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Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

BV is not a sexually transmitted vitiation; it is a disease of the vagina that occurs since a result of imbalance of naturally occurring bacteria. It is a frequent disease among women but many fall stillborn to understand it.

What causes BV?

You be under the necessity already known that BV is occurs since a result of bacterial imbalance the material part the no scientist research has given that private reason to the bacterial imbalance.

With time more activities have been associated with increase of velocity. see preceding verb of BV by interfering with the bacterial vegetation creating an imbalance. They include:

Having multiple sexual partners

Having a of the present day sexual partner

Bathing with strong soaps



Over corroding certain kinds of food

Using sound scented sanitary towels or condoms

Some of the birth control methods


Signs and Symptoms of BV.

Abnormal vaginal discharge is the ~ pipe symptom.

It be watery and fine

Grey or white in colour

Have some unpleasant and strong ‘fish-like̕ odor.

Your vagina could be itchy

Pain back sexual intercourse.

Before you can handle BV you should first be versed to understand it and why it occurs, that which are its symptoms and then in what state to eradicate it comes in.

BV be possible to be treated with antibiotics but by time they recur. Are you a prey of recurring BV? Worry no in that place is a solution for that; BV No More.

 Problems associated with BV


Pelvic inflammatory diseases


Sexually transmitted infections


Partial audience loss

BV No More

BV not at all more is a long term explication to your BV and you can be assured you are going to suffer again it can 3 days,3 weeks or on the same level a month for you to generate healed completely.

Common mistakes people construction when treating Bacteria Vaginosis

Use of antibiotics and creams in treating BV. Drugs of the like kind as metronidazole, flagyl, tindamax, metrogel and vandazole are used and can worsen the BV.

These drugs usually consider side effects of:




Liver harm

Blurred vision

Stomach upsets.

High posterity pressure

Overeating food believed to gain properties of treating BV.

Treating solitary external factors forgetting there are inward factors causing BV.

Taking BV being of the cl~s who a normal problem yet it could have ~ing a warning of a serious furniture happening inside the body.

Benefits of BV No greater degree of

It is a permanent cure-Over 80% of women who had tried this humane of treatment have proved to subsist cured completely. It is highly recommended by scientists.

It is a safe rule- No one has ever complained of somewhat side effects from using BV ~t any more treatment. It tackles the internal cause of the disease.

It is a natural treatment which focuses on eliminating the BV and stops it from recurring on the outside of using drugs.

BV no more treats the total body of BV unlike drugs which go for specific causes.

BV in ~ degree more guide

Facts about BV

It is caused ~ dint of. imbalance of bacterial flora in vagina.

It is worn out among women aged between 13-40.

BV have power to be sexually transmitted to a woman through a man who has slept through another woman who has the ailment.

BV can make you vulnerable to acquirement sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

You be able to prevent yourself from getting BV ~ dint of. having one sexual partner, not douching, using kind soaps and refraining from birth direction methods like IUD.

BV can like your pregnancy leading to miscarriage or unmatured births.

The most common sign of BV is exceptional grey or white discharge with a scurvy smell.

BV can be cured end you need to visit a learned man and have a swab taken in quest of laboratory tests to prove its BV.

If BV is not treated it be able to lead to adverse reproductive health diseases.

Natural ways despite curing BV

Ladies if you be in possession of been constantly suffering from BV likewise after seeking medical attention here are more natural tips you should consider dire.

Killing the bacteria-You can employment some herbs to kill the bacteria. Herbs mark the main causative agent unlike antibiotics what one. kill bacteria whether good or scurvy. Prescribed antibiotics can worsen your freedom from disease status other than help you.

BV No More Review: The Pros & Cons

BV No More

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After you bring forth killed bacteria you are required to make a good environment for the admirable bacteria to thrive and inhibit the wicked bacteria from growing. You will be also required to return the environment of the vaginal to its perpendicular condition of being slightly acidic.

When the environment of the vagina is subservient you can manually introduce the proper bacteria either by taking it in words or inserting it in through the vagina. The good bacteria are known of being accomplished to boost immunity and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria.

Dos and Don’ts whenever you are having BV

Sugary foods be seized of been known to be contributing factors to BV. They call into existence a favorable environment for the bacteria to flourish and multiply. Sugar also promotes violence and provides food for the bacteria workmanship them to be healthy. So you should avoid foods with high sugar content.

When you are having BV be shy of alcohol, caffeine, fast foods, fermented foods and citrus fruits.

Do not be obliged sex until the condition has been you could exposure to harm infecting your partner.

Do not douche it may worsen the predicament.

Do not self-medicate yourself with antibiotics try using the BV not at all more treatment.


Home remedies for BV No greater degree of

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider acid can be natural cure to your BV. Simply join a cup or two to your bathing furnish with ~. Mix it thoroughly then bath. Apple cider vinegar is an anti-toxin which kills the toxins that bring into being BV. The vinegar also helps to skirmish the fishy like smell coming gone ~ of the vagina.

Natural Yogurt

Natural yoghurt or which is mostly known as plain yogurt is every effective remedy in getting rid of the BV. Simply take in a cup of yoghurt daily in your meals or you be able to also apply it in your vagina notwithstanding better results. Yogurt assists in eliminating the unclean odor too.


Garlic has antibacterial and some antifungal properties that help in warfare such infections. You can make a paste aloud of the garlic and place it in a circle the vagina or wrap the garlic by a piece of material and place in it inside the vagina for some not forget to remove it. Garlic can help get disencumber of BV.

Tea tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains anti-bacterial properties that be possible to get rid of BV. You can use it applying it around your vagina.


There are herbs like tracheal that eliminate bacteria from the body. These herbs be able to be consumed by boiling it at that time you drink the extract they inclination cleanse your body off the toxins that incitement BV.

Warm water bath

Bath by warm water at least twice in a sunlight it helps to soothe the vaginal tissues and ease the pelvic muscles.


Do enough exercise to enable the body to exclude toxic wastes that could be ruling to BV.

Hydrogen peroxide

Mix a little amount hydrogen period with an equally narrow-minded of water and use it according to douching. Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant consequently it will eradicate the bad bacteria.


Probiotics are pleasant bacteria found in the stomach. They prefer healthy digestion and immunity. Probiotics be able to be naturally obtained from vegetables. Therefore grant that you are suffering from BV it is prudent you consume the vegetables containing these bacteria in such a manner that it can replace the vile bacteria since it is able to boost the liberty.

Find the root cause of the BV

BV handling usually fails because you cannot exist able to tell the root attempt of it.

The natural remedies lawful help in curing the condition still you as an individual should subsist able to give out the reason for the disease.

Root causes of BV could have ~ing as a result of:

Stress- Stress be possible to trigger BV because it causes hormonal imbalance.


Toxins- The carcass could be having toxins that it has failed to get clear of them that provides a conducive environment for the bacteria to thrive in.

Lack of plenty sleep and rest-When the material part lacks enough rest it tends to emit a warning through many forms.

Lifestyle-factors like diet, smoking, shortcoming of exercise and drug abuse alters the habit the body functions therefore giving a chance for the bacteria to grow.

These are right but a few root causes of BV that grant that you consider treating that could be your long term solution.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) No More Review

Many women are sufferance from Bacterial vaginosis infection now and on that account and do not seem to win a long term solution to their problems. Here comes a elucidation that guarantees you a complete gentle from Bacterial vaginosis.

First BV is a indisposition of the vagina caused by imbalance of bacterial vegetable life which lives in the vagina. It is characterized ~ means of fish-like odor, abnormal discharge, itching and pain during sex.

With BV No More you be able to halt all the discomfort, embarrassment and distress that come along with BV inside 3 days depending with the niceness.

BV No More is a counsellor that helps in curing persistent BV free from using any medication like antibiotics. This conduct was developed by a woman, Jennifer O’Brien, who had suffered BV as antidote to almost 9 years and for as~d it worked for her. Therefore its effectiveness cannot be questioned because it did not singly work for her but a myriad other women also a tested to it for example a solution to the fishy smell, grey discharge and pain during sex.

BV No More tackles the take ~ cause for BV ensuring that the sufferer gets treated like soon as possible by giving powerful methods that assist in permanently eliminating the set cause. It also states a call over of things like:

Types of foods that you should waste include in your diet and those that you should avoid.

How you be able to permanently eradicate BV.

Facts about BV, its causes and symptoms.

Ways of cunning your root cause of BV.

The disadvantages of using antibiotics to banquet BV.

BV No More has a tell off of advantages

It is a drawn out-term solution to your suffering.

It without pain and simple and easy to follow since it involves adjusting your lifestyle.

It has been proved to have ~ing effective.

It is 100% natural involves in ~ degree medication.

Have clear instructions that are contented to follow.

BV No More Factsheet

Product Name: Bacterial No More

Product Author: Jennifer O’Brien.

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