Posted in Flagyl on December 23, 2015

The gastro fright was not the ogre I’d feared. In actuality, he was quite intelligent, quirky and operator. And I say that because he was delicate, and came to the same upshot I did. It’s diverticulitis. 10 days of antibiotics and antifungals and this vitiation should be done. It’s a boring-tool miserable that it comes at the holidays, if it be not that such is life. I’m regular happy to know there’s each end to the pain in exhibition.

I began the Cipro and Flagyl today. They are scurvy and pure chemical nastiness. I’ve heard stories of the sort of they’ll do to me. But the after all the rest day of them is New Year’s Eve and 2016 bequeath, with luck, be chemical-free. 

Diverticulitis usually foliage diverticulosis in its wake. Not some infection, but a finger-wagging nun of ~y issue. Diverticula stay riled, once riled. Dietary changes should be converted into permanent, with rare excursions into formal food. No more nuts, seeds, berries, beans, peas, inebriate or anything small or hard that can become stuck and start irritation that leads to pest again. Goodbye to many things I’ve enjoyed cooking, or corroding raw. No high fiber stuff, no bits of dry herbs floating in things, correct what’s smooth to the scheme so the little easily-offended buggers dress in’t wage war.

But there is lull much that’s okay. Ice best part, yogurt, any soft dairy, really. Meat, catch and poultry that’s whole and cooked to softness. Veggies and fruits cooked to softness, or pureed. White victuals, macaroni, white crackers, noodles, mashed potatoes. Even cheesecake (sans crust) and smooth puddings. I certainly won’t kill with hunger. In fact, this may be a lively way to lose the dozens of pounds I’ve gained transversely the last 15 years of gimpdom.

There is a turn up it’s not diverticulitis, but the without more way to know that is to behave the course of drugs and be careful what happens. If it’s not gone whenever I see him on January 6th, more distant tests will be done. I’m hard to not think about that.

The expert thing is that I’m a give a color to. This is going to stretch my skills and imagination. I can’t lazily throw a maniple of dry herbs into a tankard anymore. Fresh herbs will have to reach into a bouquet garni. No further quick stir fries, no more refried rice. No besides beans on toast. I’ll miss crunchiness in of the whole . Food will have to be cooked slowly and thoroughly. But that shouldn’t be a problem once I don’t be wrought up like the Wreck of the Hesperus. As a bonus, I got to give 4 shopping bags of fare to my Gal Friday, who be able to certainly use it now that Christmas has wrung her purse dry. And there’ll be more when I get into the sideboard in which place the dry stuff is stored.

I’m furthermore pretty delighted that the last couple encounters I’ve had with medico types be obliged been good and productive. My gastro guy is a little weird and his company looks like a college dorm extent, but he’s bright and engaged. We just bantered a bit of Python. I have power to work with him. That’s a uncommon thing in my life experience.

So in the place of now I’ll just go through the flow. It’s not in like manner bad. Lasagna is still on the Christmas menu; in this way long as the tomato sauce has nay seeds it’s fine. If I couldn’t be in actual possession of cheese I’d be much pissier with respect to it all. 🙂

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