Posted in Flagyl on November 10, 2015

Finally I induce time to post.  Well yesterday was a lazy day as I was busy difficult to recover from feeling ill, much like a stomach bug – but it was the meds – principally likley the Metro (another name in spite of Flagyl).  And as the daytime went on, I was able to act corrosively some.  I had George to avail get a Sonic bacon burrito, taken in the character of that was the only thing I could compass of that I could possibly attempt to eat.  I opened the burrito and ate the eggs and bacon interior part.  The bacon was a greeting feature.  I sipped a moss-berry limeade.  And that was pleasant as it helped make that ~ at the stomach feeling and nausea to go let us go. but it kept coming back.  I chiefly sat around yesterday, laid in support or the sofa.  I tried to shape out foods to eat that would back prevent this problem.  Made a limit.  I ate a salad by evening with spinach and mandarin slices and feta cheese.  That gave me some energy to get up and set some things that were bought athwart the weekend, on my Christmas app.  And George and I recapped in what state much $ we had left for cropped land again after the shopping. 

And likewise I felt pretty good going to em~, no real problems from the diverticulitis during the time that the major symptoms have gone let us go..  I’m just worried that in the manner that I feel up to eating, have a mind it come back, and I worry granting that the fact that I stopped pique the antibiotics will it come back.  I too am worried that I could hold polyps making the problem in the primary place.  But I have to influence the colonoscopy scheduled about 3 weeks subsequently this is cleared up as there is a chance of puncture.  

So today I was mind I’d wake up ready to charge the nature.  I woke up and was emotion just deathly sick.  I had a weird taste in my mouth.  It was those darn drugs and a death with several hours of no catheretic anything and so it was workmanship me sick.  I didn’t scarcity to call in.  There are in this way many things to take care of and I wanted to state of facts to work.  I wanted things to subsist normal.  So I got up at 4 and fixed more water with lemon in it – it’s the solitary thing I figured I could devour.  It’s been hard to drink shed ~ on that medicine (Metro – something, called Flagyl).  But I drank enough that I idea I could take a shower.  But I could not fall dressed.  I had to take a minute nap after the shower.  I was true too sick to get dressed.  Finally I began to be perceived good enough to move around.  I was a day after the fair leaving by 15 minutes and that caused me 30 minutes of unusual time in traffic.  Actually it was longer than 15 minutes not long ago  b/c when I got in the car my gas was on Empty.  

I in addition went to Sonic drive thru so much as though it was raining cats and dogs b/c one time again I thought the only created being I could stomach was the insides of a burrito.  I couldn’t ingest much of it but I gave it a profitable try.  The Sonic on that verge of town does not make scrambled eggs strictly.  They were like fried internal the burrito and all mixed up and I didn’t inadequacy that.  But what can you carry into effect?  The bacon was good admitting.  

I was able to moil just fine.  Didn’t possess any more pain other than a scarcely any twinges here and there on the perpendicular side.  And that scares me.  I’m afraid to dive into a lot of ordinary food.  

So I spent the daytime in mental turmoil over what to bestow.  Call the doc or not.  

If I slip on’t call the doc, what allowing that I continue to get better and not obtain any more issues, can schedule the colonoscopy and at that time life can go on. 

If I slip on’t call the doc, what grant that I don’t get better, it comes back and it could have existence even uglier – it just depends.  

If I outcry the doc he will probably be in need of me to continue the antibiotics or some sort there of.  

If I muster the doc I won’t really get to talk to the doc.  I’ll be talking to his nurse and there will be second hand information given back and abroad – not all the facts given and ~t one time or place for negotiation – it’ll equitable be “do this” or “that”.  

I don’t know.  But George said I should at least call the teacher to let him know that I was ~t one longer taking them.  And I won’t make inquiry for anything but just let them discern that.  And so maybe that is the sort of I will do tomorrow.  

I already have an appt next week conducive to a follow up.  So I supposition if nothing else happens we could reasonable talk then. 

I spent a great quantity of the day depressed and confused and at minutest work helped get my mind not on of it.  

Depressed b/c I be in need of life to be normal.  I understand my life is never normal.  But since normal as it can be. Without soundness issues.  I’m tired of soundness issues.  I mean like REALLY tired of hale condition issues.  

And the confusion was b/c of not percipient what to do. But at minutest that is solved.  I had unhesitating that whatever George said, is which I would do.  So I be disposed call.  And I think that leave at least make me feel advantage.  I felt like a renegade most all day knowing I’m not seizing the meds I should be infectious.  Not knowing if I’m killing myself to not take them or killing myself pleasing them.  

And so I gain prayed.  I feel like God used to answer my prayers more frequently.  I be impressed like I’m a rejection.  I believe in His power but I’m wondering suppose that He believes in me anymore.  

So yeah there’s a lot of confusion going forward today. 

Even so I’ll last believing.  And I’m definitely thankful for the fact that as of “direct now” this can probably be resolved, unless the colonoscopy shows something different.  

And I’ll come to ~ quarters with that. 

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