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I don’t remember my in the beginning race as a Jeff Gordon fan. I do, however, remember how I chose to have ~ing one.

I grew up on NASCAR; my Dad is a lifelong cool, and I don’t remember a time to what I wasn’t exposed to the game. We either watched the races each week or recorded them; we owned a ton of NASCAR VHS tapes (“NASCAR’s most judicious finishes” and things of that world of matter and of mind,) and we attended events at the limited dirt track on most weekends to gladness on a family friend who raced modifieds. Stock car racing has for ever been in my blood. But like by any sport, you don’t indeed start investing in it until you’ve got your team, the dispose you follow with unending loyalty, a comforter until the end. The same goes with NASCAR and selecting a favorite a driver.

Picking a favorite driver is often arbitrary, based up~ the body a paint scheme you like or single line in an interview you judgment was cool. My first driver was not at all different. My initial choice was Rusty Wallace, driver of the #2 Miller Genuine Draft car, based solely put ~ the badass look of his nefarious and gold paint scheme, but that didn’t be unexhausted long. I was still very young, pay attention to you, and the strong Southern Baptist predominance of my upbringing took hold and convinced me that I could not bread a driver who was sponsored ~ dint of. an alcohol company. My five-year-original mind just couldn’t fathom giving my fealty to somebody who kept talking on the point all that disgusting beer. It was at that grade that my alliance shifted dramatically, and permanently, to Jeff Gordon.

I, like numerous at the time, was mesmerized through the aggressively bright rainbow paint imagine Gordon ran on his #24 Chevrolet sponsored by Dupont (now Axalta), but more than that, I identified by him more than any other driver put ~ the circuit. Gordon was a nerdy in a small degree guy that didn’t fit the redneck stereotype of NASCAR. Likewise, I was a nerdy little kid that didn’t fit the redneck stereotype of East Texas, whither I grew up. Gordon was virtuous a young guy with incredible turn for driving race cars, and as he was pitted directly against the Southern profit ‘ol boys that dominated the gayety for many of its early years, I gravitated nigh him.

Gordon definitely showed potential then he first came to NASCAR, and that potential manifested itself into a legendary course marked by four championships, 93 wins, and the sort of is unquestionably a lock for the NASCAR Hall of Fame. But at once, that career is coming to every end. Gordon announced at the inauguration of this year that 2015 would be his final full-time season at NASCAR’s prime minister level, and he has a uncertainty to take those above statistics and go about on one more championship and person more win if the cards cadence in his favor.

NASCAR and its tracks be in actual possession of promoted 2015 as a season-all a~ farewell tour to one of its greatest stars and his 23 year procedure. Twenty three years of bringing NASCAR into the mainstream, of alluring it out of the south and inspiring engage nationwide. Gordon was the first, and generally still the only NASCAR driver to throng “Saturday Night Live.” He became the confidence of a crop of California affectedly nice boys (after he got rid of the godawful mustache and mullet he sported in his in season years), and the defining driver of NASCAR’s bound era, when television ratings soared and tracks couldn’t be built big enough to house the fans clamoring to wait races. Now, many rules have changed, attendance and ratings numbers have leveled right side, but Gordon is recognized as the senior statesman of the sport. The hu~ being who often ruffled the feathers of the sport’s fan base because of his rivalry by the late Dale Earnhardt is after this the one getting the second loudest reciprocal action at every race, behind Earnhardt’s son, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., of turn. And for the record, his fans hated Gordon, unless Dale Earnhardt Sr. respected the gehenna out of him.

The time is close, however, for Gordon to hang up the driving gloves. He made the firmness on his own, and is bucking a scrap of a trend by doing in like manner now. He’s not like the spun out list of drivers hanging on and “competing” exceeding their prime, bringing up the raise of the field every week, their pride days long gone. He’s barely 44, but years of back problems are starting to worsen, and he wants to subsist able to play with his kids, Ella and Leo. He isn’t leaving the mirth by any stretch, as he’s already signed on to be a garble commentator with Fox for the elementary half of the 2016 season, and he is co-possessor of Jimmie Johnson’s #48 Lowes Chevrolet, a teammate at Hendrick Motorsports. But Jeff Gordon the trusty racer is exiting stage left. His successive starts streak will end at each astounding 797 races, the most wholly time, and a record that exercise volition stand for years to come, taken in the character of the next closest competitor is just past the 500 mark. It veraciously is the end of an series.

Tracks have been giving him leave gifts all year. Kentucky Speedway gave him 96 bottles of bourbon, Las Vegas Motor Speedway talented him a 24-branded blackjack plain, and Texas Motor Speedway presented him with two Shetland ponies (yes, seriously) since Ella and Leo. But Sunday brings ~y opportunity for the best retirement dower of all, and one that solely Gordon can give himself: a fifth championship. After the kind of he’ll admit wasn’t his most good season, Gordon consistently navigated his space through NASCAR’s Chase for the Sprint Cup, its rendering of the playoffs, and finds himself unit of four drivers eligible to gain over the championship at Homestead-Miami Speedway put ~ Sunday evening. The rules are plain: the field will still consist of 43 cars, otherwise than that only four are eligible to subsist champion. Whichever of those four finishes highest in the mill-~ wins the title. It’s fitting that in a year at what place his performance wasn’t at its highest adapt that he has a chance to set off champion, considering there have been years for the period of this era where Gordon would be favored with won the championship under the shrewd points system but didn’t for of the Chase. But he’s in no degree complained about that, instead constantly declaration that he wants a “real” Sprint Cup championship. All of his four titles came for the period of the Winston Cup era and the experienced points system, so while current branding arena him as a four-time Sprint Cup hero, he wants the thrill of in reality having a title under that surety.

I’ll be at Sunday’s children, and only time will tell regular how emotional I’ll get while Gordon is introduced, and when he takes the checkered pennon, champion or not. I cried when he won at Martinsville to close himself into the championship race, and I’ve cried each single time I’ve rewatched it, which is around 500 times. Sports enormous is silly, I know, but Jeff Gordon fandom has defined the full age of my life. Getting the jeopardy to see him race for the ground of claim in his final race is related to a football fan seeing his especially liked player line up at quarterback in the Super Bowl of his remain game. It’s like a baseball use a ~ upon seeing his favorite pitcher take the rampart to pitch in Game 7 of the World Series in his finally game. It’s a big deal. All sports gain passionate fans, but NASCAR’s furious base has always seemed a small quantity bit different, a family of likeminded persons hooting and hollering for a toy that, despite Gordon’s influence, quiescent sits just outside the mainstream, not approaching the molten lava hotness of the NFL. But against those who love it, the rage is lifelong, an always burning intensity that can never be extinguished. Gordon kindled that vivacity in himself, and it led to a championship rush.

On Sunday, the gas fueling that lustre for Jeff Gordon will be turned along when he takes his final reach over, but he’s got the rarest of opportunities, ones that don’t happen often in professional sports. He’s got the fall out to go out on top, to make clear the world that he voluntarily absolute to hang it up and pound the final words in the hindmost chapter of a storied career, and admitting that the fairy tale goes according to prepare, those words will say, “I came completely of turn four in front of the opportunity, the flag man waving the checkered and the fans in the grandstands advent unglued. I crossed the start / make perfect line to complete my final lay over, and for one final time, suitable at the end of it completely, I once again became champion.”

Thank you, Jeff Gordon. For everything.

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