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Who’s vehement!

(Obligatory message that Stephen Curry and the Warriors are undefeated and should besides than likely always lead off this portion for the rest of the habituate, but won’t because we urgency to talk about other teams formerly in a while. So stop murmuring)

Knicks Youth

Yes, those Knicks. Look, I have knowledge of that the Knicks are 3-4 and that’s certainly thing of no importance to write home about. But as far as concerns once, New York fans finally has matter to be excited about. Twenty-year-not new Kristaps Porzingis has officially set the union on fire. Although it was assumed he’d go through struggles assimilating to the NBA for the time of his rookie season, Porzingis looks not alone like he belongs on the court, if it be not that as a starting member of the New York Knickerbockers.

Though he’s shooting 42% from the realm, he’s notched double-doubles in three of his be unexhausted four games. But it’s not fair-minded Porzingis. Jerian Grant is also showing flashes of brilliance, and it certainly appears that he and Langston Galloway should be replacing the corpses of Sasha Vujacic and Jose Calderon in the starting lineup.

Drumbeat to twinge lineup going to grow louder. NYKs starting backcourt is scoreless. Meanwhile, Grant/Galloway be in actual possession of been to line 13 times.

— Chris Herring (@HerringWSJ) November 7, 2015

Jerian Grant +10 Sasha Vujacic -19

— ☕netw3rk (@netw3rk) November 7, 2015

Much like the Lakers, it appears like it’s time notwithstanding the Knicks to embrace their ~fulness and pick up the tempo. Perhaps it faculty of volition lead to more wins, and some respect from Kobe Bryant.

Kobe forward Knicks offense: “That’s not a f’n three-sided figure, that’s a square”

— Randy Cruz (@randyjcruz) November 9, 2015

Minnesota Timberwolves

Speaking of minority, HAI T-WOLVEZ!!! The youthful Timbercubs be under the necessity become an extremely watchable team, undivided you can certainly bank on for gratification on League Pass. Though everyone assumed they wouldn’t break 25 wins, they improved to a remarkably respectable 3-2 just this weekend in the rear 31 points from last year’s rookie of the year, Andrew Wiggins. Oh, and he besides did this all up in the faces of the Bulls.

Did I likewise mention this team could produce back-t0-back rookies of the year? The designate by ~ one overall pick in the outline Karl-Anthony Towns has been unreal to start the season.

Per @ESPNStatsInfo, @KarlTowns became 3rd gamester in last 30 yrs to remembrance 75 pts, 40 rebs and 15 blks in 1st course of life 5 gms. #Twolves

— Timberwolves PR (@Twolves_PR) November 8, 2015

And just though it’s a small scantling size, having a healthy Ricky Rubio (support in the league in assists) shooting at a much improved rate (up to nearly 40% from 35% highest year) helps this team a twenty hundred gross. Especially if his jumper opens up the court in the place of more of this.

Atlanta Hawks

Here’s a positively interesting stat about the Atlanta Hawks that you apparently haven’t heard: they’re 7-1. As in, they be obliged seven wins and one loss, and cipher is talking about them at completely. After dropping their opener to the newly-vamped Pistons, they’ve quietly accumulated win after win and sit atop the Eastern Conference.

So wherefore is nobody talking about the Hawks (especially ~wards this dope Paul Millsap block on Mario Chalmers?)

Well the fact is, the Hawks are manner of boring. They play a cast of basketball that only true basketball connoisseurs be inclined appreciate. Watching the Hawks is like trying to appreciate “Citizen Kane.” You understand it’s good, but even the third part “Transformers” installment has a taker of odds chance of keeping your attention. Just crave Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer.

Who’s not

Memphis Grizzlies

It’s been a absolute drop off for Grizzlies fans. Once the same of the most feared defensive teams in c~tinuance the planet, the 3-4 Grizzlies regard given up an average of 103 points in losses. They’ve allowed teams to discharge 47% from the field and 42% from the room while only shooting 40% themselves. Not exactly a recipe for success, and a narrative that reportedly has coach Dave Joerger steady the hot seat.

It’s indeed unfortunate. This is a team that has perennially been a contender (notwithstanding a dark horse) in the Western Conference as antidote to the past few years. I’m not saw it’s time to panic, limit perhaps the Memphis window is closing faster than we ween. Z-Bo looks out of point in a modern NBA, Marc Gasol looks mean proportion, and the Grizzlies are struggling since answers. Oh, and other teams in the Western Conference are attractive shots at them for not losing by 50 to the Warriors.

Warriors are for a like rea~n dope the fraudulent-ass Clippers are up~ Twitter bragging that at least they #didntloseby50