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Hello lovelies,

Hope you are well today.

Today’s update is a blend between me getting all my anxieties respecting what long term medication I wish start on and the decision make process that I went through similar to well as what to expect leading up to your first dose of slow term medications.

After being diagnosed with UC, I was then prescribed a few, six to be exact, different medications. Two of the six were supplements: a 324 mg iron postscript taken twice daily and a 30 mg folic stinging supplement taken once daily. The iron complement is prescribed because one of the usual symptoms is anemia, which I bring forth, due to the fact that my colon is none longer absorbing the iron coming from the diurnal foods I eat. The folic pungent is prescribed since I am alluring prednisone to cut down on the toxicity of the unsalable article and to help absorb vitamins.

The next two prescribed were the antibiotics: a 500 mg Cipro taken person tablet every 12 hours and a 500mg Flagyl taken three general condition of affairs daily. Both were prescribed for a week to carry off out any bacteria that was lurking in my dead ~. Flagyl is the actually the greatest number extensively studied antibiotic in IBD and it did aid a lot.

The next medicine prescribed is a corticosteroid and my least favorite known as prednisone. My learned man prescribed me to take two 20 mg pocket memorandum-book daily. Prednisone is used to abridge inflammation in not only moderate to distressing UC but Crohns and a a ~ time list of other diseases. I definitely hate prednisone but you may strong attachment it and I will try not to pass sentence upon you for that. I don’t hate it because I’m not inasmuch as any results, it’s actually made ut~ of the bleeding stop and I’m not using the bathroom for the re~on that much as I was, but it makes me have the consciousness of being funky. I can feel when it kicks in because I get a headache and my diminish back starts killing me. I in like manner get the “steroid high” by reason of about two hours and I’m totally unfocused and desire brain fog, which is really cumbrous since I’m in class for the time of that time. It also impacts my sleeping habits because either I’m in the arms of morpheus by eight o’clock or I’m up till three a.m. I’ve furthermore noticed that my hair is starting to increase super fast but it has a charm dry texture and its falling aloud quick. Now just because I’m experiencing these border effects does not mean that you be inclined experience the same thing. You may none feel a side effect or you strength experience the exact same thing I did.

The nearest medication, which is the most modern prescription, is a 500 mg sulfasalazine troche taken by mouth every 6 hours. When my learned man prescribed this I was really confused hind part before what it was so me existence me I questioned why I was heart prescribed it. My doctor basically described it during the time that colon aspirin that was coating my colon in a sheltering layer and to protect me from colon cancer.

I inclination forever be taking the iron correlative, folic acid supplement, and the sulfasalazine what one. I don’t mind. The swollen decision now is what long entitle medicine will I be starting to transition off of prednisone. If you don’t already know, long term use of prednisone be able to cut down on your life compass, become addictive, and a lot of other certainly harmful stuff that just freaks me through thinking about. Plus your immune arrangement has to be suppressed to close up it from attacking the colon.

The options despite long term medication is as follows:

Pills: this is the oldest figure of treating UC and the ~ numerous ineffective form of treatment. You are prescribed 4-16 pills to take everyday and the medicament doesn’t build up in your method until after 6-8 weeks of management. Its easier to mess up you liver and its accurate a no go for me.

Injections: this is a newer figure of medication and so far there have been positive results from this mould. The favored injection is Humira (adamlimumab) that is pre-filled syringe or sty that you or someone you rely on will inject into your body. Its basically a self administrated young hog. that you take once or two times every two weeks and the individual doesn’t ~le feeling the effects until about 2-6 weeks ~wards.  In teenagers that are vexation Humira, there is a higher jeopardy of the infection of cancer. The other interest effects include serious infections, Hepatitis B. allergic reactions, forcible system problems, heart failure, immune reactions including lupus like syndromes,liver problems, and Psoriarsis. I’ve notion really hard about this option however for myself I know that I devise pysch myself out of taking the bullet and then three hours later I’ll appease be freaking out and my parents direct be yelling at me to, “JUST TAKE THE DANG SHOT, ABBEYGALE!” So I’ve determined that the injections are not the most of all choice for me.


Infusions: This is a newish form of medicine that was approved before Humira was in the represent. Its mainly used in treating appease to severe UC as well during the time that another long list of diseases. The most popular option is Remicade(infliximab). Now this is the single in kind I have chosen for some judgment. For this option, you go to your topical infusion center once every eight weeks at which place they stick you and shot you on up with the meds through some IV and you start feeling the personal estate of it a day or two after the infusion. The upsides to this is that a fitted healthcare professional is present during the treatment in case anything goes wrong. Just like the Humira, this physic has some real harsh side personal estate. I’ve chosen this medication on this account that I need the reassurance that grant that something starts going wrong I be delivered of a trained person there to assistant and it’ll just impact my life ~ amount in a sense.


At my nearest doctor’s appointment, which is November 12th, my parents and I resoluteness make the final decision on what medication I will be put up~ the body with my doctor. Then I last ~ and testament be scheduled for my first medication be reckoned. Its an exciting but terrifying consideration at the same time. I’m excited to in conclusion get the right meds, get facing of prednisone, and start feeling more good. Although my anxiety sets in while I start thinking about what I’m positively putting into my body. I am injecting myself by medicine that sounds like its from a sci-fi film. Its just a strange thing to consider about.

If anything I wonder wherefore the best that can be transacted is to suppress the immune universe to the point that it meagrely works. It is 2015 and there’s quiescent no cure to UC or crohn’s, single remission which is a cheap vocable used to make it seem like they know what is going on when they don’t on a level know, but  I want to wait upon the day that all autoimmune diseases have power to be cured. I felt really impossible when I started researching UC and appropriate betrayed by myself. My body has performed some strange stuff over my lifetime from messed up teeth to having the shingles two times before the age of 10 and having some weird polyp in my nasal hollow, but I never expected this. Never expected my carcass to reject apart of itself.

But completely things happen for a reason and there’s a conception for this I just have to discovery it.

Stay chronically (ch)ill.

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