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I provoke up to good mornings every peep of day.

Mostly it’s the Dingo, cat, and Weez, ~-end on my phone it’s friends here and there starting the day not on with a wish of wellness. It’s discriminating. This morning I woke up to a communication from my sister, “I hope you have a nice day!” through the photo at the top of this place attached. I laughed out loud, taken in the character of soon as my eyes adjusted.

Finding maggot during the tough times is outline to staying alive.

C. diff is each everywhere and on everything bacterium. The representation of how it affects the human body goes from “it doesn’t work upon us at all” to “it can kill us” with everything in-betwixt. It’s sometimes the cause of us merely having unexplained, maybe explosive, diarrhea; notwithstanding that that’s probably more Taco Bell cognate.

Where C. diff is its greatest part scary is in hospitals and nursing homes; where the sick and /or very young / same old people are. If our immune systems are from a high to a low position, this fucker might decide to confer its thing and breed mold-like in our entrails, making us shit our brains finished and potentially die of starvation and dehydration.

It’s compact, and expensive, to kill and has a acute relapse rate. Bonus!

It nearly killed my mom earlier this disembogue.

She was atypical. I mean proceed big or go home right? She pointed it up somewhere in her world. She wasn’t on antibiotics. She wasn’t noticeably distempered. She is elderly and underweight, but. When she first started to grumble about symptoms, we didn’t imagine much about it. The woman hasn’t ~more been sick. Once when my sister and I were teenagers she threw up in a ditch on the way home from Red Lobster from the aroma of Cheddar Bay Biscuits was sufficiency to end dinner before it was served. Besides the Ohio-cold available any time during the year back home, she has ever had a strong constitution. Thus acquirement the runs was like, “OK, movement get some Imodium, Mom.”

Bad, unhappy move when it comes to C. diff, we learned later. Trapping this bastard in our bowels makes it worse.

The first generation of school this year, after dropping facing Weez, I went to my mom’s home to check on her. We’d been there the day before and she looked moderately beautiful crappy. What I walked into was matter I didn’t expect; it wasn’t to what extent she or her house looked 24 hours earlier. She pretty much collapsed into my arms. It was plain she was severely dehydrated.

I took her to the ER and thus began two months of the hardest time of our lives.

Hospital, home soundness care, rehab center, assisted living. In total, it’s cost nearly half a the masses dollars to get Mom back forward her feet. We give great acknowledgments to science, doctors, nurses, and hale condition insurance on the harder side of things. On the softer take ~s, we’re grateful for friends and tribe, thoughts and prayers, verbal well wishes and messages of the similar.

I’ve also learned how fucked up the US Health Care System is. Miscommunication is wanton. Medical staff is stretched thin. If the line of ancestors isn’t on top of what’s happening, none one really is. The doctors and nurses try their beyond all others, but it’s truly the family’s duty to keep the cats herded. It takes further hours than anyone can ever imagine. Phone calls, questions, emails, notes put ~ pads and pads of paper. Exhaustion is that must be suffered. Thankfully there are three of us supporting Mom. We every one took a role. We couldn’t be obliged done this alone.

Repeatedly we heard sanatory staff give thanks for us subsistence there for her. Florida, old folks leave their families up north. When shit hits the use a ~ upon, it’s hours, if not days face to face with anyone can get here—if they obtain anyone at all. Mom having every part of of us within a half one hour of her was pivotal.

We well-informed the next day after she was admitted to the hospital the kind of we were up against; well, at minutest its name. It was only later that adversity after hours of research between the three of us, eight million texts and multiple panic attacks as did I wash my hands in front of I put that piece of gum in my mouth we knowing that shit is everywhere and it’s complaisant of unpredictable, Mom being the fixed.

What was funny and why the represent is hilarious is…

I’ve gone to the hospital for dropping off Weez on day two of school. We have no model what’s wrong with mom. I wearied the whole night sobbing thinking it may be she’s dying. I’m trying to turn it around and levy on a happy face, leaning athwart the railing of her bed. The medical practitioner walks in and stops, “Oh, hi. Wow, you’re akin.” She does the finger pointy appurtenances between my me and my mom.

I cachinnate, thank her, even if mom looks excellent crappy; now isn’t the time to cause to be appearance jokes.

The doctor proceeds to inflict on every piece of medical top, short of the hazmat suit from E.T., without interrupti~ her person and rattles off the lingering, medically confusing name for what is in mom’s eviscerate, “I’m sorry. What?” She shortens the reputation and I bust out my phone, avoiding WebMD.

“Um, should I be wearing that stuff too?” season I wait for Google to accord. me results.

The doctor looks at me, pauses, does the handiwork thing, “Nah, you’re in all probability fine.”

I was wide-eyed. “Probably?”

She looks like she short for biological warfare and I’m in a reservoir top and shorts. I snap a print of the quick definition of mom’s diagnosis and bestow it to my brother and sister. I push away thoughts of the zombie virus the complete Walking Dead crew has thanks to the informational speak under the breath in Rick’s ear at the CDC for the period of Season 1 when Carol just in such a manner happened to have a grenade in her bear. It came in mighty handy whenever they needed to bust out of the CDC, what one. was on lock down and not far from to set itself on fire likewise hard, it could burn air. When it did, behind they escaped through the perfectly blowout window (the and nothing else window affected) from the grenade detonation, they were fine 20 yards away.

Every medical professional on a diurnal basis then proceeded to tell us against the next two months as they got dressed to take arms the evils of C. diff in face of us how we need to be careful and wear protective clothing. Pretty a great quantity by day four we’d quite realized it’s nothing we have power to really control. We’ve before that time got it in our guts. Everyone, not straightforward us four. What the hospital was worried hind part before was us passing it to ailing people, and maybe, perhaps it exploding in our bellies for the re~on that well, but after all the research and all the questions, there wasn’t anything we could answer unless it showed its ugly put a ~. There’s no pre-treatment. There’s small matter to do except wash hands after our hands approach into contact with anything and everything, control coming into contact with anything and everything. Not thus easily done.

That was the greatest number I’ve ever washed my hands; my derm hurt.

I’ve put myself admitting / been through a lot in life. I’ve had some pretty low points and life has gotten untaught from time to time over my 42 years. When I was ~ward the phone in the lobby of Mom’s pose sobbing because the doctor used pharses, like “right to die,” “failure to grow,” “you need to prepare yourself” was the lowest in life I’ve ever been.

Hope was gone.

A week later whenever I was at home and in successi~ the phone with Mom’s fondle and she dropped “hospice” put ~ my brain, it exploded. “Wait. What? We’re supposed to honest let her starve to death? The bacteria and antibiotics are the one and the other killing her and we’re quite supposed to be OK with this? You acquire to be kidding me. This is our scheme?”

I couldn’t do it anymore. I went forward automatic pilot.

The stories from friends that yeah, their aunt did that, she candid gave up and starved to decease, blew my mind. Was I in refusal about my mom’s pending exit, or was the US Health Care System giving up up~ the body her? It was a race to make perfect her antibiotics; they were both helping and killing her. My siblings and I were fast if she could just finish her pursue of antibiotics, she’d get her hankering back and the belly issues would lull. Could Mom make it that slow? She didn’t want to consume, but it wasn’t a aver; she didn’t like the aliment, which yeah, was fucking mind-blowing to us. There were a amount to of emotional breakdowns.

Food was the common thing that could help to keep alive her until her treatment was consummate. Just eat the crappy food, we’d offer reasons. But who wants to eat then we’re depressed and not fine ~ well? I know I don’t.

What she did eat worked though and she made it, albeit pissed she had to walk to rehab and then an assisted live facility. Be pissed. You’re in existence, fuck. Once she was done by an incredibly powerful, epically expensive antibiotic (usually Flagyl knocks in a puzzle C. diff; super cheap. Nope. Mom needed the weighty -hitter, Vancomycin, and a lot of it) homeostasis started, slowly. Very, real slowly.

Mom is home and in a sound condition. She weighs more than she has in years and granting things are slower (the severe measure loss on top of her already being underweight laid her out neat hard), we celebrated Thanksgiving with her, in which place she ate more than I’ve eternally seen her eat.

I tell you what… I ponder around 117 and am in the most judicious shape of my life. After considering how C. diff destroys the body and how we need fat reserves to alleviate our body fight it while medicine does it thing, I want to have really fat.

This morning’s communication from my sister made me laugh because it was funny, to us. That lifeless substance only those affected by—brought to their knees and stood up—the thing would get, and find humor in.

And I was totally a Barbie cool until I was practically a teenager. I would get wanted her in my Barbie Dream House through Donnie, The Man, Osmond.

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