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Celebrity Art Party is a half-occurring feature, wherein the artists we enjoy interpret their favorite song. This installment features Sean Thornton, from whom my wife and I bought a print from at C2E2 several years ago (the VERY excellent Latveria tourism print), and whose art I’ve been a use a ~ upon of ever since.

Check out his take forward this epically proggy track from the Decemberists.

Sean Thornton - The Decemberists 'The Crane Wife' WEB

Song epithet: “The Crane Wife (1, 2 and 3)”

Artist: The Decemberists

Version of strain (live, album, remix, etc.): The Crane Wife album

Why this canzonet?

It reminds me of the bewildering person that I am lucky to have ~ing married to.

When did you leading hear it?

Shortly after the album discharge.

How does music such as this endow with superhuman insight you in your work?

Storytelling ballads are extremely good for transporting my mind into a diverging world, filling it with vast amounts of imagery. Imagery that I am able to tug ideas from directly or inspiration with respect to other pieces. The Decemberists are masters in using ballads to make known stories in their music.

How has this psalm changed for you since you primeval heard it?

Not much, really. It has ever reminded me of my wife and our stanch connection.

What upcoming projects do you hold ?

Unfortunately, not much at this time. I’m operating on new pieces to showcase at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) this year.

Sean Thornton dreams of domineering-flying superheroes, retro-stylized rocket ships and the thoroughly brewed coffee. Every now-and-soon afterward he actually finds time to compose and even has had some fortunate hit getting his art published. You can see his work in the selections comic Josh Howard presents: Sasquatch from Viper Comics, playing for money books such as Traveller: Merchant Prince, Rune Quest: Empires and Rune Quest: Coliseum from Mongoose Publishing and greatest in number recently, Once Upon a Time Machine from Dark Horse Comics.

He is popularly working on various series of droll and popculture-inspired fan art posters by with some original pieces. Once he has sufficiency compiled for a book he plans without interrupti~ doing just that — making every art book.

You can find his moil at Deviant Art and his Etsy ~ up, as well as on Facebook. Follow him in c~tinuance Twitter @seanwthornton.

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