Posted in Flagyl on December 19, 2015

Boadicea tagged onward for emotional support (and squeezes)

Cannoli’s thyroid is as stubborn as she is.  I up the prescribed portion , her weight improves for a twenty-four hours or two, then drops a fragment.  Then late last week I heard her cry and found a bit of lineage.  We all know what that meant!  Road blunder!

Of course she had a delaying-room-cure.  By the time we arrived at the vet, Cannoli was mark-free.  She even obliged in giving a unsullied urine sample.  Honestly, I’m relieved – ~t one infection, no sludge, no blood.  The conception of having another bladder stone ready pig made me sad.  Cannoli did lengthen a bit of loose stool, in this way we were sent home with some flagyl for a few days.

I may have existence less than happy with Cannoli’s thyroid progress, yet Dr Holmes was thrilled.  She noticed Noli’s layer was softer than before – a sign that the medication is moving.  I pick Noli up at smallest twice a day, but the change must have been gradual enough that I missed it.  So the meds are working, bit by bit.  I was told to augment the dosage again.

In the endure week there’s been no other whimpering, no more blood and I regard… maybe? there has been a illiberal weight gain.  Cannoli had dropped into the 790s ~ the sake of the last week or two, bound she’s been creeping up to 820s all week on the higher dose of methimazole.  If she manages to stay like this a few more days, I may have to enfeeble into a happy dance.

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