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(Dr.Jemsek/ILADS): ‘In handling models, I’ve learned that pulsing makes consciousness, and I think everyone who’s in reality sick has multiple infections. When I behave toward the three major infections, which are Borrelia, Bartonella and Babesia, and transact that in a certain sequence and in a some combination, people get better.
And I conceive it’s very important for persons to go off therapy on ~y intermittent basis for one or pair weeks at a time. Those windows are excessively important times to see how a great deal of immunologic security they have. Patterns grow, and the better the patient is, the longer they be able to go off drugs. For many years at this moment, we have learned to pulse confederacy antimicrobial medications in certain patterns, and I acquire modified our clinical approach from lore the tempo of the disease.
Often you learn more about your patient when they’re against treatment than you learn when they are adhering active treatment. These ‘holidays’ provide estimable windows for observation and after a time, you learn that cycles of therapy and the route they are sequenced show reproducible patterns of rejoinder. You also learn a lot from aspects of the handling period, whether it’s being up~ treatment, when it’s the time to take Flagyl, and certainly the time that they’re opposite to treatment is a very important window conducive to you to see how the passive is doing immunologically. And once you learn patterns and be an intelligent being them, then you know when to interfere and when to back off. One of my patients reported, “You’re doing a dance by this disease, aren’t you?” That’s not a depressing analogy.’

Interview: Dr. Joseph Jemsek, MD, The Power of Truth

May 25, 2014 in Interviews ~ dint of. Tina J. Garcia, with Dr. Joseph Jemsek, MD

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