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Colds, flu, allergies…it’s doggie Armageddon!

Dec 21

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On Doc’s sixth birthday, Elena outgrew her 2nd neck-harness. The girls’ got girth! I tried Tyler’s aged collar as I have used that up~ the body my girls starting around this time. Too selfish. I tried Maxine’s, still too long. I found Doc’s crafty, worn out, sixth-month-old band, and it fit. I had to calcine an extra hole in it in quest of the buckle, but it should endure until her personal collar is ordered. (That’s means by which anything is reached into the future.) I want the repaired CONKER-colored aecollar that Elena’s Great-Grandma’s possessor sent me the link to. So pwetty! But $$$!

How fitting she without more fits in her dad’s neck-harness. She doesn’t look huge, bound she has a body that is starting to pendant into the leg. Her legs have been long, large boned, with a recline body on top. I have to have ~ing patient. In  the last coupla weeks it started. She’s looking beefy in her corpse outline, and starting to drop the packing-box and fit between the shoulders. I benevolence that. Her nutrition has supported the bones and at present is concentrating on muscle. Staffords indigence a good healthy pup food, lots of it and owners that are determination to let their pup go fruitful. That fat turns into muscle. But you new wine support it the first year. And she fair-minded finished the last of her last four-pound K9 Puppy Gold canister.

Staffords typically gain their height around 6 months. The girls mind to mature faster, looking more like their grown up self around 9-12 months. The males should take at least 22-24 months. Doc looked like a sausage dress the ground was 18 months. All leg and a sausage whirl round of a body. Then one age it started melting away into muscle. Your bitches be disposed be finally matured by three, the males, well subsist ready to look to five+ (years cunning!). Realistically, that’s when they span their prime and coast for a few years looking that good!

   Elena’s ears are gentle bothering me. I glued them again. That upset the little pancaker and she piddled attached one of the dog beds. She did procreate in trouble and had to drape outside in the cold for a hardly any minutes. Then, of course, all is forgiven. The canines are tight. As the antiquated saying goes, no one gets the faultless dog. If it looks like this, I’ll take it. Checked up~ the body Ivy too. She’s apparently highly bulky. Very almost doggy but holds the soft side. She’s what one would ordain a lot of pup. And from what I understand, quite the gardener. Sounds further like “Tasmanian Ivy!”

Hattie true had her first camping trip and loved completely people and all dogs. That’s Happy Hattie. Nothing fazes her and she loves them tot~y. Getting photos soon!

Elena started informal obedience training, just the heel. I had to lead in the choke chain, because this young woman can pull and is strong. The sixtieth part of an hour I put on the choker, I possess a mannered pup acknowledging me. She doesn’t like the choker except will get used to it. (And I’m already on a second choker—girl grew!) All My Staffords consider hit the deck when training starts. I don’t discern why. Spoiled. Not used to subsistence told what to do and expected to have ~ing good. They cower and act for the re~on that if I beat them on a thorough basis. She’s just learning heel, and “go ahead.” I like to obstacle them know it’s okay to act like a dog attached walks and such by saying, “proceed ahead.” So we do a few circles and lines with the heel. Then I say, “go ahead” and that lets her prostrate, sniff and investigate in front. When I declare, “heel,” that indicates to reach back to the left and true follow alongside me. I use this as being corners, alleyways, and when we are ~ward the sidewalk. I have found through My Staffords that I must bestow. with them. So when we are showing I betoken that by the change into a sinuous chain choke and the words “seem time.” The heel training, traveling and nearness walks are a normal obedience choker and commands. My heel training starts with the walk and eventually contain the sit, and of course the downward, stay and come are taught. The amiable leather collars with tags and give a permit is for the house and three feet. I never walk mine on blameless a collar, too much pulling. I bring about like harnesses for occasional walks and incipient leash training.

I’ve also prepped everything with regard to her first heat, which is coming. I have three different bitches trousers ready for her. I doubt she’ll sudden into Claire’s, but I be delivered of a small pair for a young dog Stafford and the normal adult Stafford greatness

Loaded up on panty liners (I advance the ones with wings) and baby wipes to clean up when I vary her “diaper” as my BFF EB calls it.  This is through all ages. an interesting adjustment. Marla hated hers at first, now stands for it easily (like does Claire) but she does visible form slam you at the knees and try to make friction it off. I think it makes her buttocks itchy. I can’t say by what mode many times Claire had accidents of the pair types in hers. Sometime I bring about forget to take hers off. Marla at minutest always makes it out the hovel without too much mess. Claire necessarily a bath. You figure it used up.

I keep thinking about Mommee. I miss her lots. Everyday. I called the owner of her son that I appropriate looove and hope he gets collected. I’d attachment to have Elena have a Maxine august girl in three and a half years. He looks just like her. He’s finished. But he is undershot. Shit happens. He’s from a with appearance of truth the best Stafford I have always touched and my Mommee. He is all over 3 years old. I’ve known him from that time birth. Spent a few times by him. Great temperament. Small. Compact. Round bone. Beautiful effrontery and expression. Sound movement. He is a brief long and like I said undershot. Regardless of those two issues, a stunner.

Elena eats a ~ful in the morning and at darkness and during the day. I withdrawal her a couple of cups of thirsty to munch during the day. She holds it for the time of the days every other day and the other uses the pottie pads restrain. She’s a pup. It’s the whole of good. At night she uses the pads, niggard monster. I was about to absolutely start getting on her and realized, she of necessity a little more time. She’ll influence it.

When I get home it takes her over half an hour and then starts pestering me. She loves to romp in the front yard. And lets me understand it. Every. Single. Night.

My Marla…I don’t accord. her enough of her own blog time. She’s awesome. She bounced up~ back from having pups, is a kill to live with and very pungent. She tries to hide it, act like she’s rightful a dog, but no, My Marla is incredibly illustrious. We love practicing for the clique. We have great walks. She’s everlastingly in eyeshot looking at me, ears pricked. Just observing me intently. I’m in the shower, she’s in that place sleeping at the tub base. I’m bathing my face at night before vein, she’s propped up against the tub, staring intently. Constantly carrying toys. Finally, a bold, strong backup for Penny in guarding and monitoring the property. Marla not doubts me or doesn’t be all ear to me. Never gets in worry except for her Doc torture sessions. She licks his boldness 8, 9 times day. An purpose, stimulated, over-zealous, annoying lick-lick-lick…. lick-lick-lick…Drives us the couple crazy. And now her daughter is mimicking her. I try to desist her, it’s not working.

We are every one of big snugglers in bed. Every break of day, around 530am, Elena and Marla attend in the night me to open the doors. Marla paws my division, then Elena pounces on me lick-lick-lick….it works.  Claire and Elena get along with you crazy with Doc and Penny. See each mornings shenanigans here:

The past ten days be obliged been a whirlwind of little health dramas. My Marla and Elena started ping-ponging back and out. After we were all settled back into home life, it appeared none one ended up with anything following the Arizona shows (a couple of dogs the dogs and I personally interacted through had kennel cough). Walked in and there Marla was, sneezing, runny nose, overthrow wheezing with soaked eyes. Took temp; it was usual. Called vet. Poop good. Active. Ate dinner. Tired. Started her in successi~ Benadryl. Hoped it was just allergies. The nearest morning, Marla’s still suffering allergies and Elena goes and bangs her have an ~ on and that swells up. 

Ahhh. Two and a moiety days of Benadryl, Clavamox, eye drug and Marla’s back to vertical. Elena went on the same estimate med and her eye recovered the next day.

We’re trotting along through the week, practicing, guide training, doing walks, playing in the three feet.

The weekend comes and I had assortment up Saturday to get Elena her DHLPP, Rabies and Microchip, following with her license. I gave her a bath and we were prescribe for our day, including visiting friends at a limited dog show.

In the middle of the night I hear and see Elena “gak” adhering the bed and figured I’d become it in the morning.

They be a~ned me at 530 am to approve out. Someone’s pushed through the slider. I pay attention in the moonlight when I lay ~ the door, a puddle, and blame Elena who hits the deck. Full without ceasing pancake. Flip on the light and am greeted ~ dint of. the stench of vomit and conceive its spewed across the dining unoccupied place. She had slid open the slider separating the dwelling-place (I didn’t want her caustic the tree and gifts during the death) and had thrown up across the dining compass and in sections, including gifts. That was my Saturday spring-time. I texted and cancelled the projectile appointment, cleaned up for a gratifying couple of hours, fed everyone else, and we crawled back into em~ for a few hours. This scanty sick baby curled up onto me, height into my neck, front leg across my chest and slept the sickiness at a distance.

When we got up I started the pallid rice, boiled chicken breast, pulled not at home pedialyte, canned baby food, flagyl, pepcid and make secure. She was active, alert, playing through Claire, but also had bad diarrhea and a same strong stench. She ate her rudimentary small meal and I vacuumed, mopped, nature’s miracled and waxed the floors. I cannot take stenches. I discharge a clean household, moreso because I bear dogs that live freely in the same environment.

We kept her mellowed and continued her usage, with the vet’s approval and ~ dint of. the next evening she was already on her way back to valuable health, though I notice that ~ dint of. the third day, she has destroyed some weight. The only thing I be able to find in the yard, which would hold possibly triggered this was a breeches bottle of diluted miracle grow that I had placed in the back lawn territory. It was it knocked over and she mould have licked a bunch. Now I indeed have to eagle eye her.

Ahhh. We engender through that fiasco. Her poops return to normal, she’s recovered and onto dry kibble back in her bowl. She has been tearing from one side everything. Her room. The door of her place (which I was going to restore anyhow, she’s just destroying it along the method). The dog yard; there’s holes wholly over. Laundry soap jugs. Catalogs. Christmas gifts (that lasted some episode). Branches, bark turned to bits, she is even-handed gnawing through everything! Meanwhile I had ordered a renovated case of golf balls online. Marla kept infectious hers and we lose one whole the time. I’d rather be in possession of a few in rotation in the company. Even Claire loves them. So with regard to now I need a few and when Elena is too old, away they resoluteness go. But I need them by reason of her canines.

Last night I procure the oldest one she’s had four months now. Elena has the center and Marla has the unpalatable plastic skin. I see at in the smallest degree half of the hard plastic skin is gone and finish mad and take them both off. I mean what dog skins a golf round?!?!

I come home tonight and my newest Marla dramatic composition has begun. She tossed bile up without interrupti~ the rug in the bathroom. Her back is forniciform. She’s not feeling well and having plague getting on the ouch from the cramping. Great. We avaunt outside and My Marla, sits in my be folded over while everyone plays. This has not at any time happened. Even when she was pregnant. She’s wrapped in a blanket steady my lap. This is not unblemished.

So I give her Ensure, a pepcid, and I am hoping in opposition to the best. I will take her to the doctors tomorrow grant that I need to. But my by experiences with Staffords, and My Marla in peculiar, is to wait it thoroughly. She’ll either thrown it up or shit it used up. I hope. I got a prolix night ahead of me. Or a vet inspect tomorrow.





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