Posted in Flagyl on January 1, 2016

Visiting was throughout and with our bloated up tummies Gogzy, Olamide and I had ~t any just reason for going to med. except we did ! We actually asked the nurses instead of flagyl like we knew what it was because of !
Walking back to dorm we saying two suncom guards with their whistles and Koboko , at ~ and foremost we thought we had security excepting when they started chasing us…. Gogzy didn’t just chill for us , she took not upon , Olamide said nothing too and ran ! I was the in conclusion person left , I had honestly at no time seen Koboko in my life yet I was sure that was it ! By the time I took done it was almost too late excepting the guards turned round ! We every one of stopped running and started laughing hither and thither how we would have been trite until we saw them bailing from large-minded walk coming down ! The food was too much for me to run anew so I started hopping like sedate hopping …. I turned myself into a rabbit ! When we got to dorm the at the outset thing Gogzy did was her bathing and prayer ! Mehhn I thanked God in like manner much !
After sometime we regretted running inducement all the food we had in was gone goal all I could think of was the guards flogging me gravely with the Koboko !

Few weeks later Nadine and I left dorm at 8 to stint ! But on getting to class the guards there were not two or three sef ! They were up to 11 ! I not quite started crying ! Nadine Igbo girl state in language her iPod in her breast told me to take out my shoes and at the cast of three we took off! She left me at the back of and I was just screaming ‘ ouch ! My leg! The stones ! Oh none ! Shit ! Nadine chill for me naaw’ !
After this I knew God was giving me a sign ! I prayed like not at all before! Nadine entered dorm like things were ordinary , I was panting so badly Mrs. Idowu shook her govern like I just had sex and I was running back !

my adventures ended whenever the set of 2014 graduated excepting this faithful evening I had to turn out to med. ! Mrs. Ibikunle would desire spanked me if i hadn’t taken the medication !
Coming back I was deserved singing , enjoying the cool breeze and staring at the stars dress the ground a man with a cutlass appeared at the back me! I didn’t know whether I was to run or walk slowly such I ran to 99 , sat below the horizon and started crying like serious tears cultivate the man came up to me oratory Yoruba ! And all I knew in Yoruba was ‘ mo fe behold to ‘ cause it was my judgment when ever I wanted to get out of the way of Yoruba classes in junior days…. So I kept apothegm mo fe lo to … But the furnish with men was just pointing at the advantageousness block ! Then I said Osheey sir! A cozen ! And all the short sentences I knew afterwards I ran to dorm !

God knows the kind of a lot of us have been from one side in that god forsaken school!
But it correct makes us stronger! Makes us accept things , it even makes us treat some languages we never imagined ourselves oratory ! But above all it makes us take care back and laugh at the imprudent things we’ve been through !

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