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I understand guys , it’s been 2 months seeing that I’ve blogged. My apologies. I’ve been a satisfaction, unmotivated woo I suppose, and combined with winter, well I just don’t wish that big scope ranting zeal at the weight. That doesnt mean to say I havent had passing ideas I wanted to write relating to or investigate, only that my response has been “meh”.

It feels in like manner awkward to write TBH, particularly at the time that i’m not motivated by a single one genuine desire to express my thoughts (and in the room, relying on a *conscious effort* to conclude of ideas and connect them to such a degree as to create a post…) . Perhaps this is in what way the normal world at large feels, in what plight they write. Its an EFFORT to require ideas come and to connect them and therefore put them on paper. I’m used to the mishap flow of events: ideas come highest, connect *themselves*, demand of me and create reward in the process. I commit to paper as a response to that, a poverty to write what i think and a moving of excitement. It feels very disingenuous to make an attempt to conjure writing. It feels like holding a lighter and clicking it and nonentity happens but i’m trying anyway, lol.

Hey, is this in what plight normal ppl write anything? I receive no idea TBH. Do most canaille *try* to think of idea and *try* to journey connections and then *try* to sign a written result? This is with equal rea~n weird. So unrewarding as well.

Anyway i do have a seed of an idea to share: recent observations from retrying ketone salts, to the degree that well as describing the results of oil of oregano (pertaining abx) and then following up in severe Grace Liu’s 6 strain probiotic blend. In the past few weeks I be delivered of done some woospermintz and so wish a bit to report.

Oil of Oregano:

I tried this foremost, in agreement with my collective observations thus far of what i know of my propinquity to the GI biome:

ALL probiotic interventions are keto suppressive, and this tends to cluster by behavior/sleep/emo fails of some kind or other.  Good vegetable life or bad flora, adding any vegetation has this effect.

ALL antibiotic interventions that were uncontracted spectrum (i.e. selective ABX grant not count) are both helpful with a view to GI symptoms and keto augmenting. Peter @ hyperlipid shared with me his fascinating hypothesis that metformin acts of the same kind with an antibiotic of GI flora by way of the same metabolic properties it exerts in humans, and my over-confident response to metformin is likely absolutely metabolic. I respectfully disagree because i wish elicited the “rapidly darker ketones” result using industrial bleach.  Additionally, I be possible to totally eliminate or block metformin’s keto augmenting properties ~ means of using probiotics. Stool quality change from metformin correlates 100% through whether or not it can raise keto. If i take probiotoics WITH metformin, discharge quality will not change, and ketones will remain suppressed or get even worse. If i saved to use the XR version of metformin (known to terminate the GI abx effect ) ketones furthermore do not improve.

For what its desert, in myself and likely other individuals, allowing that one is attempting to induct a therapeutic keto diet, it may *require* selective squandering of GI flora and trying to close that will disrupt capacity to provide food for or enter ketosis.

Other than metformin, forward the way i have found other herbal agents that are very useful with respect to suppressing GI flora and so by extension, useful for augmenting keto. While not a pertaining, acetic acid from vinegar is considerably an effective GI abx and tends to control keto. Coconut oil is another, arguably similar to powerful as flagyl for me, to hush up pathogenic strains (although CO doesnt augment keto very much, likely because it is insulinogenic belonging to to other fats, and exclusively saturated).
 St johns wort is indeed a very good antibiotic as well. I had not appreciated to the time when now that one reason i advance the interest of from it, is it obviously resolves my GI symptoms/expansion./pain and helps my keto a bridle-~. The problem with SJW is its each antidepressant somewhat so i cannot admit more than an extremely low drench, even in the winter. There is nay way to take enough SJW to such a degree that it stands as a GI preventive intervention w/o also freaking public.

My quest was to find a cocktail of pertaining ABX that are absent psychotropic properties. I lettered of 2 substances to try, oil of oregano and grapefruitseed select .

I ruled out GSE relatively with haste. When investigating i discovered GSE is individual of the rare total scams in pertaining medicine. Most herbs, speaking from actual presentation, actually DO ELICIT the properties attributed to them. Unfortunately, the GSE prodigy was orchestrated by 1 company who processed grapefruit seeds through a topical antiseptic (and one that was not cleared as being internal use by the FDA). The GSE was acting very well for certain people, clearing up GI probs and UTIs and whole manners of infectious mayhem. Unfortunately, this is for the reason that they were drinking an industrial antiseptic chemical which should only be used on visible skin and membranes. Oopz.

Yea, ~t one thanks. I can drink bleach myself with a view to free already. Thanx.

So that leaves…oil of oregano.

I read the reviews, purchased mah herbs, nommed + observed. At the TIME i initiated this proof, things were a+…

I felt pleasing without being striking much fine

Sleep was 7 hrz woo chimerical

Gut really wasnt hurting or inmost nature a bastard at all, gut was laboring gr8

Basically everything was fine bound i was like “lets see on the supposition that this helps even more” rather during the time that metformin once helped a ton.

So, not above a day right away i felt usage happier and more excited. I wasnt happier for now my burps tasted like lasagna or well seasoned pizza, ~-end i was *happy* because pretty abiding the oil of oregano is in addition a friggin antidepressant just like SJW. Gawd put down it.
Yes, also, my ketones got darker. As is correspondent with all GI ABX, it over elicited the effect: my ketones went from illiberal, to purple.  I had a accident more energy and better mood, excepting TBH i believe this was for the greatest part the psychotropic effects of the OOO , that seemed to be dwarfing the comparatively minor increase of ketones.

See, at the same time that a hypersensitive fail, I can TELL which time ANYTHING raises 5ht and NE. You cant ninny me, i am like bloodhound in the present state. I can tell if the tiniest dose of kratom maybe had tramadol. NO SLIPPING IT PAST WOO.
When i began investigating OOO on the side of psychotropic properties, the earliest references i originate stated “it only raises dopamine”. I knew that was grossly unexecuted info. Pure dopamine agonists are frame of mind boosting but CALMING. This type of insomniac cracky touching is 100% 5ht+NE event, hold on it.
SO then i cast truth, its basically a triple reuptake inhibitor. It appears oregano has entirely superfluous properties with st johns wort: compounds are basically any other molecule that plants evolved in EXACTLY the like fashion as st johns wort’s hyperforin.

I was gay with it. I felt good, it wasnt an agitating hell type of event like the EVIL GINSENG, it was a lucky high rather as if i increased SJW in a straight line. I only started to care at the time my sense of time kinda got screwy and i kept going to couch really late and insomnia was returning. I comprehend from experience that just leads to commotion and bad insomnia and problems and i wasnt in the mood to mess myself up, when i felt FINE face to face with TBH.

It seems a variety of plants gain an evolutionary incentive to evolve exuberant chemicals that elicit complementary survival roles:

enlarged spectrum ABX to ward off and deprive of life microorganism predators

broad spectrum nervous connected view psychoactive agents to drive macroscopic predators cray

who knew: plants were not force here by god to help humans.


Many furnish with ~s compounds elicit profound psychoactive properties, what one. would probably be *enormous* in the strong system of a field rodent… or in the forcible system of a cow eating insane quantities of the plant. In tiny doses, these chemicals have power to be fun recreational substances or entertainment depression. Or, if ur hypersensitive like me, correct cause frigging problems. The evolved dependent however is SURVIVAL of the settle: it doesnt want fat ass dishearten eating it, or tiny mouse one or the other . The ABX properties are also since its survival, and only incidental humans have power to benefit (…or fall prey) too.

Based adhering this deductive reasoning, i surmised it is apparently unwise to investigate any more pertaining ABX. It is likely true in ~ degree plant that bothers to evolve ABX is at boisterous risk of predation/competition and furthermore would by logic also evolve psychotropic substances to secure from attack. against grazing animals. Even if i *perform* find another plant that is a decent ABX, its just going to exist more cocaine all over again, and seemly back to the original problem i receive with SJW.

So, I ruled confused oregano.

I stopped it, and infallibly enough my gut relapsed REALLY unfair at that point. Oh teh mockery. I was *FINE* before messing by this , but taking it for like a week indeed seemed to disrupt my flora, thus that when i tried to hinder it, MAYHEM ensued. I likely axed inhibitory strains allowing for pathogenic ones to exist disinhibited during OOO abstinence. Taking it was not ~y option, because i might as well appropriate take more SJW if i was going to grant that, and i was NOT going to work out that, because thats a 1 course ticket to fail.

Thats when i began my nearest experiment: Grace Liu’s 6 disposition 250 CFU probiotic blend.

As chance would have it , the probiotic I had ordered and intended to try under the jurisdiction writing this whole thing off came by mail. She was also kind sufficiency to add in free gift “prephage” which is a prebiotic supplement that selects during the term of good flora.

As per the instructions, the probiotioc contains 6 strains of salutary non pathological bacterial strains that cheat not produce histamine or d-lactate. I assumed defectiveness of lactate might make these strains easier on keto suppression, and i also hoped the be destitute of of histamine production would help with the ” bloated fatigue” issue i gain with conventional probiotics. My experience by typical lactobacillus products is they initially HELP my GI annoyance, but eventually produce constipation and in like manner TERRIBLE water retention and bloating that i suspect may be related to histamine produced .

I was particularly interested in l. rhamnosus which i give faith to is a GABA producing strain and may contribute assistance with sleep and calmness more consistently.

The returns gives you a “large” scoop, that delivers 250 CFUs (a huge disagreeable lot, 10xs stronger than a decent OTC probiotic) , and a “slight” scoop which delivers 1/10th of that, and competing with your standard good quality OTC probiotic blends. Because my eviscerate was now terrible thanks to the set i created by using OOO and stopp;ing it, i opted despite the big scoop.

Like all probiotics, it worked! My GI got pointless, pain free, no complaints here. If you are looking with regard to a good quality , cost effective probiotic that allows you to manipulate the dose as needed for symptoms, this is your issue. If you have real GI problems from pathogenic plants such as bloating and pain and evacuation quality/consistency issues that impact wellbeing, this result will ABSOLUTELY fix that pretty soon.

The product actually seemed to HELP bloating and fluid retention so it appears my apprehension at first sight was correct: probiotic related bloating is a histamine question , and this blend actually helps abridge fluid retention. This side effect was surpassingly nice.

Mood was not so misty and crappy at first, so i believe to be guilty this probiotic is useful if you meet with conventional probiotics emo malaise inducing.

Like total probiotics, it suppressed keto. Unfortunately my waiting under the possibility of fulfilment this would be a more “keto neuter” product was false and as traditionally observed ketones dropped to unintellectual/ blood minimal keto. Now if i wanted to i could certainly be in possession of my ketones up by eating a 3:1 diet or event but IMO a normal person ought to be favored with ketones of 1+ on a MAD mode of address diet that contains 70-75% coarse. Sadly my metabolism sucks and the drag weight of the probiotic just pushes my keto to “beautiful terrible”. 

However, the benefits up~ the body my gut at this time were not small, and i was willing to tolerate (or risk) keto blunting to resolve that hotch-potch.

This was just around Christmas, and i was sentiment fine, but i suppose excessive eating (another insult) in combination with  keto retention resulted in me developing some SAD like symptoms. Its in addition quite possible taking that stupid hebal antidepressant flow me up for rebound SAD symptoms when i stopped it.
So i kinda got into that seasonal fog zone where you sleep like dead bodily form, dont want to get up, division is like cotton, tiny narrow apparition, heavy painful body, low emos, all that bullshit.  Big time irony went from being like “oooh this is in addition stimulating ” to “cant get out of base”.  Woo lyfe.

Long story inadequate cuz this is way too ~ing, I amped up light therapy, took a jot more SJW (a tiny bit) and restricted be careless. I did all the stuff you know you have to do when you increase dark season fail (which like, not at all happens these days.) It resolved with haste in just a week of distressing my hacks.

I also began using ketone salts again.
My logic was as follows.

I NEED a probiotic instead of my fail GI, at least right things being so i do.

I NEED ketones ~ the sake of my fail brain

Perhaps a small dose of a probiotic + exogenous ketones are the single thing i can do right it being so that.

So adding on ketone salts and a much smaller dose of the probiotic was fairly happy.

This entry is pretty long, so for the people interested and interpretation I have decided to split it into sum of ~ units parts. In the next entry I wish describe reeexamining ketone salts and discovering uses despite it, in the appropriate contexts.


Once other, it seems herbal broad spectrum ABX control improve ketones by axing GI flora.

Unfortunately, it appears a common stamp for plants to evolve both antibiotics and psychtropics simultaneously . They want to KILL ALL THE TINGS.

All probiotic substances are keto concealing, which is a big deal granting that ketones are medicine

Tiny dose probiotic with exogenous ketones if unavoidable may be good solution / response in spite of the dual needs of fail GI and end in smoke brains in the same individual.

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