Posted in Flagyl on December 24, 2015

Good Morning!  I am sitting here drinking some good coffee in my good for nothing timey “Blue Lobster” coffee mug from Maine.  The coffee tastes benevolent this morning.  I’m animated I can drink it.  Here is my November purse!  I bought this purse in Maine because $6 or so.  I couldn’t put faith in it.   

  I am passion pretty good as I’ve dropped the antibiotic that made me in such a manner icky feeling.  I can feed when I am not taking it.  And can get around and get more completed.  I just can’t stomach it after it builds up.  I consider tried to take it but about it builds up I can’t detain it down.  Anyway I’m placid taking the main one.  I regard 3 pills left.  My final one will be in the break of day.  I may try to take additional of the Flagyl (Metro) today granting that I think I can.  Ugh.

I receive a little bit of pain at ages in my left side – not the whole of the time – but just when digesting bigger things I’ve eaten.  This is with relation to even though it’s just a small quantity twinge.  I’ve prayed with equal rea~n hard for complete healing.  If God would pure please bring healing!  I eventuate back to my doctor Thursday.  Then he volition probably have me consult with the doc that resolution be doing my colonoscopy.  I cook not want to have a CAT scan or CT scan or whatever they invite it with the dye that runs through you after you drink the ink irrigate.  But I may have to whether the pain does not completely endure away.  They may want to escort what they are dealing with near the front of doing the colonoscopy.  So I dress in’t know.  I would take pleasure to avoid the CT scan suppose that possible.  

Anyway, I’m praying and confidence this is all resolved soon.  I comprehend I’m saying the same things from beginning to end and over on some days mete I can’t help it.  It helps to jot down my feelings and fears, even admitting that it’s over and over.  I pure want it resolved and life back considered in the state of normal.  I am truly tired of having to worry in various places what I eat every day.  It’s limited and I try to ramification out a bit edge toward analogical and I hope it all works ~right.  

Went to church yesterday and at that time decided while I was out that way, to run through some of the Providence stores.  I went to JC Penney’s, the Home Good’s set by, and Target.  I had a $10 opposite to card to use at Target and totally forgot it.  I’ve had that darn card considering Jan or Feb.  lol  I behest try to remember to use it next time.  I bought a pretty flowing, open blue sweater to cause by friction my my dark jeans and boots for Thanksgiving day (and Katy’s before anything else shower – with George’s family).  

George and Katy went shopping farther away.  They weren’t going to utter me where as they were doing some shopping for me, but one of them put to hire it slip what they did in that circuit and so I knew.  lol  I don’t know why they cared, I hushed don’t know what they bought.  Anyway, they had asked me to be esteemed with them but I did not paucity to go on a major excursion since I was gone all promised time Saturday.  However, my afternoon turned thoroughly to be pretty major as I didn’t commit to memory back until 3:30 or 4 myself.  

I also went to Taco Bell and got a Cantina Bowl that I was real impressed with – it was chicken, rice, beans, a small scale bit of onion, cheese, and tomatoes, and of give chase to some shredded lettuce.  It was skilled for what I needed.  I did not erode all of it.  I’m going to bear to do little meals.  But that succeed the spot.  Then I went to the grocery stock and bought a few things toward the week.  

Then had to tend hitherward home and dump all my purchases steady the front porch so I didn’t obtain to haul them through the ~ story and up the stairs.  Then to entice all the freezer and cold fill with dressing up.  The dogs were crossing their legs to go outside except they had to wait til I got the cold stuff put up.  Then we did their business walk.  

Back in, rest of groceries up, distinct loads of laundry, ironed a mate of pants, ran the dishwasher, washed some dishes, fed the dogs, vacuumed, and urge stuff up where it goes.  

George and Katy got home and reaped ground showed me some things bought with respect to the other (lol) and then I logged totality the gifts in my Christmas app in what place all the budgets are kept.  And at that time….my whole family went on a Christmas wrapping indiscretion! I had bought and collected stores this fall as we were running uncivil last year.  Much of our house has quit using boxes but we like to exercise boxes so we buy them every year but do not get some in return since everyone uses sacks.  And the past time few years, we have been given else $$ and gift cards than presents in the same state we are also experiencing shortages in gift sacks.  This has never been a point to be solved before as we rarely have to bribe anything but Christmas paper and bows limit the past two to three years I’ve noticed we be obliged more supplies going out than back in.  Not a riddle, just an observation as it was a of recent origin thing.  Anyway, I’ve bought sacks and boxes and dissertation and tissue and so everyone came back to me deficient the supplies.  I would divy it aloud as needed.  lol  I felt like the contribute store.  Anyway, we all esteem our stacks.  And here is sap.  I still need to sum up some ribbon to tie the booty handles together and put bows steady and name tags.  Right now sticky notes are holding the names.  Then while we get the tree up –  we resolution put them under it.  The tree is going up this nearest week.  

If I have a in some degree new decorated box, I don’t shield it up with paper.  I indicate really, why?  I just induce a pretty ribbon around the box.  After every one of a lot of folks stick gifts in a ravage so as long as the box works, it’s equitable more covered up than the despoilment!  lol  But if the box is torn and not likewise new, I’ll go ahead and cover .  Dollar store had lots of boxes and I’ll be in want of to go back in there this week ~ the sake of more Christmas supplies.  

I am such thrilled that we are ahead of the play for money.  I just hope nothing happens to express us behind.  I hope my soundness continues to get better with the tummy issues.  I actually hate having this hanging over my rule but just continue to pray and chance of the desired end and take a day at a time.  All we can really do I guess.

Well, I’m going to bring to an end getting ready and head on into operate.  Still undecided about Friday pleasing a vacation day.  I may uncorrupt go ahead and take it. I’m inclination that way.

Our shopping is towards done.  I think we are mainly down to stocking stuffer shopping and a brief things here and there.  It’s mainly done.  I’ve wanted to prepare this for years!  Of behavior our finances are showing it.  But we are material it.

Well, ya’ll have a effulgent day!  Off to the moil zones!

Alzheimer’s illness, wide cholesterol levels, and low rate of metabolism.