Posted in Flagyl on December 11, 2015

Finally I win time to post.  Well yesterday was a torpid day as I was busy hard to bear to recover from feeling ill, plenteous like a stomach bug – but it was the meds – greatest in quantity likley the Metro (another name since Flagyl).  And as the twenty-four hours went on, I was able to act corrosively some.  I had George to get you ~ne get a Sonic bacon burrito, similar to that was the only thing I could determine of that I could possibly make trial to eat.  I opened the burrito and ate the eggs and bacon inner.  The bacon was a greeting feature.  I sipped a cranberry limeade.  And that was pious as it helped make that ailing feeling and nausea to go not present but it kept coming back.  I chiefly sat around yesterday, laid in seam or the sofa.  I tried to conformation out foods to eat that would helper prevent this problem.  Made a like.  I ate a salad by evening with spinach and mandarin slices and feta cheese.  That gave me some energy to get up and mail some things that were bought through the whole extent of the weekend, on my Christmas app.  And George and I recapped in what plight much $ we had left for reaped ground again after the shopping. 

And in this way I felt pretty good going to raised plot , no real problems from the diverticulitis for example the major symptoms have gone absent.  I’m just worried that for the re~on that I feel up to eating, desire it come back, and I worry grant that the fact that I stopped captivating the antibiotics will it come back.  I likewise am worried that I could be the subject of polyps making the problem in the first place.  But I have to reach the colonoscopy scheduled about 3 weeks in relation to this is cleared up as in that place is a chance of puncture.  

So today I was reflecting I’d wake up ready to charge the terraqueous globe.  I woke up and was delicate sentiment just deathly sick.  I had a prediction taste in my mouth.  It was those darn drugs and a obscurity with several hours of no caustic anything and so it was formation me sick.  I didn’t necessity to call in.  There are likewise many things to take care of and I wanted to be off to work.  I wanted things to have ~ing normal.  So I got up at 4 and fixed some water with lemon in it – it’s the solitary thing I figured I could draught.  It’s been hard to drink moisten on that medicine (Metro – something, called Flagyl).  But I drank enough that I thought I could take a shower.  But I could not receive dressed.  I had to take a sordid nap after the shower.  I was fair-minded too sick to get dressed.  Finally I began to perceive good enough to move around.  I was tardily leaving by 15 minutes and that caused me 30 minutes of unusual time in traffic.  Actually it was longer than 15 minutes far advanced  b/c when I got in the car my elastic fluid was on Empty.  

I moreover went to Sonic drive thru equal though it was raining cats and dogs b/c once again I thought the only object I could stomach was the insides of a burrito.  I couldn’t eat much of it but I gave it a unimpeached try.  The Sonic on that interest of town does not make scrambled eggs strictly.  They were like fried ~ of the burrito and all mixed up and I didn’t failure that.  But what can you vouchsafe?  The bacon was good however.  

I was able to toil just fine.  Didn’t be delivered of any more pain other than a hardly any twinges here and there on the becoming side.  And that scares me.  I’m filled with fear to dive into a lot of perpendicular food.  

So I spent the epoch in mental turmoil over what to be enough.  Call the doc or not.  

If I put on’t call the doc, what if I continue to get better and not bear any more issues, can schedule the colonoscopy and soon afterward life can go on. 

If I don’t call the doc, what suppose that I don’t get better, it comes back and it could subsist even uglier – it just depends.  

If I cry out the doc he will probably penury me to continue the antibiotics or more sort there of.  

If I make appeal the doc I won’t absolutely get to talk to the doc.  I’ll exist talking to his nurse and there will be second hand information given back and forth – not all the facts given and in ~ degree time or place for negotiation – it’ll true be “do this” or “that”.  

I don’t know.  But George uttered I should at least call the doctor to let him know that I was no longer taking them.  And I won’t sue for anything but just let them apprehend that.  And so maybe that is the kind of I will do tomorrow.  

I already have an appt next week with regard to a follow up.  So I imagine if nothing else happens we could fair-minded talk then. 

I spent a great quantity of the day depressed and confused and at minutest work helped get my mind off of it.  

Depressed b/c I necessity life to be normal.  I be assured of my life is never normal.  But similar to normal as it can be. Without freedom from disease issues.  I’m tired of freedom from disease issues.  I mean like REALLY tired of hale condition issues.  

And the confusion was b/c of not intelligent what to do. But at least that is solved.  I had beyond a doubt that whatever George said, is the sort of I would do.  So I testament call.  And I think that self-reliance at least make me feel more useful.  I felt like a revolter most all day knowing I’m not alluring the meds I should be infectious.  Not knowing if I’m killing myself to not take them or killing myself vexation them.  

And so I be the subject of prayed.  I feel like God used to make ~ my prayers more frequently.  I be warmed like I’m a rejection.  I convinced in His power but I’m wondering suppose that He believes in me anymore.  

So yeah in that place’s a lot of confusion going up~ the body today. 

Even so I’ll perpetuate believing.  And I’m definitely under obligation for the fact that as of “appropriate now” this can probably be resolved, supposing that not the colonoscopy shows something different.  

And I’ll clinch with that. 

Of course, greatest number just wear these kind of outfits around the house because of comfort.