Posted in Flagyl on November 22, 2015

1. What is the toxic disagreeable lot of metronidazole?

The average dosage in quest of dogs with signs of toxicity is all over 60mg/kg/day. However, as insignificant as 33 mg/kg/day has been reported.

2. What is the current recommended management for metronidazole intoxication?

Stop the metronidazole and set going diazepam. Give 0.5mg/kg IV one time and then 0.5mg/kg PO q8h till resolution of signs.

In one study, the cabinet of diazepam lowered the average time of clinical signs from 11.66 ± 5.9 days (5–21 days) by stopping metronidazole only to only 38.86 ± 15.6 hours (24–72).

Source: Evans, J, Levesque D, Knowles K, et al. Diazepam in the same manner with a treatment for metronidazole toxicosis in dogs: a that affects the past study of 21 cases. J Vet Intern Med 2003;17:304-10. Download turning-point

3. What is the proposed machinery of metronidazole intoxication and what is the proposed mechanism through which the main treatment is idea to work?

The exact mechanism is unknown. The theory is that metronidazole damages cerebellar Purkinje cells and causes degenerative changes in the rostral colliculi and the vestibular, mysterious cerebellar, olivary, and cochlear nuclei. GABA (γ-aminobutyric stinging), an inhibitory neurotransmitter, is the pristine neutrotransmitter released from these damaged neurons. These regions are involved in equality of pressure, fine motor control and hearing. Thus, harm to these neurons frequently causes central vestibular & cerebellar signs. The other science possible mechanism is that metronidazole binds to the GABA fluting on post-synaptic (excitatory) neurons preventing chloride introduction into these neurons, which would normally restrain these neurons.

The theory is that diazepam any one competitively blocks or displaces metronidazole from these GABA receptors, restoring ordinary inhibition to the vestibular nuclei. It may furthermore be that diazepam enhances inhibition at GABA receptors that are not assumed by metronidazole.


I don’t have depression, but for that is a side effect of the remedy(drowsiness), that’s what I was prescribed (in to a reduced state dosage).