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This behest be a very simple, fairly terse, post. A few days ago I instructed “How to be Great!”  challenging all of us, Gentle Reader, to be augmented our awareness of the Intimate and Immediate Presence of God through developing (or rediscovering) simple childlike believe, and applying that to Our Father.

I phrased this conception in a comment below the put in the ~-office, thus:

“[Our Father] has LOTS of children! …  It goes attached and on and on. All it takes to be delighted with that play… those warm violent arms and hands… is a lively sprint and the flying leap in His management, trusting that He catch you. He ALWAYS does. He ALWAYS has. He ALWAYS volition.”

Our Father delights in children. I’ve before-mentioned before that the single unrelenting reality I see repeated throughout the Bible from individual end to the other, is the ongoing saga of God seeking to live confidentially among His children… to yield for us, care for us, foster us, love us… and our equally cruel determination to resist or eventually sabotage His efforts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But here’s a dangerous thing I neglected to mention in the exception to Trust…

In order to be aware of that experience… of being caught and cherished in Our Father’s cogent warm arms and hands… we MUST leading make that flying leap of in truth.

What’s worse… Only our Inner Child can do that!

Think about it. How that may be liked are you, or me, or anyone else… to possess a sprinting running start, and therefore leap out into empty space? How senseless do/would we feel? Ever gone to person of those… (I’ve intention of several adjectives to insert suitable here, but I’m resisting the incitement)… “Teamwork Building Workshops” in dealing or an organization? You know… the ones through the obstacle course, the ropes race, the puzzles to work out? The ones whither you do the “Trust Fall” and put to hire yourself Nestea-Plunge backwards in the room for expectation that your colleagues and teammates power of determination catch you, preventing a heart-stopping diaphragm-paralyzing fall that puts you in tension for a week? Ever been in that place? So… how silly does wholly that feel?

You have to “modify gears” to get into all that. You bring forth to “shift into Game-Mode”. Remember the folks who seemed to be having a rich time, and did pretty well? Then, remember the grumps who appropriate stood off to the side, weapons crossed, shaking their heads at totality this “waste-of-time-foolishness”?

What’s the breach between those two groups?

The ~ and foremost have discovered and liberated their Inner Child. The supporter, have him/her locked in their unoccupied place for the duration (of life).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So the kind of has any of this got to translate with Prayer, with the Bible, through Jesus, Little Monk?

Just this… does God venus us any less when we grieve and shut up our Inner Child? No. He loves us reasonable the same.

Is there anything “wrong” by behaving like a mature, sensible grown up in our lives? No, of route not… that’s why we vex to grow up at all!

Then which are you talking about?

Our upbringings… our parents, mentors, teachers, exercise, religion… teach us “Da Rules” to keep down and conform our Inner Child to grown-up person norms of behavior. (That is a GOOD effects. Inner Child, left to his/her allow devices can become a selfish diminutive monster.) Inner Child is that quint~ of the “self alone”, of “me”, of “my”, exclusively of much regard for others except in the same proportion that they bring us comfort or choice. Our “Inner Parent” is the warrant, the Rulegiver, the programming we secure with us telling us all the objective standards for right, wrong, acceptable, unwelcome, and what makes us OK or not.

As we swell and develop, these interactions go along, and we become the “Inner Adult”… the private voice of judgment, reason, consideration, and determination-making on what we do, which priorities we set, what values we adopt, and in what manner we choose to live.

Sooo… this leads into Jesus… for what reason, exactly?

Just this. We can be changed to utterly addicted to our Inner Adult. We have power to, gradually, surreptitiously, become convinced that our acknowledge judgment… our own thinking… our confess reason… is the only honest criterion we have for choosing lifestyle. And, to subsist perfectly frank… Jesus “won’t fit” in the interior of that paradigm at all.

Jesus have power to certainly “work with” it. We be able to “believe” in Him with our seat of the brain. And we can “confess Him” through our mouth. And thus… assuredly… we have power to be “saved”.

Is that plenty?

Yes. Yes it is. That “saves… from the travail of the second death and fires of hell”. We be able to say all the Roman Road “fascination words”… confess our sins, question Him into our hearts and lives, declare our willingness to have ~ing His, and He is EVER and ALWAYS exact to take that offer, redeem us, and declare us His prepetually. Yes.

At that point… at that moment… we are “sound forever” from the Father’s Wrath and Punishment Due Our Sin! Yes.

But anew, I ask… Is that enough? Is that enough conducive to you? Was it enough for me?

It was not. I wish/wanted more. I want/wanted entirely God has/had/will ever possess for me. I want to affectionate regard God with ALL my heart, intellectual faculties, strength… to love as Jesus loves… I wish so much MORE than “enough”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And then one day, God answered the “hanker after of my heart”. He issued a call to answer, I responded, and everything changed. I’m not going to confess you “how that went down” conducive to me, because such words create every expectation that that’s how it “should go down” for anyone or everyone else, and that’s just not very well. HOW such things progress is individual… of the same kind with the Holy Spirit ushers one’s acknowledge soul along the right path.

But in the present life was the challenge…

“Only one’s Inner Child can make the leap of faith… the Trust… that you beseech, Little Monk. Put aside, for the importance, all that you know… everything that you think… all that ripeness and training you’ve worked to endure… lay hold on your Inner Child, and give that warrant to leap… unrestrained… into the Void business My Name. I shall catch you… every single time. There is nothing to dread.”

[NOTE: Please bear in put in ~, Gentle Reader… though this should fare without saying… I speak here of a Prayer Event… a metaphorical hop. This is an experience of musing and prayer. This has nothing to do with children’s tying a towel around their necks, and plunging off the garage eaves! Please step done no roofs, climb from no boats in hard water expecting to walk ashore… None of that, to exist taken from this post!]

There is nought WRONG with our Inner Adult. But he/she is “limited” ~ means of the horizons and boundaries of our hold minds and hearts. Only when we hug and accept our own Inner Child… allowing him/her avenue to our prayer lives, will we make manifest the trusting Leap of Faith.

I am reminded of some instruction oft-repeated to me years past, long before I came to be an intelligent being it…

“Please stop fatiguing so hard to be Jesus. Only Jesus be possible to be Jesus. Instead, just try to LET Jesus have existence Jesus IN you, because only He be able to.”

Jesus never lost His cover of His Inner Child. His Inner Child ever knew the Joy and Love of Our Father!

Now, Gentle Reader… fare “play” for a bit!


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