Posted in Flagyl on December 8, 2015

0 Hi! leading I must say I enjoy this position I’ve learned so much from you altogether, Thank you!

I’m a non-traditionary student (age 52) my kids are completely grown and I decided to fashion back to school. I’ll subsist graduating in May 2016 with my BSN and I dress in’t know where I want to observe my capstone or where I poverty to work after graduation. I’m at the modest age, but had the opportunity to increase my degree and have a better future, so I chose nursing.

Nursing denomination has been very stressful for me! tot~y the assignments, papers, care plans, exams, simulations, canvassing posts, medical concepts, etc !!! I’ve developed anxiety issues and chronic head aches from the force combined with going through menopause. I be hostile to the stress that nursing school brings moreover enjoy some of the clinical experiences.

I be in need of to be a nurse so I can give back and make life a minute better for others. But, I put on’t want to work in a eminent acuity, high stress, long hours, back rupture area (ER, OR, Med-Surg, ICU, L&D…) hence, I’m considering home health, institute nurse, postpartum or PACU. I’ve wearied a day with a school suckle and a few days in a originating baby unit/lactation and enjoyed them one as well as the other.

I need to chose my capstone and I’m considering school nursing, PACU or Home Health. (Our program won’t concede postpartum because I’ve already had that definite space as a clinical experience).

My interrogatory is, what do you think would subsist a good fit for someone my time of life, being an introvert,I like order and structure, very organized, love kids (I raised 4)…I like the hours and summers opposite to that come with being a discipline nurse, it would allow me to journeying with my hubby and visit meet with my kids. The down side is the income is very low $35K a year and I’m haunted with fear I’ll be bored. I like the self-legislation that being a home health allows, no more than I’m afraid the patient acuity may have existence too much for me. I’d raise the value of your thoughts…

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