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“I reliance you are having a blast,” single of my friends wrote me not long ago about this bicycle trip. 

He had not at all idea what sort of blast we are having indeed.

We’ve taken two rest days due to suffering from one more sort of blast, involving the colon jurisdiction. We’re kind of like the undiscerning leading the blind here, as Elise’s corpse is experiencing the unfortunate expected indirect effects of Flagyl, and my corpse decided the banyo was an eminent place to frequent.

But God ask air conditioned hotel rooms, drugs, and laugh, however.

With our hotel WiFi I did some googling about tropical diarrhea and emailed a actual very knowledgeable tropically-travelled friend (make acknowledgments to you Big Ben!!!), who replied by helpful and reassuring advice. If I am hosting some mini-beast guests of the bacteria belief, which is more likely than ameobas, the most expedient. see the various meanings of good course of action is to evict them with a little help of the uncontracted-spectrum Cipro (over the counter during the term of less than $3!). Thankfully the output has already diminished, and I’ve been caustic and drinking. I’ve eaten besides humble white bread (pan, and there’s plenty of panaderias) in the gone two days than I have in weeks. Oh, chaste digestion.

I have total trust that I desire soon be back to well once more. This trust is a wonderful deed, so we wait this out, mirthful at ourselves actually.

That sort of laughter where you put your head in your side and sort of crumple with the ridiculous and pathetic hilarity of it. It astounds me how Elise and I can laugh so hard about this, flopped on our respective beds, resting in each other’s eyes in the discursive faculty of ourselves, and just rolling around, poking fun at our conditions the sooner than spiralling into a sink of complete.

We have been resting in every air conditioned (a necessity, as it bakes right and left 104 around here) hotel room on account of two days, in the town of Plato. I imagined I potency feel boredom or resentment at my state, but I have totally mellowed exhausted about it, sleeping the involuntary be careless of a body fighting for itself, susceptibility totally relaxed, and tapping out entries.

So the aspect conditioning and WiFi are a wondrous treat, but a functional toilet would also be nice. Ours kind of doesnt scantiness to flush sometimes. When we chief arrived we were wishing for a bucket, that is a classic way to flush here, but there was none. So, in non-attendance of any sort of container at quite, I pulled the top drawer from the inconsiderable janky side table, filled it through water, and dribblyingly poured it in.

Me, footing in the banyo doorway, holding a ~ness dank drawer and looking both victorious and muzzy: “Well, some of it went somewhere.”

Gloriously, the plumbing soon cooperated, and I enjoyed flushing and lavation my hands with running water (in lieu of out of the back of the toilet) with more relish than I to the end of time thought possible.

We also found ourselves gay at ourselves at the end of breakfast today. We had managed to easiness our way out and successfully use up some benign eggs and rice.

Sitting there at the table, the plates cleared not present,
Sandra: “Time to go recover from breakfast.”
Elise: “Just during the time that soon as I can get up.”

This completely comes as part of the actual observation of tropical travel. Its amazing to me that I’ve traveled in likewise many tropical places and am singly now inducted into this world. But to this place we are, and I’ll quick be fine.

Pan Fan, or: Bread From Heaven, or: How to Keep Ants Out of Your Food.

Still life of tropical gastric complaints. Staying successfully hydrated. Where’s the drawer however?

Elise brought me some popcorn because a gift. Amazingly it matched my equipment.

We had our hands on the doorknob without interrupti~ the way to breakfast, checked our sweep before leaving, and were like, “wait, we HAVE to document how different our two beds are.” The Leo (left) and the Virgo (perpendicular)

Even the Colombians are complaining through the heat here.

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I gave up soda, fried foods, ice cream, chips — completely those wonderful foods that we believe make us feel so good.