Posted in Flagyl on January 22, 2016

Metronidazole is a commonly prescribed medication used to negotiate certain types of bacterial infections. In the United States, it is likewise available under the brand name Flagyl, what one. is manufactured by Pfizer. It can be taken both orally or topically, depending adhering the type of infection it is being used to treat. Many people catching metronidazole will experience no side movables, but there are some to exist aware of.

How It Works

When Is It Used?

Metronidazole is commonly prescribed to treat bacterial infections in the respiratory extent, stomach, skin, vagina and joints.

Serious Side Effects

Some indirect effects of metronidazole might be one indication of a serious complication. Contact your adept if you experience seizures, watery or sanguinary diarrhea, numbness in the hands and feet, fever or flu-like symptoms, pain during the time that urinating or white sores or spots in the mow.

Non-Serious Side Effects

Some persons taking metronidazole will experience nausea and vomiting, vaginal teasing desire, cough, nasal congestion, a sore or swollen projection, a bad taste in the cavity between the jaws, headaches and dizziness.


Consuming spirits of wine at any time while taking metronidazole, or with a view to three days after stopping can efficient ~ uncomfortable sensations, such as a quick heart beat, warmth under the derm, and nausea and vomiting.


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