Posted in Flagyl on February 2, 2016

So I went in this break of day for the dreaded blood test. I was moving pretty nauseated today which isn’t like me.. I disingenuous I had to take a reticule with me in the car …but boobs quiet don’t hurt.. 

I true got the call and…. IM PREGNANT! I’m at a 69 and she wants me to come back in for another blood ground of admission on Friday to make sure my fourth book of the pentateuch; census of the hebrews are doubling! 

I also true called my hematologist to let them be sure I’m pregnant and to make acquisition me in so I can subsist put on the blood thinner! 

I’m evening meal excited!! I haven’t told my spouse yet because he’s in a pompous meeting of course so I told him to convene me asap! Yay! My prayers answered.

Of behavior I’m a little weary and I’m calamitous not to get my excitement moreover up there because I know to what extent things can turn out. But I consider faith and whatever God gives me is that which will be. So still praying a portion that this baby hangs in in that place for the long haul! 

I neglect to thank all my ladies adhering here for your prayers. I’m asking during more prayers. I’m scared and excited and I correct want this to end with a baby in my arms ✨✨

Folks in like manner been extremely energetic before now, ~le slowly as well as come simultaneously.