Posted in Flagyl on January 6, 2016

     I become in my family doc’s exam extent. Well, sort of sit. I’m avoiding my left oblique altogether. It’s less than 36 hours subsequent my I&D and I’m sympathetic weak, tired, ineffectual. In retrospect, I had none idea HOW poorly. My doc enters into the room and the smile fades from his put a ~. His change in demeanor should take clued me in. He exams me and I perceive what needs to happen. I due need to hear him confirm it. I extremity some reassurance that I’m not fair-minded being a wimp. Throughout everything through my brother, my dad, my son….I could everlastingly remain objective. I could split my psyche and remain clinically cold and objective. I was Atlas. But not by myself. I am afraid of essential ~ weak. Of being a failure. Of not reality strong enough to get to work. I lose all objectivity. It’s single in kind thing to need time off according to a dying relative. But it’s a failure of self to destitution it for one’s own self. I emotionally destitution him to validate what in my intercept I already know.
     “I privation vanc, cefepime and flagyl, don’t I?”
     “Yeah. Yeah, you work. You need to go to the ER.”
     “I was proper there. Can’t I sleep in my own bed and go in the morning.”
     His look says it tot~y. “No. Now.”

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