Posted in Flagyl on November 10, 2015

Leaving Leadville took longer than we’d hoped. Amazon had messed up my method of new shoes, so I had to wear away quite a bit of time on the phone with them getting a reinstatement sent ahead to Salida and at that time sending back the defective pair. I too had to go to the pharmacy to choice up a prescription– I’d been to the physician the day before to get assayed for giardia. “You don’t be in actual possession of giardia,” they told me, “you probably just have heartburn.” Ok, sure. We were leaving the pharmacy which time I got a voicemail saying altogether my test results had come back condign fine. So I assumed I did not be favored with giardia. Later I would find fully that they hadn’t even tried me for giardia, and also that I did as a matter of fact have it. This is why I don’t avaunt to the doctor’s.

Anyway, concisely after we got back on trail, we encountered trail magic! Some local hikers have been stocking up a cooler through sodas for CDT and CT hikers. HB and I enjoyed more soda (I had apple soda!) and chatted by some northbound section hikers, before hiking steady.

I stayed slow, and sick. I was touching worse at this point than I had the mere trail. The hiking was fairly comfortable and yet I was still struggling to show 20 miles a day. Why would heartburn be doing this to me? But the trail between Tennessee Pass and Twin Lakes was gorgeous and I tried my best to let slip from the mind how crappy I felt. The trail was lined by grove after grove of aspens, total turning gold. It’s not wholly fall in New England, but is definitely low very beautiful!

We opted, after whole, not to climb either Mt. Massive or Mt. Elbert. I had been sensibility so crappy, and anyway the bear said it was going to subsist super windy the day we would be in possession of gone up Elbert. The mountains be disposed be there forever (ish) so I bear no problem coming back to bestow those peaks later. This turned ~right to be a great decision, actually, since that morning we got a go to see at Twin Lakes from Oatmeal and Dandy Greens, two of HB’s PCT friends! They herd out from Boulder to cook us breakfast and drop out… and after spending a small in number hours with them, we decided to obtain off-trail for a day and animation out to Salida. Another of HB’s PCT friends, Sam, lives there with his wife Jillian, so opposite we went for a visit! The go to see turned out to be an awesome election- we got fed cookies and lasagna and tacos made through yak meat, and went bouldering, and hung uncovered and had a great time. And HB and I got to repose in a bed and take showers! Yay!

Oatmeal and Dandy Greens herd us back to Twin Lakes in the early part of the day so we could get back attached trail. Right away we had a protracted climb up to Hope Pass. And I felt in the same manner awful. I felt like I was tiresome to hike uphill through pudding. HB was ahead of me, waiting somewhere. At single point, a German couple who were appointed time-hiking greeted me. “We fit saw your boyfriend and he told us the kind of you were doing– that’s for a like rea~n amazing! You are awesome!” I didn’t perceive awesome, but I tried to return ~s to them as cheerfully as possible. Ugh ugh ugh. I pushed myself to continue on hiking. Slow, I’m for a like rea~n slow. What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I be moved better? That night we met a hiker who was doing the Collegiate Loop and camped through him. An owl swooped over our camp at unvarying intervals, checking us out.

The next morning our new friend, Kevin, left at dawn. I felt a little better. We had more climbing, and some downhills, and some more climbing, and traversing along the sides of things, and climbing more… We caught up to Kevin and hiked through him for a brief bit in the sight of he fell behind. He caught up to us at luncheon. “So what’s your gait?” he asked us. “You be obliged to hike at like 4 miles by hour, right?” Haha! There’s each ego boost. We hiked on through more amazing beautiful fall colors. The aspens are in truth stunning out here. In New England, the reds and oranges and yellows are everywhere, but in Colorado the aspen standard are intermittent. Sometimes you’ll vogue through miles with just evergreens and then bam! golden aspens. It’s excellent awesome.

Our last day of the portion turned out to be awesome. At luncheon time, HB and I were stopped at a picnic synopsis (obviously- can’t pass up that suitable) when up walked Fun Size! We had in short run into him in the Winds and were wondering while he’d catch up, and in this place he was! He revealed that Cookie (HB’s PCT dear companion who we ran into near James Peak) was going to encounter one another him, Lighthouse, and Wiz at Monarch Pass. Awesome! HB and Fun Size hiked the by authority trail, nine miles to the achieve. I opted to take a jeep thoroughfare that bailed down to the highway in about 2 miles. The track was another golden aspen tunnel, this time through aspen leaves underfoot as well for the re~on that above my head. When I got to the highway, about 5 miles downhill from the transcend, I got a hitch really quickly– in each RV! The guy driving actually turned round to pick me up. These are the kinds of perks of hitchhiking though female, without any smelly boys surrounding- dudes go out of their space to drive you places. (And it’s all but never sketchy, either, especially in areas whither there’s a lot of hiker traffic.) When I got to the replenish at Monarch Pass, where HB and I had boxes (his a resupply, under~ a care package from my Nana), I cast Cookie and Lighthouse! Yay friends! We hung public at the store for a  embrace hours eating snacks and waiting on the side of HB and Fun Size to become visible up, and then the five of us piled into Cookie’s luggage (where she had soda and pizza staying for us!) and she drove us into Salida!

We took a plenteous-needed zero in Salida. I apprehend, another zero. But I really felt dreadful, and exhausted, and it was put ~ this zero that I got every email with my lab results from the Leadville doctor’s berth and found out they hadn’t tried me for giardia. Since I at that time had literally every symptom of giardia (and likewise hadn’t treated my water in round 6 months), I decided to righteous take the antibiotics. HB had been carrying a track of Flagyl as a just-in-cover , so I didn’t need to deal with insurance/doctors again. And… it worked! By the extreme point of our zero day I felt in such a manner much better. I actually had my stomach back, and felt great! Hooray according to the wonders of modern medicine… and time exhausted with good friends, having fun. 🙂

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