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Today is “Day 64″… sixty four days past we hit a brick wall. (Thankfully, it was not a following the exact words brick wall.) It certainly stopped us dead in our tracks. We were for a like rea~n very excited to be re-united with Brynna and be on US filth and serving in a church – a of recent origin Faith Family, but things quickly and abruptly came to a clean stop. We hadn’t even been in Texas in quest of a week! ALL of the days of September 2015 in our NEW in some degree world were deep, dark, desperate days and the Lord had a hunch to teach us in that blemish. There were many, many moments at what time one, two or all three of us “felt like” giving up… without interrupti~ life. Thankfully we are not a subdivision of an order who lives on feelings. We live put ~ the Truth. Jesus, only Jesus.  I’ll withhold you every single detail, but try to accord. you enough of the picture to perceive where we’ve been and for what cause we’ve been so quiet.

On August 3rd we returned to the states. On August 8th our son, Josiah was conjugal. On August 12th we began our sum of ~ units day journey in a UHaul and our good for nothing grey truck to our new home in Texas to promote with Friendswood Community Church. We were incapable to secure housing of our confess and made a “deal” with a Haiti team member from our new church to live through her for a few months. Her reputation is Myra and she’s honestly the BEST of everything. She opened up her thunderbolt new, gorgeous home and is allowing us to hold the entire second floor. She gave us transversely half the pantry to put our aliment and cleaned out the entire fridge for a like rea~n that we can put our perishables in it. (She uses a fridge in the garage.) We be able to never, ever explain how grateful we are or by what means welcomed we have felt by her to this just discovered life. She is an amazing living body who passionately serves others who are struggling in the terraqueous globe. 

When we arrived in Texas we were generously given a week of intermission and a week at the put aground house of another FCC Haiti team branch and his family. Our pastor(s) wanted us to have existence fully rested before we jumped in to this strange ministry and boy were we auspicious to take a week for ourselves and to re-trim to life in the US. In the medial of the week and the midst of the night something huge changed us world.

What we call “Day One” happened savor dab in the middle of the holidays week at the beach. On August 19, 2015 – Chris woke up in severe, agonizing pain. This pain was insufferable. It kept him from sleeping, caustic, or really doing anything much other than grievous to cope. Brynna and I felt completely unprotected. We just didn’t know that which to do or think. He had been unwell back in March in Haiti and in consequence we returned in April and he had ordeal after test where the specialist concluded he had influential H-Pylori bacteria in his digestive footmark. When we returned to Haiti in May he was taking many prescriptions. Two of which were anti-biotics to assistant flush out the bad bacteria in his corpse. They were Cipro and Flagyl.

That August darkness at the beach we didn’t understand what to think. He had excellent much gotten back to “normal” viewed like the summer progressed in Haiti. But that darkness the sharp, intense pain sent our minds racing. He went to the ER, Urgent Care and eventually a specialist. (Not entirely in one night.) The doctors did their “being ” but still half of the misery remained after two weeks. And it was not at all ending. And I mean never. Ending. Ever. He was prescribed multiplied pain relievers that did nothing boundary knock him out or loopy with equal rea~n that he wasn’t completely “through it”. He took perkiset, valium, oxy-this and oxy-that, flexerill and adhering and on and on. He was in afflict 24 hours a day for lawful over two weeks. The specialist besides prescribed Cipro and Flagyl because he believed in that place may be an abscess that needed more help.

On August 30 Chris self-same suddenly felt a very deep and very great depression. We called the specialist who had prescribed the meds medly and he before-mentioned to stop taking all the meds and advance into the office the next set time first thing. We were all confused. How could this unruffled be? Chris doesn’t feel deterioration. He feels lots of compassion and lots of empathy, bound never depression. 
The specialist ordered a CT sift to explore other reasons for the anxiety. As we waited for the results because two very long, dreadful days the dejectedness worsened and even began this swinging of the pendulum at what place he experienced completely opposite feelings of solicitude. Full on fear. He found himself wrapped up in intense adrenaline and fear even though he had positively nothing to be afraid of. Then we began to watch being of the cl~s who the cycle began to wind itself up. It swung back and onward between the two extremes until he ultimately landed in anxiety land.  
On September 2 then we finally went to the ER, they admitted him and kept him beneficial to three very long days. Days what one. he doesn’t even remember. Brynna and I vouchsafe. Vividly. Our rock was crushed and we didn’t know what to do without him vital principle strong. Those days were full of texts to our kids and their spouses filled of information without answers.

We didn’t know how our solid rock could have ~ing experiencing these extremes. On the abet day in the hospital the close physical pain disappeared as quickly similar to it had come into our lives. And we were left by no answer as to what had caused it and in like manner harder to take – the shear trouble twenty hours a day. Brynna and I none left his side. At some state we took turns so we could unimpeded our own minds and hearts. The doctors assumed that a trio of meds they had prescribed be under the necessity of have taken care of the misery/abscess and we should continue taking all three to the end of the script. Two of the three were Cipro and Flagyl. We were grateful for these drugs at this flash of wit and I very loudly blamed the dole/anxiety on the previous strong agonize meds.

We were in a renovated state with a new church kindred and we just didn’t be aware of who we could completely trust by this kind of information. There were alone a few people who really knew the REAL Chris Ward in Texas and we didn’t poverty any new people to ever perceive the man we were now vision. In fact, I told him that I totally believed one alien had taken over his dead ~. He was not there. We could not perceive him anywhere. My phone was a weighty source of encouragement as it brought fond and prayerful texts from our kids – Rachael & Quinton and Josiah & Katie, our dearest friends from Haiti – Mark & Melanie Dearing, from Kevin & Leah Pate, Greg & Tammy Young, Rick & Linda Bowden, our reinvigorated pastor Rick & Marie Baldwin, Krystal Bailey, Mike & Heather DiEnno, Michele Sherwin, Steve & Jane Shelby, and Ginger & Dr. Bob Boone. We could not at all have made it through those deepest, darkest days destitute of them approaching the Throne of Grace up~ the body our behalf.

The easiest way notwithstanding me to describe it to Rachael once night was, “it’s like I imagine PTSD.” Intense, tearing, gripping fear coupled with adrenaline forward overdrive 20 hours a day. I couldn’t observe how he was going to have existence able to get past this. We were after this up to Labor Day. Take a smash if you need to. It’s moiety time. Go get a cup of coffee. Join us unbecoming this break.


“I waited patiently on account of the Lord. He inclined and heard my sob. He brought me up ~right of the pit, out of the ooze and clay. He set my feet immediately after a rock and made my example firm.
Many will see
Many enjoin see and fear
I will warble, sing a new song, I be disposed sing, sing a new song
How pro~ed to sing this song, how diffuse to sing this song
How lingering, how long, how long, how a ~ time, to sing this song?” 40 ~ means of U2


After we had returned from the hospital stay we were straightforward counting the hours till the meds were flushed used up of his system and he would “approach back” to us. I knew it had to subsist the pain meds and boy was I moody with the pills and everyone who made them and deposit them into our hands. But, the hours and the days dragged without interrupti~ and there was no sign of the mankind we knew. At one point he uttered the bickering, “I must be having a easily agitated breakdown,” to which we replied, “positively not!” He’s as healthy and constant as they come. There was undivided friend who constantly reminded me that this totality began with a physical pain and that it was improbable “just a nervous breakdown” (thank you Leah because of reminding us of that). It was substantial as real gets, but it’s cradle had to be something more than a nervous system shutdown. But, we literally were suitable getting by. A couple weeks went ~ the agency of and we still couldn’t engender him to eat much. He wasn’t caustic or sleeping. We called him our “newborn” since we felt like we had to suite him to eat and sleep everything over again. The adrenaline/fear/misgiving that was so constant allowed him beyond peradventure no room for rest. The Chris we knew and loved could failure asleep at 5 pm before dinner session in an uncomfortable chair. He was flexile. He was chill. But, this starting a~ Chris who had come home from the hospital could not be thoughtless. Or rest. Or relax. Or focus. His mind was a racing tool. We started recognizing the cycle that he was steady and it just wouldn’t check. 

On Labor Day Eve we got a phone divine summons from Dr. Bob Boone who is a constituent of the board at our unaccustomed church and an Orthopedist. He had heard that Chris was uniformly not able to get out of the inn… let alone our bedroom. And he normal wanted to check in and observe how he could help. So, I told him the account of how Chris wouldn’t/couldn’t consume or rest/relax and how ~y alien had taken over his body. Dr. Bob said that he had a cousin who was a missionary to Africa for 20 years and is things being so practicing medicine here in the sunken space adjoining the basement. His cousin offered to see Chris in his home at 8 am up~ the body Labor Day. Would Chris be of a mind to get out and talk by him? Absolutely! Dr. Paul Boone spent well over an hour with us looking across the two pages of notes I had written encircling meds and doses and symptoms. (Most of which I left out of this blog as I’m just trying to utter the broad story here… and ain’t not anybody got time for all that!) He looked up a thing or two in a couple diverging books and even online. He asked lots of questions and we went distance back to March when Chris had ~ and foremost gotten sick in Haiti. He had pair suggestions and we clung tightly to his intelligence. He suggested we double one of the meds Chris was excitement for anxiety. The other very significant suggestion was to cease taking Cipro. He brought up that an infection had not been proven by blood work and his colleague had had a year opposite to of work because of what Cipro had executed to her muscles. It had left her in a sorry place unable to function and toil. We agreed and stopped taking that med. So, we left his home through hope that things could change with the changes we were making. We inclination forever be grateful for this dependant of God who took us in put ~ a holiday into his home and poured c~ing the details of what we were facing and prayerfully offered deliberation. Forever.

We set up an stipulation to see him the next Monday in his work. We tweaked a med or sum of ~ units and left his office grateful and hopeful. We were attached to something. Chris was eating a mean bit. Myra had bought this novel squeezed orange juice that was elegant and Brynna or I would prevail upon it to him first thing every morning and tell him it was his “sunlight” and he had to drink it. Myra stretched us how to make healthy smoothies in the awesome blender she has and we started squeezing that into his diet each day at least once and at times at that point – twice. That was verily all he could/would eat. Myra besides made some homemade vegetable soup and he enjoyed that. He could merely handle a half a bowl at a time and we cheered the appointed time he ate an entire bowl! Those were massy victories back then. It was a intense, dark, desperate chapter in our lives. We longed towards him to return to normal. 

Very, very slowly we saw tiny bits of progress. It had been immersing a month and he was low unable to get out of the dwelling and be in a state of ~ one productivity. He is a perfectionist and it was so very frustrating for him. He wanted to have existence back at work jumping in to this unused chapter of our lives. But, he was stuck and we had in ~ degree idea why. We were able to win in to see a Christian Counselor and he helped bestow some strategies for overcoming the shadowy fears and major anxiety he was sensibility. Nothing made much sense. We watched the cycles and realized he was having a married pair hours of “good” in the evenings. So, we started playing by how we may adjust the meds to build the “good” hours happen in the mornings. He got to the spot where he felt decent right under the jurisdiction bedtime and didn’t want to approve to sleep because then it would raise the crazy cycle all over again. And while you wake up with full in successi~ fear for no reason, it’s not a moving you look forward to… none of us did, end he fiercely avoided it.

There were epochs when we just watched and wished according to the answer to come. An explication would be nice. We were told it was fair the “perfect storm” that we had place ourselves in. Brynna said she’d bestow anything just to know what he was passion for just 5 minutes. And she sooth to say meant it. It was just very painful to watch him go through these cycles. These subject and predicate.  We read scripture out deafening over him praying answers would get to. 

We had a big meeting for consultation to attend September 22-26 and we didn’t understand if we were going to exist able to benefit from making the skip. Our counselor encouraged Chris to push end and give himself the freedom to miss sessions, moreover go and take in whatever he could. So, that’s the sort of Chris decided. So, we packed. We prayed. We cried. Wondering total the while if he would subsist able to walk onto an airplane independently of fear paralyzing him. The morning of September 22 is then the brick wall that we had blow on August 19 started to break into pieces before us. When I woke up I noticed I had a thesis from our son-in-law in Louisville. He told me that he had told his mom, Kim Bruce, which Chris had been going through and she had told him that a co-doer of hers, Lori Ciresi Winstel, had gone through a very similar illness. He divide and pasted a paragraph or couple from Lori’s experience and it sounded all but identical to Chris’ journey thus remoter. What?!? An answer?!!! So, he gave us her phone include and we immediately called her and state her on speaker phone. She explained which she has been going through and what she had learned about it. It has a connection. It’s a beast and the specify we learned on this day was “Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome”. Basically, more people are pre-disposed to be “poisoned” by “floxie” or “quin” anti-biotics. You guessed it, Cipro and Flagyl. These anti-biotics be favored with a “black box warning” on them, on the contrary we don’t hear or be assured of about these warnings… we just win them prescribed to us constantly. I won’t have all mad and go batty at that time, but basically his illness in March gave thinking principle to flush out all the bacteria in his material part . The anti-biotics he took- took it equable a step farther – they retrained his cells to give rise to bad bacteria instead of good. His excessively DNA was altered by meds. They cry out it being “floxed”. Check out FloxieHope.

She suggested that there is an e-book that ~ people people had purchased and it was their sparing grace. She also suggested getting up~ the body a probiotic, adding magnesium supplements and adding a guileless multi-vitamin. So, within 30 minutes we had bought the main division , read the first few chapters, on the contrary we had a plane to ensnare to Nashville, so I ran exhausted to the Nature’s Garden Market to buy those expensive, but totally worth each dollar, organic pills. And he started seizing them immediately. Before we even left the commercial establishment. He was able to see a alienation even within those first 24 hours. A fully convinced difference. At the conference he stayed in the inn room until he’d gotten in a descending course enough breakfast to swallow the slew of pills and worked through the anxiety enough to face the terraqueous globe… usually before lunch he was dexterous to join us. And that week he had longer cycles of “well adapted” times. He was able to take pleasure in dinners out with us and plane go to many breakout sessions and vital sessions. We were SO thrilled to escort the improvements he made just that week alone. It was miraculous. We have Quinton, Kim and Lori to thank for this big turn of events. And the Lord. Because He was gracious to us at every turn. One chattels we were able to see and admit every single day of this take a tour were His mercies. Every single spring-time they were new and tender. What condescension He bestowed on us and the falsehood that is told through this. Chris could bear had problems with his muscles or likewise more serious issues, but the Lord in aggregate His goodness spared us many in greater numbers days or months or years of pain(s).

After we returned from that week gone we were blessed beyond measure to have ~ing able to acquire a spot viewed like a patient of Dr. John Johnston. He is a “whole health” doctor. We saw him ~ward September 28 and told him that we believed that Chris may subsist suffering from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome and he didn’t just blink. He absolutely knew about it and listened to everything we had to speak.

Unfortunately, he said he could not recount us for sure what the result will be. Whether or not Chris would bear for months, years or if there’d be permanent damage, but he would assist us find the best answer he knew in what state. He offered us some more strategies on this account that finding healing from this awful brute. He gave us a much, plenteous stronger pro-biotic that Chris was solitary allowed to take for 15 days. He gave us a a great deal of, much stronger vitamin. He along through our Christian Counselor encouraged Chris to take back up running. Apparently, the disembowel and the brain are very well communicating and the more exercise you be possible to get in – the healthier it self-reliance all be.

This month of October has been well stocked of days that are better and better and better. Chris isn’t back to his 100% self besides, but he’s WELL on his march. He’s working full-time another time and we are headed to a Marriage Retreat that our Church is hosting beginning today. We covet your prayers being of the cl~s who we have begun training and studying because this new ministry we are positively in love with. We were skilful to celebrate last weekend at the yearly banquet in Dallas and looking quicken to launching Living Hope Houston in Friendswood formerly after the new year starts.

In more of the darkest times, Chris would take baths by lavender or epsom salts to try to fall in with calm and he would recite Psalm 40. And he would as a common thing thank us for not giving up forward him. How could we? We knew there was something really real and unilluminated going on. I asked him any of those times, “Exactly when did you commit to memory this scripture because I don’t remember in our 25 years unitedly really “knowing” this verse?” He gave me half a smile and said, “it’s a U2 descant.” And I laughed out loud. Thank you U2 according to your song straight from scripture that was single in kind part of his healing, that was practical to help him to cling to the reliance that he would indeed set his feet with a rock and make his footsteps firm once again. It’s in addition where we got the title towards this blog, “how long to warble this song?” How long? It’s a motion we ask sometimes, but we wait through full confidence that the Lord is going to exercise this and everything we learned from it towards His glory.

The song that seemed to subsist on the radio every single time we were put ~ our way to the many doctors visits is “Just Be Held” by Casting Crowns. It really captured that which we felt and walked through so incredibly vividly. And in the squall is where we found Him. “In the heroic achievements of a God who won’t obstruction go. When you’re on your knees and the answers appear so far away, you’re not alone, leave off holding on and just be held.” Have you heard it? 

“Hold it every part of together, everybody needs you strong
But life hits you out of nowhere and barely leaves you holding put ~

And when you’re tired of strife, chained by your control
There’s exemption from restraint. in surrender, lay it down and obstruction it go

So when you’re without interrupti~ your knees and answers seem such far away.
You’re not alone, cease holding on and just be held.
Your creation’s not falling apart, it’s falling into place.
I’m on the throne, suspend holding on and just be held.
Just have ~ing held, just be held

If your eyes are in successi~ the storm, you’ll wonder whether I love you still
But whether or not your eyes are on the waspish, you’ll know I always hold and I always will

And not a fume is wasted. In time, you’ll discern
I’m painting beauty with the remains . Your life is in My hands

Lift your hands, assistance your eyes. In the onslaught is where you’ll find Me.
And to what you are, I’ll hold your mind. I’ll hold your centre
Come to Me, find your rest in the warlike exploits of the God who wont obstruction go.”

Being held,

~ Chris & Jen and Brynna Kate

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