Posted in Flagyl on November 13, 2015

With your busy schedules and lack of league end, basketball is tough to keep up with. Lucky for you, our staff is addicted to every facet of the NBA and we’re in this place to keep you informed. Here are more random musings, irrational thoughts, and darling moments of the past week. 

The Hardest Part of Breaking Up

Varoon Bose: As the hard boy band 2gether once said, “Breaking up is ~-hearted enough” (woah oh OH oh). And in the by six months, Mark Cuban has certainly proved that hinder the DeAndre Jordan free agency tradition. In today’s world of companionable media and technology, it can have existence tough to stay away from your ex. Often seasons, my friends will tell me that they’ve unfollowed a previous lover on Facebook, or deleted the topic message thread they shared. Mark Cuban does the orderly opposite of that.

Mark Cuban before-mentioned he saved all his text messages from DeAndre Jordan and potency detail them all at a later be reckoned.

— Ben Bolch (@latbbolch) November 11, 2015

Mark Cuban: “Some set time I’ll let you read altogether the texts and we’ll gain into it and we’ll talk about it, but now is not the right time.”

— Ben Bolch (@latbbolch) November 11, 2015

Strange comments from a husband who invented an app where your messages instantly pass out of sight. But while it might be frolic to speculate what Cuban and DeAndre uttered during that fateful week, revenge is with most propriety served face-to-face, not by way of public shaming. In this case, the Mavericks got their requite by topping the Clippers on their home court. The fans did their part, and rightfully booed the living hades out of DeAndre (as Blazers fans did to LaMarcus Aldridge, not in such a manner rightfully). They had good reason to exist upset, whether Jeff Van Gundy likes it or not.

So amercement the game is over, and the Mavericks got avenge. You’d think Mark Cuban, your beloved Buffalo Jeans-sponsored recruiter Chandler Parsons, and the rest of the immunity would be over it right? Wrong.

Chandler Parsons, asked on the supposition that DeAndre drama is done: “He’s not a priority to us, and by the looks of their team he’s not to them one or the other .”

— Tim MacMahon (@espn_macmahon) November 12, 2015

I meet with the argument for both Cuban and Parsons needing to secure over it, and quite frankly, they probably should move on so they have power to clear their own headspace. But continually, as a fan, I want this to fashion on forever. We live in some era devoid of actual, on-court fights (which, shockingly, is a good thing), to such a degree why can’t we have the nearest best thing? Isn’t this actual existence television-type drama what makes the NBA the most excellent sport in the world? I could have existence wrong, but if you can’t catch any enjoyment in turning trigger fingers into half-suppressed laugh fingers and emoji bullet shells, at that time maybe this isn’t the mirth for you.

Hey @LAClippers! Good gamble! Have a safe trip home! ✈️