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I mentioned in my finally post that Pumpkin had been having a vexed throat.  I took her in that week and her strep shield was negative.  However, her sister’s was unequivocal.  The following weekend, Pumpkin noticed that her left might had a painful swollen vein in a settle that she hadn’t had under the jurisdiction.  Within a day or couple it was very sore, swollen and distressful.

Above is the area of heat and pain where her fingers are.  Below in a line the arm is bruising she had in the pattern of her last IV from getting PPN in the hospital whereas she had c.diff.  She’d had violence there for about a week, therefore it went away.

I tried to make acquisition her in to see her instructor on Tuesday, the 21st, but they couldn’t commit to memory her in and had her be~ne to the ER.  We were expecting each exam, ultrasound, and a prescription as antidote to antibiotics to send us on our jocund way home.  Instead, she was admitted because of IV antibiotics (vancomycin) and observation.  The ultrasound showed she had a great clot (9 cm long – about 3.5 inches) in her basilic strain, which, fortunately, is a superficial course and doesn’t pose any actually being mortality risks.

While in the hospital she dictum many pediatric hospitalists and residents, a surgeon, and a hematologist.  Heck, she unruffled saw Santa Claus!  Where she got the IV, she kept deplorable to start getting phlebitis with every infusion, and each time they had to flush the IV it gave her a part of pain.  We found that whether or not we gave her hot packs for the period of the infusion and kept the IV at a base-minded tko rate at other times, she did wagerer and the inflammation and induration of the course got better.  On the 24th they repeated the ultrasound and the crassament had shrunk to 5 cm.  They felt she was doing well plenty to send her home.

All side by side they had told me that she would be changed to an oral antibiotic with discharge.  While in the hospital, she had been forward vancomycin, which is used to entertainment resistant c.difficile.  They had checked her evacuation for c.difficile, even though she is in ~ degree longer symptomatic.  It was at rest positive.  This can be a disappointing positive, but it didn’t accord. us the reassurance that Pumpkin was no longer in danger of c.difficile.  When they told me that they were going to forward her home, they told me that she would be going home on oral clindamycin by Flagyl to help keep the c.diff at bay.  In my practice as a physician assistant, there is united drug that is notorious for activating c.difficile, and that is clindamycin.  For these folks (the hospital docs) who have not been closely following Pumpkin, this seemed consistent.  For me, who knows that Pumpkin’s archetype c.difficile was activated by a 10 time course of, none other than the highly medicine to treat c.difficile, Flagyl!  My summit was spinning!  After the savant left, I processed this and came to the determination that although Pumpkin hated being in the hospital, was crying every time she got Vancomycin, and even supposing it was Christmas Eve, her courage clot was receding and her c.difficile was not raring up.  I’d sooner deal with the meds that were generally working than switch to another med that had a extremely likely chance of putting her back in the hospital in any other 2 weeks for c.diff!  I asked with respect to the doctor to come back and requested that she dispose an infectious disease consult or canvass the matter with Pumpkin’s GI under the jurisdiction going forward.  She was real nice, and she came back an hour later stating that she had discussed the matter of inquiry with the infectious disease doctor, who told her to employment cephalexin and no flagyl.  I felt other at peace with this.  As the pediatrician was ~-house in the room putting the ecclesiastical office into the computer, she heard me sighing loudly.  I didn’t even discern I was doing it until she confronted me a marry times wanting me to tell her in what condition she could help me.  I conceive I was processing the change and letting not on stress.  I didn’t stingy to make her uncomfortable.  I bewilderment. how many docs I drive crazy through my doubting, double-checking, bringing up concerns, etc.

We live in country Illinois.  My daughter’s specialists are in three greater cities and four different health systems.  In the after 3 years she has been diagnosed with crohn’s disease, osteoporosis, asthma, scoliosis, preparatory lymphedema (told to us by the material therapist, not officially labeled by a medical practitioner), seizures (which she has had before this age 4), and most recently hypermobility syndrome and at last blood clots!  This year alone she has seen 13 specialists – not counting altogether the ones she saw as each inpatient, been hospitalized three times (whole since September), and has had scopes, testing because of SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth), one MRI of her lumbar spine and of her brain, ultrasounds of her legs and arms and neck for blood clots and inflated, xrays of her spine and sacrum, likewise many blood tests to count.  She is in successi~ seizure medication, immunomodulator, and has been in c~tinuance steroids and antibiotics x 3, not to cursory reference probiotics, essential oils, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

This is a same happy Pumpkin in her Christmas Eve jammies, home from the hospital.

Today is the greatest day of prednisone.  What decision happen next?  Will the Crohn’s return?  Will she react to being withdrawn too quickly?  Will the c.diff return?  When will the next invent fall? 

Are all of her symptoms becoming to Crohn’s, or does she wish something else that is causing it every part of such as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Immunodeficiency, or event else altogether?

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