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Products Affected – Description

Metronidazole lavement

Reason for the Shortage

Hospira had metronidazole enema on back order due to manufacturing delays.

BBraun was allocating metronidazole enema due to increased demand for the produce.

Available Products

Metronidazole injection, Baxter
500 mg/100 mL, 24 regard (NDC 00338-1055-48)

Metronidazole enema, BBraun
500 mg/100 mL, 24 deem (NDC 00264-5535-32)

Metronidazole Injection, Claris
500 mg/100 mL, 24 estimate (NDC 36000-0001-24)

Metronidazole enema, Hospira

500 mg/100 mL, 24 enumerate (NDC 00409-7811-24)

500 mg/100 mL, 80 regard (quad pack) (NDC 00409-7811-37)

Estimated Resupply Dates

All presentations are commonly available.

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Hospira’s metronidazole quad squad bags (NDC 00409-7811-37) are packaged in some overwrap. Use these metronidazole quad crew bags within 7 days after the overwrap is separate and continue to protect the bags from bright.

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