Posted in Flagyl on January 1, 2016

Wow, yesterday…

Currently I’m taking minocycline, cefzil, and Bactrim for my usage. My doctor decided we should neglect the streptomycin because it sometimes causes renal failure. I believe I’ll take Flagyl on the weekends?? My adept told me to but I don’t be aware of if I will this weekend or not. I’m mute trying to work up to replete capacity on the other antibiotics.

So yesterday, I took a Claritin, at the same time that suggested by one of my doctors to assistance control an overactive immune system. Well, it definitely cleared my allergies, ~-end it was a mistake.

I take Neurontin at death to help with sleep, and the Claritin and Neurontin did not possess along in my body. At highest it was great, the combination of the sum of ~ units out me in a blissful recite and I was really happy.

Then my noble extraction pressure fell. And then my spirit rate went up. Then my mettle pressure shot up and my good body (mostly my legs) shook in quest of about an hour or so. This everything stared somewhere around 11:30 pm extreme night.

My legs shaking uncontrollably was unit of my first Lyme symptoms, on the contrary it’s one that I haven’t had in a remarkably long time.

So I’m not ~ly if I’ll try the Claritin and Neurontin together again…

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