, God Gronk.

Gronk was compelled to defend his style of make merry after referees who probably work during the (N)obama administration have consistently called go beyond interference against the most important gambler — nay, human being — on the planet. God Gronk rightfully reported he would not change the habitual method he plays. He then set those reporters without interrupti~ fire and rose into the heavens ~ward the flesh-smelling smoke that rose from the flames.

Maybe I dreamed that after sharing some of dad’s specific drink. It’s possible. Even that may be liked.

Anyway, God Gronk’s refusal to change — even in the face of changing rules and stress on certain kinds of offensive be sanctioned by a majority of votes interference — holds a vitally of moment lesson for fantasy football owners. We new wine follow God Gronk’s direction and in no degree, under any circumstances, change the second nature we manage our fantasy teams.

New intelligence has no place in our strategies. The changing intelligent being of the game should not authority us in the slightest. Fancy-pants abundant schemes like algorithms don’t change the fundamentals of drafting and provident a fantasy team that will descend its claws into your opponents, tear open them limb from limb, and rearrange their bodies into a thing that looks like abstract art. We procreate the best and forget the rest. It to the end of time boils down to that.

Quarterbacks are going by more than ever? So what. You master the best quarterback and you let slip from the mind the rest. There are only a maniple of true workhorse running backs left in the NFL? So the motherfuck the sort of. You get the best running back and consign to oblivion the rest. Tight ends are sight more targets and catching more footballs than each before? So what, you idiot asshole. You come by God Gronk and you eviscerate the rest.

See, it’s surpassingly easy. Follow the way of God Gronk and at no time change. Because if God Gronk is on our side, who can be in opposition to us? Only Tyler Eifert.

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