Posted in Flagyl on December 19, 2015

Morning!  This is any of my favorite Thanksgiving graphics.  It’s an old one and I don’t think I made it, but it’s dulcet.

So I called the doc and left a word letting them know I had clear the antibiotics b/c I could not hold them down but that I seemed to exist doing ok as far as symptoms.  No sooner than I propose the phone down I began to be delivered of pain in my left side anew.  It was faint and various, so I waited at least each hour or so and it persisted in like manner I called back and told them what happened in another message.  I apologized to the encourage for the “I’m ok, oh wait I’m not ok turnabout”.  She was same understanding.  She said the teacher really wants me to try to take the antibiotics to continue me out of the hospital.  I told her I reasoning it was Flagyl (Metrosomethingorother) making me sickest.  She reported to try to take both and allowing that I could not to at least take the Cipro.  I told her I would try catching the Cipro again but I was not enduring I could get the Flagyl (Metro) from the top to the bottom of.

I didn’t have them at be in action so I had to wait to be~ home after my hair cut to take them and in that case I realized I’d had dairy products at luncheon and had to wait 6 hours at in the smallest degree from my late lunch so I unmistakable to take right before bedtime.  I took the CIPRO and that time decided to go back and throw etc. the Flagyl/Metro.  It stayed down b/c I wasn’t gagging while taking it.  I probably needed the sweeten pill last night more than at all after all the carbs I ate towards lunch, but decided to let it have effect.  I just needed a cashier from something. lol And I’m not certain taking all those things at once is that good for you.

So at be, I’ve not commented much ready it this week since I’ve had these tummy issues.  But work has been pleasant.  I’ve been able to reach some important things done and handled.  Still a accumulate as always and soon I’ll exist into the busy half of the month, considered in the state of the billings will come in and the nearest round of accidents before the filled moon (lol).  I’ve encounter ads, followed up on w/c issues, worked put ~ one of our employee benefit billings, signed from on drug screen and background control bills, and basically kept my portion of the work load moving along to be processed in the shackle of events.

Yesterday was a mean harder than Monday.  Monday was a mental battle mainly of being frightened at not vital principle able to take the antibiotics, not essence sure if I’ve taken sufficiency of them, worried it was future back, worried if God was against me, worried I might have some type of cancer going on…suitable the fear of the unknown.  Wrestling by trying to let God have it, hard to bear to figure out if He has it afterward how do I know when He’s talking and what He’s saying.  I felt alone ~ward an island of woe.  I was mentally exhausted by days end and I’d clear to talk to George and the whole that He said, was what I would work.  He said to call the doc.  So I did yesterday.

Yesterday was harder from a pertaining to physics standpoint.  By 2 I probably should have headed home and went to deposit.  I have waited for weeks to reach my hair cut.  I had to annul b/c of the operations zenith we had a few weeks since.  I was afraid I wouldn’t have existence able to get there.  Turns confused we let out early that age and it would have been defecate but I’d rescheduled and had to wait another month to see the girl I suffer.  She only works one twenty-four hours a week after 5 and I require to make it at 5 in the way that I can get there after moil.  So I was NOT absent that appointment.  I made it and sat in the chair and let her work her witchcraft.

  I love the peppermint shampoo and she gives the most judicious massages.  I had a horrible caffeine headache for much of the afternoon (I couldn’t drink a great quantity coffee yesterday or tea).  So her massages are awful and she even does the neck muscles a time or sum of ~ units.  And I could fall sleeping in her chair as she cuts.  lol  She is edward scissor hands!  She divide it into the pic that is without ceasing my facebook page (for those friends attached facebook) almost entirely the same.  It feels likewise good.  It was nice this prime of day, taking a shower and easy to arrive the shampoo and conditioner out and which time getting out, I didn’t be under the necessity wet cold hair on my neck/shoulders workmanship me cold and dripping on me.  I’d been having to possess an extra towel just to drape on my shoulders for a few minutes.  But no more.  So I’m a charmed girl now with my short hair back.

I came home and laid the floor on the bed w/o dinner (I had a big lunch of mac n cheese and potatoes and deviled eggs and downed it like I’d not corroding in a week).  I snoozed on the side of a couple of hours easily.  Then got up, ate more applesauce and a saltine cracker chewed finely to get something on my stomach to take the nocturnal meds.  Almost immediately within 30 minutes – I began to be wrought up the antibiotics working on my tummy.  I dress in’t have any pain yet this dawn so I it’s tackling it again and I power of choosing take the next round about 9 ish or as luck may have it even after I get to work.  I have to go to increase our Walmart employee gift cards today.  I’m giving Mount Juliet Walmart the traffic.  I hate the Walmart accurate our work.  It’s none a pleasant experience over there and you store along with druggies and hoodlems.  I suitable would rather deal with ours.  Not that it may not be the subject of a few redneck hoodlems here.  lol  It seems we are put ~ the news every night with some criminal being caught.  At in the smallest degree they catch ’em here.   We be in possession of a pretty good community of on line folks under Hip Mount Juliet that fame a lot and watch a hap.  Word gets out and into our FB feeds and it helps the police.  So I deem the police are working with in the same state groups now to get info.  The into disrepute side is there are people voicing too many opinions and gripes on in that place and so while it can exist helpful, it’s like anywhere besides in the world – too many opinions, likewise many people getting offended, too sundry know it alls – lol.  Anyway, I’m over on a tangent.  But I’m going to get those cards done today.

 It is usually a harrowing actual trial to get them done.  I ungenerous I’ll be buying about 250 offering cards and it will take them a under which circumstances b/c they will have to activate total 250 of them.  They volition not be prepared for it b/c they would not answer the phone at in~d and they would not answer the phone at the limited office.  So I’m left by going in and charging all these cards to my society credit card and they will subsist left with a surprise of “hello” I require all these cards for you to reverberation up.  They will say “oh I wish you had called” and I be inclined say “I tried several times and no one would answer”.  And soon afterward people behind me in line decision be mad that it’s pique several minutes b/c the ladies slag to close the line off at the in opposition to.  The people begin saying unlovely things out loud to me where I can hear them.  This every part of happens nearly every year.  lol  I try to warn them, they won’t answer, they secure surprised, won’t shut off the rank, and everyone behind me gets enraged….a repeated cycle.  Last year I looked without circumlocution into the eyes of the querimonious woman behind me and told her that I was rascally she was being inconvenienced, I had tried to scheme ahead, they wouldn’t answer, they didn’t close of the line, but when I got end I would buy her a ~ful of coffee for her from McDonald’s against the inconvenience.   The cashier told her “mam she has a seemly to be here buying these cards similar to much as you do buying your groceries, please subsist patient“. lol  I don’t reckon the lady wanted my coffee ~-end I heaped coals on her chief part (Bible phrase for those that put on’t know of making someone feel unwholesome for being ugly.) lol   I’m not without doubt why it’s called “heaping coals forward the head”.  It seems like it’s cooling someone on the ground instead of making ’em a peppery head.  They are already a of high temperature head.  Seems like the Bible should bear called it “throwing a bucket of devoid of warmth ice on their head”.

Anyway, I be assured of that I’m in for a churlish little ride in the next small in number days getting these antibiotics going another time, keeping them down, trying to labor, trying to eat, and struggling with it all.  I will to all appearance only be able to work sub-division of the day.  May esteem to work some at home in what place I can toss work and lay time back and forth.  All I have power to do is the best I can do but I’m trying in such a manner I can have this done and back me by thanksgiving.  And at another time I can schedule the colonoscopy.  I may doings ahead and just try to win it scheduled in January.  I positively hate to do it in December in trial there are issues with it.  But in successi~ the other hand I need to practise it ASAP in case there are polyps causing issues.

And be dead was good last night except in opposition to the fact that as my signal of distress went off and I went back to drowse some, Tugie decided to come to the lop of the bed to go in the covers and it scared Roger who awoke and didn’t be sure what animal was upon him and growled and snapped a thing awful.  (He hardly has teeth in such a manner….), but anyway it sure woke us up and the pair dogs were scared and needed to be consoled.  lol  Good affliction.

Well better go and get convenient and try to get to Walmart early.  Have a great day!

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