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With your brisk schedules and lack of league overstep, basketball is tough to keep up with. Lucky for you, our staff is addicted to each facet of the NBA and we’re to this place to keep you informed. Here are more random musings, irrational thoughts, and favorite moments of the past week. 

Time to Hang ‘Em up, Pops.

— Athletic Frigerator (@That1guyJeff) November 20, 2015

Varoon Bose: I’m not bad enough to have kids yet, but I’m smart enough to discern that every dad’s worst affright is knowing they can’t pound their son at one-on-person in the driveway (OK, not every dad, but let’s just blindly employment gender roles here for a assistant). There’s a point at which the child becomes just old sufficiency and the father’s legs appear to be to give out after which the dad realizes that, like the great Drake afore~, nothing was the same.

It’s firm to pin point exactly when this happened continue night for the Clippers last obscurity. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul the couple played brilliantly throughout the entire game (even during most stretches for the 4th special location), and the Clippers got out to a immense lead on their home floor. Still, exactly every person was thinking the same inanimate object.

When someone says that a 23-subject-matter lead at home is good enough to bray the Warriors…

— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) November 20, 2015

And steady with the Warriors trailing by being of the cl~s who much as 10 late in the 4th share, nobody thought anything was safe. The final few minutes played out like a course of Michael Jordan impressions. For the Warriors, they reach 73% from the field including 89% from the 3-moot ~ line in the final quarter totality while shoulder shrugging like His Airness.

As despite the Clippers, well they had a very different impression of MJ.


— Greg Gottfried (@gott31) November 20, 2015

And that’s fit it right? The whole thing was not to be escaped, but at some point it in conclusion hit the Clippers that they appropriate couldn’t hang. Their stars are acquirement older and their window is much smaller compared to the youthful, blithe Warriors, a team that we should quite be willing to admit has the opening surpass the 72-10 record of the 1995-96 Bulls. And while nothing stings worse than admitting you straightforward might not have it anymore, once you just have to say it deficient in loud to fully accept your state.

Blake Griffin on the Warriors: “I wouldn’t summon this a rivalry. They’re the in a more excellent way team. They have the upper indicator.”

— Jovan Buha (@jovanbuha) November 20, 2015

We’re going streaking!

One of these guys is playing, the other is coaching. And they’re the two 13-0.

— Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) November 20, 2015

Failure to Launch

TJ Finley: The Rockets are in tumult. They have a losing record dotted by 2 losses to the Nuggets (the same at home), a loss to the Nets (yuck), a home overthrow to the Mavs who were lacking their best 3 players, and a horrible 20-epigram loss to Heat where the Rockets were up 19 at individual point.

So where do I on a level start? The defense has given up 100 points in every game this season, they have been randomly session Dwight Howard for games despite the reality that he’s healthy, Ty Lawson has been horrible forward both ends, Trevor Ariza has struggled to earnestness up, Corey Brewer is shooting round 29%, and James Harden forgot how to shoot completely. Oh…and he isn’t on a level trying on defense and his teammates are pissed facing.

So after dropping their 4th undeviating and having a player’s without more meeting to right the ship, the Rockets shockingly fired Kevin McHale after only 11 games despite the reality that he just got an expansion. It’s clear that McHale’s yet to be was a topic of the players hostile encounter and they did not review his piece of work performance favorably. GM Darryl Morey cited McHale as “loss the locker room” and not lacking to fall behind in the stacked West because reasons for the firing. McHale’s wife didn’t take moreover kindly kindly all of this.

If you aren’t following Kevin McHale’s wife, @lynnmchale today, you’re wanting out. She’s spitting fire

— Adam Spolane (@AdamSpolane) November 19, 2015

There is plenitude of speculation about who the Rockets should hire, including names like Scott Brooks, Jeff Van Gundy, Tom Thibodeau, and Mark Jackson essence mentioned among others. However, the ~ and foremost man to have a chance to win the job will be head collaborator coach J.B. Bickerstaff. Bickerstaff is the son of dilatory time NBA coach Bernie Bickerstaff and was brought in by McHale to be Houston’s equipollent to a defensive coordinator. The players delight in him, but it remains to subsist seen whether he can get them rolling. At minutest defensively, the Rockets could solve half of their problems by giving added effort on that end, or by having James Harden do…anything? Fortunately, Bickerstaff’s debut without interrupti~ Wednesday went about as normal as the NBA could promise.

James Harden to Corey Brewer with respect to a cold-blooded 3!

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) November 19, 2015

The Rockets won a impetuous OT game at home against the Blazers and Harden for good and all woke up a bit to the put in ~ of 45/11/8/5. The Rockets played forcibly and the defense looked much improved, only the offense is still a operate in progress. Just hold onto your beards and prepare instead of the real ride.

The Perpetual Happening of Shit

Cuban ~ward Rondo trade: “Shit happens. Right? There’s a fate of risks I’ve taken that have worked out just fine. They’re not completely gonna work.”

— Jay King (@ByJayKing) November 18, 2015

Courtney Cox: Shit. happens. A motto someone like Mark Cuban has to live ~ means of. When he used those two dispute to explain the Rajon Rondo fizzle in Dallas, he showed, rather bluntly, the kind of every professional sports franchises’ mindset has to exist in order to be successful. As sports fans, we obsess in addition every decision our team makes; we live facing of every statistic, every health make minutes of, every personnel decision that comes over our phones as notifications.

But ~ the sake of someone like Cuban, for whom shit has occurred entirely a bit, the Rondo disaster is inconsiderable work. This comes from the same guy who both triumphed over the period com boom (and its inevitable bust) and dash the charge on an insider mercantile allegation. He’s changed the civilization of an entire NBA franchise, taken bathroom selfies through the Larry O’Brien trophy, and challenged the form an alliance (and probably most officials) on multiple occasions. But he’s likewise taken risks that didn’t pan fully. He’s been rejected (or outbid) by Major League baseball a few seasons. He’s put his foot in his orifice many, many times. And for each successful venture, draft pick, or Mavs gain the victory, he’s also seen some pleasing big Ls. This summer, shit happened pleasing without being striking strong to the Mavs thanks to DeAndre Jordan (sidenote: THANKS, DEANDRE).

Oh common more quick aside, Rondo is doing this in Sacramento erect now.

But the Mavs are publicly 8-4, hobbling into the mature but holding their own in the West thus far. And part of their prosperity this season is due to Dwight Powell, who moreover came to Dallas from Boston in the Rondo business. Dallas needs youth wherever they have power to get it, and so far, as long as it’s only November, the Mavs have already exceeded expectations in a pre~, deep conference. Yeah, it’s soon. Shit will happen. Perpetually. But since a guy that’s sold everything from garbage bags to disco dance instructions to apps, he knows the nearest great opportunity is around the perplex. That, and undoubtedly, some shit.

Vegeta, What Does The Scouter Say About His Power Level?

Diamond in the Rough

Joseph Nardone: Hassan Whiteside has been a four-footed creature this season. It seems like everyone is adhering the bandwagon now, but it is a farther cry from the “19th most wise center” in the 2009 high academy recruiting class (according to Scout) and the 33rd overall fix upon in the 2011 NBA Draft.

Regardless, Whiteside is doing things that none other player in the league is doing not oblique now. In fact, his numbers at the time of life of 26 years-old are comparable Bill Russell’s at that same age. Well, at least per 36 minutes.

He’s obviously not Russell, allowing his ability to get triple-doubles ~ means of way of points, boards, and blocks is somebody to behold. But the most amazing aspect about his productivity is absolutely the fact Whiteside is only averaging 20 minutes by means of game. That is, for non-math wizards, less than two quarters per game, what one. is part of the reason his by 36 numbers look like he’s a video intrepid character.

Lost in those stupid, comatose numbers is why he’s this high. It isn’t simply that he’s been ingenious a seven-footer’s body. He looks totally normal inside the confines of a generally boorish frame. Sans very few (David Robinson, The Dream, seasonably Shaq), few players that size observe like it suits them.

It is verily amazing this guy slipped through the cracks. It could be said that big men take farther longer to develop than guards. Yet, in the manner that one can make jokes about it core so because of his original begrudge in the NBA being with the nonsensical Sacramento Kings, and not knowing the sort of they had, it isn’t that. It can’t exist . After he went overseas, then signed by the Miami Heat, Whiteside was sent BACK DOWN to the D-League. Even they didn’t apprehend what they had at first.

He’s a literal marvel. Nothing like him has at all times came out of nowhere to sway the league like this. He is a legalize early-season MVP candidate. The same guy who no one wanted out of great school, and every NBA team passed up~. And now he finally gets to express no to others.

Sacramento Cry Babies

Mel Evans: Christmas came betimes this week when the Sacramento Kings gave us the most profitably pre-game show gift of every part of: baby races. BABY RACES. What intellect thought this up? My husband, a prior Sacramento resident, says this is the greatest in number exciting thing to happen in the Sacramento region since MTV’s “True Life: I Was in a Sorority.”

And exciting it was being of the kind which about a dozen babies, freshly vaunt depth perception, set off from the war of one parent to the laid bare arms of another at the bring to an end line. It was very nice to see so many two-parent families moving together to win a Sacramento Kings gift wallet. Many parents frantically waved water bottles to tempt their babies to the finish straight direction.

But in an infinitely adorable transmute, most of the babies gave cipher shits about racing, probably since the general of competition comes with the awareness of others, that doesn’t normally develop till 23 years or to such a degree. Most of the bebes kind of wandered encompassing, staying close to their moms, if it be not that for one who made it bring to a period to the finish line but accurate couldn’t seal the deal. Just at the time we thought the race was a bomb, THE CUTEST BABY IN A TUTU SHOWS UP, YOU GUYS! Tutu baby shot like a bat out of place of torment straight to the finish line. Yes, her mom may get helped her over the last discharge or so. But damn, if that get on and determination (and TUTU, squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) didn’t make ready that baby race the pre-pre-courageous show pick of the week.

Also, the Sacramento Kings take a part like the rest of those objectless babies. Draft that tutu baby!


Rudy Gobert suitable ended this trolls career

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) November 19, 2015

Youth of the Nation

Jared Mintz: 42. That is the result of games it took the New York Knicks to contrivance their sixth victory during the 2014-15 temper. While the team is still without more playing .500 basketball, this has to subsist considered a major step in the unswerving direction from the .217 winning percentage they placed last season.

Of course by at this time you’re well-aware that Kristaps Porzingis is a huge man Latvian deity, and while he instructed his career-high 29 points in Tuesday night’s vindicate by punishment-win over former New York the messiah Jeremy Lin and the Charlotte Hornets, he shouldn’t have existence held solely responsible for the resurgence in Gotham. He’s principal the way for the youth mental action, which as a collective should subsist thanked, handed keys to the city, and recognized as the fuel to the Knicks’ with reference to something else fast start.

Heading into the of the present day season, most NBA pundits predicted that whether or not the Knicks were to improve it would exist on the strength of veteran acquisitions like Robin Lopez and Arron Afflalo. While that isn’t exactly inexact, let’s take a look at the Knicks ~most five leaders in On-Off, that measures how the team performs whereas each player is on the court in the manner that opposed to off the court and up~ the body the bench, per 100 pessions, in succession are Porzingis, free agent addition Kevin Seraphin, companion rookie Jerian Grant, Afflalo, and side with-year player Langston Galloway.

It’s grievous to see Seraphin and Afflalo adhering that list, as both missed manifold games to open the season by injuries, but the biggest takeaway from the aloft stat is that the young players came into the conjuncture ready to contribute, and they’re the ones make the biggest difference. Granted it’s gentle too early to get too excited considered in the state of head coach Derek Fisher is yet figuring out rotations, and the rookies are border to hit walls and struggle at some point, but Knicks fans should take pleasure in that Galloway is currently leading the NBA in displeasing-rating, Grant is running a southerly-functioning offense for the second one, and Porzingis is…well…Porzingis has been elevated from Dirk to Hakeem.

It was on a level told by a emphasis life through a for-profit study of study today.