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Wow!! 6 months of handling complete. It’s hard to be persuaded I’m already so far prostrate the road… and yet it feels like exact yesterday I started this journey. I’ve made soooo a great quantity progress since July. I honestly not expected to be this well, this fast.

Most days, I feel pretty darn accept the offer to normal. I have reminders of my complaint: ringing ears is still constant, my phantasm is still very poor, I many times sleep badly and have vivid dreams while I do. I get flaking hide on my eyelids, and my muscles check tend to over-contract when exerted. I uniformly have tired days sometimes. But overall, I’m firm feeling a lot like a usual person.

I get through whole work days, I walk at least 10,000 steps a age, I socialize with friends, I’m mentally apt, I’m (usually) able to swindle more than one “big activity” a promised time now. It’s pretty awesome!

I did actual presentation a bit of a downturn at the opening of day in December when I was tender of unceremoniously dumped by my participant of over 5 years. Although not an entirely surprising split (we’ve struggled always since my diagnosis, when recovery became a major priority in my life), it was subdue very painful and stressful. Symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and night terrors increased on the side of a couple of weeks. But, thankfully, viewed like I’ve gotten back into my natural routine and am finding peace in the course ahead, I have normalized for the chiefly part.

Month 6 brought the joining of a new treatment modality: Flagyl during the term of cyst busting. Bringing my grand sum ~ to 4 antibiotics now, I am pulsing Flagyl 4 days a week, hereafter off for 3. It’s definitely kicking some cyst ass… In addition to model herxing fatigue, I have had one increase in symptoms of dizzy / giddiness spells along with balance trouble… fill I haven’t experienced in from beginning to end a year. Yeesh. While unpleasant, I am pertinent to handle the flare ups knowing it’s progress!

My liver and kidney enzymes, that we check every month, continue to publish I’m tolerating treatment just beautifully… which I know is a gift not everyone is in like manner lucky to have. My diet, my detox ordinary way, my juicing…. it’s every one of paying off. My doctor insists I am acquirement well primarily because I follow the (rather intense) routine. Yay!

As with everything monthly treatment recap posts, let’s answer the list of symptoms I popularly struggle with:

Bad balance and heedless / vertigo spells – returned symptom acknowledgments to a Flagyl herx

Occasionally plugged, clicking ears and musty sinuses – likely also a flagyl herx, these are petty symptoms of slight brain swelling (cysts fondness to hang out in brains; this makes thinking principle)

Poor vision – 1000mg of Taurine 2x a day continues to help, I’m in regard to 80% now and expect new prism glasses in January to help even else

Ringing ears – this has never even remotely gone away

Dry / stinging / red eyes – A common symptom of Bartonella

Skin abnormalities – flaking eyelids, formidably bruised legs

Muscles still over lessen with exertion – I tried my principal workout this month, a gentle yoga rank, and my back did lock up. Bummer. But I don’t regard this without exercise anymore which is awesome.

Things I noticed scornfully less of this month:

Poor be motionless (minus the couple weeks surrounding my breakup)

Vivid dreams – I hushed have vivid dreams, but they’re inferior horrendous in nature, and true night terrors are downright rare these days.

Hyperness – I believe the flagyl herx has increased my jade, I need more rest these days and really FEEL tired. It’s a receive change.

Pain in the lymph nodes (I did begin Lyme massage with a local Lyme quick)

Stiff neck, headaches, numbness and tingling, settle pain and joint pain all sojourn quiet

The 3 big changes to my manipulation protocol in month 6 were:

I added Flagyl to my antibiotic cocktail being of the cl~s who a cyst buster (current combo = Bactrim, Cedfinir, Doxy and Flagyl)

I did my LymeStop recheck on Dec. 23rd, 2015

I started doing Lymph massage 2x per month with a Lyme specialist to augment detox

Of course I’ve continued the spun out list of healing efforts I gave in my 5-month recap blog since well. It’s a full time do ~-work, this Lyme recovery! But I’m greater degree than willing to work for it.

Overall, 2015 hasn’t ended the high~ I’d hoped. I lost a lofty love and my best friend, a expensive member of my chosen family passed gone unexpectedly on Dec. 23rd, I exhausted the holidays sick, mourning and alone… and of way I’m adjusting the whole ghost of my future as the breakup took by it the dreams I’d once counted on. BUT, I am determined to converging-point on the positive. I am healthier than I perpetually imagined, I have friendships that are greater amount of solid than I’ve ever practised in my whole life, and I wish a whole big beautiful blank slate laid fully in front of me for years in opposition . I’m grateful for every doom to perdition moment here on this planet, and that solitary increases with each bit of soundness I regain.

2016 is going to subsist a very beautiful year.

Month 6

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