Posted in Flagyl on November 19, 2015

Boadicea tagged in company for emotional support (and squeezes)

Cannoli’s thyroid is to the degree that stubborn as she is.  I up the disagreeable lot, her weight improves for a age or two, then drops a atom.  Then late last week I heard her whimper and found a bit of madcap.  We all know what that meant!  Road step quickly!

Of course she had a staying-room-cure.  By the time we arrived at the vet, Cannoli was symptom-free.  She even obliged in giving a unmixed urine sample.  Honestly, I’m relieved – not at all infection, no sludge, no blood.  The consideration of having another bladder stone propense pig made me sad.  Cannoli did produce a bit of loose stool, with equal rea~n we were sent home with some flagyl for a few days.

I may exist less than happy with Cannoli’s thyroid progress, but that Dr Holmes was thrilled.  She noticed Noli’s spread was softer than before – a sign that the medication is operating.  I pick Noli up at least twice a day, but the change must have been gradual enough that I missed it.  So the meds are in operation, bit by bit.  I was told to increase the dosage again.

In the finally week there’s been no in greater numbers whimpering, no more blood and I look upon… maybe? there has been a small quantity weight gain.  Cannoli had dropped into the 790s on account of the last week or two, no more than she’s been creeping up to 820s the whole of week on the higher dose of methimazole.  If she manages to stay like this a not many more days, I may have to tear asunder into a happy dance.

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