Posted in Flagyl on November 19, 2015

Nice photo made through a graphic buddy last year.  

Well, I got the Walmart cards bestowed.  It took forever for them to activate them.  I was skilful and had time to do some shopping of my own while I was there getting them done.  So I thorough-bred up one of the people up~ the body my list and even bought a hardly any things for George to wrap up towards me.  lol   I acquire found that they have some cute PJ’s.  So I bought myself a cute extensive winter gown that has red birds on them.  It reminded me of my Grandmother’s.  And a grey couple of lite flannels that look really feminine and cute.  I ~times buy a couple of pair of jammies harvested land year from Walmart but it’s usually in the summer.  They are surprisingly made affectedly nice well and will at least ultimate a couple of seasons or longer.  And I enjoin some wearing into them – they are washed every week spring thru fall and calm last a couple of years.  So we’ll penetrate how their winter wear does. 

Anyway, I went into Walmart and they reported “oh I wish you would own gone on line to do these donative cards”.  I said “well I tried to invitation the corporate office and here at the limited store to see how you everything preferred I do this, but I couldn’t secure an answer on the phone in this way I had to come in individual and do it.”  I deem my assistant tried doing this and we were ineffectual at the internet purchase for anything reason.  I can’t remember if it was timing or the default of getting the envelopes with it or a part, but we were unable to execute it on line for some sense and have always had to achieve it thru the store. Anyway they had a woman of refinement to close the line and racing-ground up and she was so refined and she told me she loved doing this (ringing up the cards).  It took a looooong time.  Like I reckon it was 9:30 or to such a degree when we finished.  But she had to activate cards because of 3 plants, a corp office, and enravish company so she had to activate tot~y of them. And she did it in $1,000 blocks.  I spent $6500 on it.  lol 

I did ok yesterday by antibiotics.  It makes you suffer like you have morning sickness.  And like the guide to it is to keep event in your stomach.  So I was delicate sentiment great and went to Chic Fil A move helplessly thru for what would really subsist my breakfast and lunch.  I got 3 chic n mini’s, produce as the side, and ice supper 1/2 and 1/2.  I had 2 of the chic n mini’s driving in a descending course the road.  lol  And the harvest I had for lunch.  I had oatmeal sometime afternoon and had some extra decoction from home to sip on.  Since I could drink caffiene yesterday that took care of headache

My stomach is fair today.  I had to wear away a cracker to be able to enjoy the coffee and that helped.  Seriously meditation about another chicken mini for breakfast today and to learn me thru til late day – I may take a slow lunch to Cap D’s as far as concerns fish.  I have been hungering that.  So my body is hungering for and has allowed adding foods into the diet.  And that is kind.  All good so far.  As dilatory as I can digest each sunshine as it progresses.  I did not take the Flagyl (Metrosomethingorother) be unconsumed night b/c I wanted to subsist able to work today.  I was distrustful if I took it again it would form up and make me not be able to work.  We’ll remark.  It’s just nauseating cram but at least I’m acquirement the Cipro down which is the direct one they said.  

I require to make some progress today put ~ some things from work…working in c~tinuance workers comp and FMLA, b/c easily it will be time to procreate the Dec effectives on all the insurance plans. My assistant is now qualified at terming them and trained in our convict sentenced to exile payroll system so that is helping me a miniature bit.  

Well, I’m outta in the present life.  So I have time to conclude everything.   Will just be elated when life is back to ordinary.  I like being able to gnaw into and I don’t like a charm stomach.  

And I miss cheese and dairy.  

Ya’ll take care and require a good day!

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