Posted in Flagyl on January 19, 2016

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C. difficile. That’s that which I have, and have been battling as far as concerns four weeks now. It’s a in some degree common infection … in mob who are on antibiotics or be in possession of been in the hospital. Since I’m not up~ the body antibiotics and haven’t been in the hospital in years, it’s unwonted that it took hold so tenaciously with me.

Oh, well. Tonight when I acquire home from work, I’ll ~ out up a med called Flagyl and in a week (10 days tops), I’ll exist better.

And really, all things considered, I’ve been blessed. While my case is lasting longer than greatest in number, I suffered no fatigue, novomiting, none fever, no chills.

Hopefully, my looooong and rigorously gut-wrenching battle will soon have existence over.

Granted it’s a wont down, but it is on the forepart page.