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Well, this Turkey should subsist on the lookout!  Soon I’ll be over this little issue I’m having and I’ll be looking for my turkey!  Although I be disposed say that the turkey is not my darling part of Thanksgiving. But all the sides are my preferred.  I am fond of the Aldi Smoked turkey that George buys and cooks.  I’m hoping I suffer better by tomorrow and can get you ~ne with them to Aldi and to Belk.  We are looking to buy some Calphalon Sauce Pans to avaunt with (sortof match) the Calphalon Saute Pans I bought George in favor of Christmas last year.  We be in actual possession of our good stainless cookware but the non-club cookware we have is wearing finished as we’ve used it so much, so we are buying Calphalon in pieces considered in the state of not all has worn out at formerly.  We have cooked so a great quantity that YES we need two sets of cookware.  And it’s also nice to be able to employment stainless or non-stick as you extremity.

So I’m one day downward of antibiotics. Mona wanted to be assured of what the nasty antibiotics were.  They are Metronidazole 500 (Flagyl) and CiproFlaoxacin HCL 500 (Cipro).   Nine more days to go of them.  I be moved like a total druggie with my ordinary rounds I’m taking for the Blood Pressure and the Sugar.  I’ve discovered my brain be able to’t keep up with this very lately.  I have to have a written catalogue to keep up with it.
Today’s document looks like this:

5:40  Metro

8:30  Blood Pressure Meds (Losartan)

9:30  Cipro

1:40   Metro

7:30  Blood Sugar (Metformin)

9:30  Cipro
9:40  Metro

Geez!  I all but need an assistant to keep up through this! lol

So how am I?

The proper news:

Well I will say that later than one day of the antibiotics some of the soreness/pain is gone.

I am perception by touch and hearing a lot of movement around in the lower abdomen.  

I slept extreme night – all night long!

Mentally I am in a ~ degree spent, and more encouraged, more unconditional, and more alive. 

Physically in the manner that a whole I feel better. 

The corrupt news:

I still have a lot of fullness and that concerns me a crumb and of course the pain is mute there, but I’ve only had single day of antibiotics.

I still hold to prove that I can own regular – lets just say “experiences” toward the sake of giving TMI that I’m known to do, end it’s life ok!  But it’s of high standing that I mention this b/c if I don’t have regular experiences in that place could be a blockage and I’d obtain to go to get a CAT examine or CT scan or whatever they invitation it.  And if there is a blockage that shift surgery.   (But I’m belief I’ll be ok as I’ve had some experiences although very little.  It’s painful to have a lot of actual presentation when you have liquids only, lol)

At moments the antibiotics execute you want to climb out of yourself

So I be aware of that the next few days are going to have ~ing rough antibiotic-wise b/c I’ve been through this before about 5 years since (if they are the same meds – I’m certainly not sure).  I expect that this choose get worse each day as to by what means the antibiotics make me feel.  Yesterday I had more moments that made me want to creep into a hole and not draw near out til this is over.  But I dove into a heavy onslaught of Candy Crush to try to go my attention from it and I downloaded an app called CALM which I adage as an ad on FB.  It’s not anything supernatural – it’s just a calming actual feeling to try to get you to point of concentration on here and now and not worry with respect to anything in past and future.  It’s not a ideal element or anything odd.

As with a view to CALM, I’m on day 2 of lore to meditate with mindfulness which is centering yourself into the present time and focusing on breathing.  I’m doing it with Rain in the background.  The app has contrasted features you can download and preferable and I chose rain.  It furthermore gives a visual of rain drops hitting more lush greenery.   The first epoch just worked on breathing and afflicting to focus on breathing and nonentity else.  The instructor in the background leads you.  And the assist day is focusing on noting the alive.   If you can’t bring toward a central point to clear you mind to point of concentration on breathing you can “note” the craving by saying “breathing in” and “longing out”.   I have used this the out of the reach of two days to lead me into my afternoon slumber.

Rest is critical for the digestion issues and stress is something that be possible to help flare diverticulitis – so for comforting the doctor recommended lots of rest and with equal rea~n the request not to work until Monday. (Although I don’t totally disapprove stress but the lack of corrosive fresh fruits and veggies in the in conclusion couple of weeks.) The other part of having to stay home is needing to have existence near your own restroom for self-evident reasons as you deal with what ever experiences you are having or are deplorable to have.  (lol)  I be able to’t imagine being at work through all this. I know on Tuesday, I was in the restroom added times than at my desk I consider and I knew then something was up.  I be conscious of being good enough today and less focused put ~ my stomach, that I will interference email and do some things from home.  I require an ad that Jackie, my helper is sending me and I’ll finish that posted on a couple of sites.  So I testament do that today.  I don’t think that will stress me.  Reading email force if there is a lot there, but I’ll try to detain it brief and not focus attached work much so I can try to get over this.  I just feel bad b/c I’m some of those that likes to maintain up with life and not lease it get behind.

As I exemplar this, I’m thinking of my CALM app b/c it is raining in veritable life and I’m hearing the rain in successi~ the sunroom ceiling and it’s composition me want to “breathe in” and “faint movement out” and then sleep is next – so I’m getting a slender sleepy but trying to drink my coffee and NOT focus on the here and now in mindfulness –  excepting on this blog entry.  lol  Funny in what condition the brain works when you try to body of attendants it.

So we got in about 4 boxes of things I’ve ordered – more for Christmas. I finally felt like rent them. We are making a assign of progress on Christmas.  I am going to conduct some more today – of some things Katy piked out. My Maine order came in, my Walmart rank came in (part of it), my LTD regular arrangement came in, and then I had ordered more cinnamon and pepper flakes from Penzey’s Spices and it came in.  I’m using the cinnamon in my coffee this sunrise.  I bought a shaker a great quantity like I keep my pepper flakes in for the cinnamon so I can continue it on the counter and convulse a bit in my coffee cropped land morning.  It is supposed to exist one thing that can lower kindred pressure.

George says that the cinnamon we purchase at Kroger and other places is not the actually being cinnamon but a dilute of some sort.  Really?  That is thus troublesome.  Of course our bread industry is that way now. And it’s not appropriate food.  Just yesterday it irritated me to bring into being that the rolls on the mode of dressing paper are bigger b/c they put on’t want to put as plenteous paper on the roll, but they dress in’t want you to notice b/c you’ll have existence comparing sizes up against other rolls – such they just widen the inside at the centre – the toilet paper roll –and reliance you want notice.  Well Ms Sonster in the present life gets to know her toilet dissertation much better this week – I vulgar we two have a serious propinquity now—so I know!  I’ve expert their dirty little secret!  And it makes me wrathful!

So – we ordered REAL cinnamon and I sharp “Indonesia Cinnamon Korintje” b/c Penzey’s before-mentioned “this is the taste of Cinnamon you grew up through “.  If you want to manner at or order Penzey’s observe so below.
Clicky here——->  Penzey’s

Well at Publix yesterday I bought completely kinds of stuff to have toward my liquid only diet.  And in trusty fashion I always have a beguile moment right?  lol  When my tummy appropriate cannot handle it and I’m with equal rea~n hungry I could scream, I pitfall by having a small spoon of peanut butter, eaten slowly and treasured.  It helps with the hunger and gives protein.  It’s of that kind a small amount and I alone allow it morning and evening. Due to survival prevailing style, I’m having to eat a minute sugar in my diet though.  But in this place are the other choices I accept to eat most bought yesterday:

*chicken soup
*beef broth
*jello cup
*hot ginger supper (good for stomach and recommended according to this situation) but ughhhh!
*hot peppermint evening meal
*iced tea (Milo’s)
*iced not fully grown tea
*gatorade (two flavors)
*ginger ale
*apple sap

It helps knowing that I be in possession of so many choices when I finish hungry.  The broth and the jello is in the greatest degree filling but it does not endure long.  So I am verdict that if I space it confused right and have broth, then extract a drink, then do jello, in consequence sip on a drink, and on that account have the peanut butter and afterwards sip a drink —all that gets me from one side about half a day.  Then I recite for the other half.  I’m amazed that I am acquirement through this with a positive aspect.  lol I really haven’t wanted a great deal of for breakfast but coffee.  So I slip on’t eat until I’m hungry for sure.

I am worried around the fullness still and hope that there is some relief to that today.  It’s a slender concerning if that is not taken care of – I possess some real issues for sure.  But it may appropriate be the antibiotics doing it’s inanimate object.  I’m not really without doubt.  It all remains to exist seen.  I’m hoping because of the best and I imagine it’ll total be ok.

My mood tells me a parcel.  And the lessening of harass is certainly a better sign.

And I’ve even now informed my family of the things I not to be present for this weekend to try.  The next stage will be for Saturday to take a degree up to:  rice, creamed potatoes, pasta, mac and cheese, oatmeal, eggs, blooming peas.  Probably won’t be obliged all that. I’m having cravings as far as concerns a donut.  But I won’t have existence having any of the such at all time soon.  I am in addition craving mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese! I resoluteness be having those soon, ignoring the sweeten deal.  It’s recommended that you acquire potassium when taking one of my antibiotics.  But in spite of the mac and cheese – it’ll be homemade and with whole grain.  I’ve been affectedly nice good about my pasta.  I no longer like the stuffy feeling that fake enriched pasta gives you.

Then I can graduate to beans and a small heavier stuff.  Just a in a small degree bit at the time.

My learned man ok’s Probiotics and the pharmacist recommended Culturel.  So I unmistakable that probably tomorrow I’ll sum those in.  Citro can become rid of the good bacteria and with equal rea~n the Probiotics add the good bacteria back.  Cinnamon and ginger are naturals at helping through this also so I have that forward my side too.

Anyway, hoping toward the best.  I still desire your prayers though b/c on the supposition that this thing does NOT work on the ~side, it could be a bad deal.  No individual wants to have surgery on their intestines.

My colonoscopy is now cancelled and I’ll reschedule late after the year.  I looked at the $50 fiddle I bought for it (you comprehend for the wonderful night before) and it does not breathe out until late in 2016 so it’s altogether good.  I will try to cook this in early January and achieve it over with – so we be possible to concentrate on the wedding from in that place.

Ok, well, all of my house has gone to work.  I suppose I’m going to go in advance and get my own shower in and for this reason do some laundry and then try to gain some work in while I’m sense of touch better.  I’ll also try to procreate those things ordered for Kate and with appearance of truth the next Walmart order.  I indigence to vacuum if I can peradventure feel like it.  We hold an influx of lady bugs another time in the sun room and George vacuumed them up greatest night, bless him.  I true didn’t feel like vacuuming yesterday, but that I think I can do it today suppose that this stamina keeps up.

Ya’ll have a good day and a dexterous weekend!

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