Posted in Flagyl on December 24, 2015

The nightfall of my last post, I ended up captivating Pumpkin to the hospital.  Her c.diff came fully positive the next day.  She wearied 5 days inpatient receiving IV steroids, antibiotics and TPN given peripherally.  She started to come around.  When they sent her home they gave her sufficiency antibiotics (Flagyl again) for a gross of 14 days, and put her back in c~tinuance prednisone.  They also increased her 6MP ~ means of 25%.

Since being home she has gained weight from 98 lbs at discharge up to 11l lbs, yesterday!  Her ventral pain has resolved and she is having 1-2 formed or severely stools/day.  She is weaning of the prednisone through 5 mg every 5 days.

She has been slowly increasing her Lamictal and has not had at all more full on seizures, and has had each increase in partial seizures, but those are declining in the same manner with we go up in dose.

Her leg declamatory has come back.

Her face is swollen, through a double chin, and her acne is acquirement pretty noticeable.  These things we characteristic symbol to her prednisone.

About half of her hair has reach out, probably due to all her weight.  She thinks it has stopped coming out, however.

Yesterday we went to followup through the GI doctor.  She wants to feel if her adjustment of 6MP has resolved her moot point and is not planning on putting her without ceasing a biologic yet.  She promised that grant that Pumpkin flares again she won’t compose us run the gammet again, except will change her medication right absent.  Pumpkin was pretty distraught encircling this because she doesn’t poverty to have to get bad another time.

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