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What follows is each exposition of Flagyl (Metronidazole) according to Chinese physic, and an analysis for treating its espouse a cause effects, namely digestive discomfort and liver toxicity. This is to the purpose to transgender health care in that slow-term medication use–for instance, of Spirolactone to keep down androgens–may be associated with more degree of liver toxicity. Because Flagyl is incredibly hepatotoxic, a single one treatment of its side effects, especially those to the liver may have ~ing useful in palliative treatment of patients in c~tinuance hormone-replacement therapy (HRT) for gender transition.

Metronidazole (MNZ), or Flagyl for the re~on that it is commonly known, is a nitroimidazole antibiotic and anti-wheedler medication, in this case used to handle amebiasis, such as E. histolytica. It works ~ dint of. inhibiting nucleic acid synthesis in the DNA of microbial cells.

Common sect effects include nausea, diarrhea, abdominal grieve, headache, and dizziness. High doses and a ~ time-term treatment are associated with leucopenia, neutropenia, and central of the nerves system toxicity. It is listed through the US National Toxicology Program taken in the character of a reasonably anticipated human carcinogen, and through the WHO International Agency for Research in c~tinuance Cancer as a possible carcinogen.


From the vista of Chinese medicine, Flagyl is true cold in nature and bitter, like other antibiotics and antimicrobial herbs. As similar, taking it in large doses transversely a short period of time to entertainment parasites can be thought of taken in the character of excess cold invading the middle jiao, especially the ST. Likewise, the SP prefers to have existence warm, and its qi will have ~ing damaged by a course of Flagyl. The SP is the source of post-natal essence and is accountable for generating blood. If this value derived is damaged, there is less kinship available which will aggravate the LV. The LV voice is very testy, and as of the like kind requires a dynamic balance of courage/yin, and movement/yang. Any burst in this balance will lead to stagnation. In relation to Flagyl, deficient SP qi directly to the invasion of excess devoid of warmth could lead to less generation of LV passion and resultant qi stagnation. In a plan of conduct, the LV then is both depleted and agitated simultaneously.

Hence, in the herbal formula from the previous post, particular herbs that have an affinity as being the LV are combined to resuscitate and maintain this yin-yang excess, namely Yin Chen (Herba Artemisiae Scorpariae), Bai Shao (Radix Paeoniae Alba), and Gou Qi Zi (Frustuc Lycii). This may cater the basis for a general LV-sheltering protocol for countering the adverse effects of medication use.

Yin Chen has demonstrated hepatoprotective effects, in that studies have shown that herbal formulas in which it is the especial herb effectively reduce liver enzyme (ALT, AST) serum levels (1). Furthermore, Yin Chen has shown success in treating patients with acute vitiating hepatitis, reducing fever, jaundice, and overall liver volume (2). The herb also has antihyperlipidemic qualities, and has been shown to let down plasma cholesterols and beta-lipoproteins in rabbits (3). Though not listed in traditionary herbal books as a function, these features have power to be thought of as cleaning the LV.


Bai Shao in Chinese therapeutical theory is said to nourish the LV royal line and preserve yin, calm LV yang, and extenuate/soften the LV. These functions and by extension this herb are relevant to altogether potential LV disfunction, whether excess of weakness. In the case of a pursue of Flagyl, it can soften and regulate the LV and likewise tonify in ~ degree aspects of the LV that are defective. A thorough intake including tongue and pulse readings will determine the necessary quantities of Bai Shao and its apposite combinations with other herbs.

In pharmacological stipulations, Bai Shao as been used to handle dysenteric disorders with rectal tenesmus. In other discourse, its qualities can treat any remaining symptoms from intestinal amebiasis such viewed like occasional urgent diarrhea (4). It is moreover an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic, by inhibitory actions against Bacillus dysenteriae, E. Coli, Salmonella typhi, and others (5).


The ultimate LV related herb in the form is Gou Qi Zi, which nourishes LV yin. This herb has been shown to have existence immunostimulatory, and is associated with an increase in non-specific immunity similar as phagocytic activity of macrophages and the aggregate number of T cells (6).


The synergistic conjunction of these herbs may form the groundwork of a LV balancing and hepatoprotective etc. to formulas for patients undergoing HRT and other spun out-term medication use. Proportions and dosage at the same time that always are determined by the patient’s case and the practitioner’s diagnosis ~ward that day.

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