Posted in Flagyl on December 11, 2015

I came from one side of to the other two articles recently which highlighted neurological complications of metronidazole I was before unaware of.

321-Metronidazole by Chris on Flikr. by Chris up~ the body Flikr.

The earliest is a case report of metronidazole-induced encephalopathy in the magazine Neurocritical Care. I admit I single read the abstract and the guide word there is involvement of the toothed nuclei.

Metronidazole by Chris on Flikr. by Chris on Flikr.

The assistant case report is of metronidazole-induced ataxia in the periodical Movement Disorders. Such an excellent daily register but quite stingy with their abstracts; I had to compose do with just the headline this time.

These are the sooner uncommon side-effects and should not deter from prescribing metronidazole. But it is due worth looking more carefully at that medication bound if your next patient  has unexplained encephalopathy or ataxia.

Along with promoting constant pain symptoms, drugs efficacy bring about potentially risky side movables or become an addiction.

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