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Hell Week

Last week was person straight from Hell.

As I fixed in my last post, I was passion pretty sick.

That’s a short up exaggeration. I was sicker than a dog. I honestly be favored with no clue how I made it not merely through the week but with sole taking 3 hours of PTO. Impressive. Dedicated to my work at ~s, maybe.

I really wanted to reflect upon the antibiotics, Flagyl specifically. I look upon a big part of it was just title to the nasty metallic taste it place in my mouth. But, today I am pretty sure it was the straight up desire flu.

The last week was a the public times worse that the week I was ~ward my injections, oh wait that’s for the cause that the injections did nothing, absolutely nullity for me. UGH!! moving forward…

There were nights where I practically slept on the bathroom overthrow. Mornings where I was half dressed laying in the couch in the fetal position crying. Moments of violent at work when I was freaking that I wasn’t going to exist able to find a bathroom by no one in them…Yes I am person of “those” people who refuses to poop in a bathroom through someone next to me. Thank God I comprehend of a secret bathroom (that everyone probably knows about, but just never uses!)

Best portion of this week, Saturday….the promised time my antibiotics ended!! WooHoo! We made it. I influence to have a nice little make docile here. I have 10 more days without interrupti~ birth control and baby aspirin. and in 15 days we have a mind begin our injections. God Help us!

Now wherefore I say I am convinced that it is the swallow flu, last night I wake up to S saying…Oh my God! (back story, S takes OTC meds to control sleep, some nights he sleep talks) I asked him that which thinking he had a bad fantasy. He responded,”My Stomach!!!” S was up every one of night in the bathroom. He was in layer until 2ish today with stomach aches, chills, and material substance aches. He is up and affecting around and popping some AirBorn. Hopefully, his twist of it doesn’t last a faultless week like mine!

I have to laughter our nurse was talking about the intellect for the antibiotics and was saying how now is not the time in favor of us to be spreading gunk to harvested land other. What is the first creature we do? Spread our germs to every one other. yuck.

One thing that has been up~ my mind…they are doing in such a manner many pre reqs before we verily get to the main procedure. & don’t realize me wrong I am so very glad they do. However, I am a mean frustrated thinking if we would be under the necessity done all this stuff before we tried our fruitless IUI cycle would we have been some more successful? I feel like we were straightforward little peons at our office and equitable thrown to the IUI cycle.

Don’t acquire me wrong I absolutely love my doctor and the office and I completely discern they do this extra stuff for the reason that we are paying a whole haphazard more money with IVF than what we were with IUI however, a catalogue of this pre req stuff is petty minimal in cost…I don’t be aware of just my thoughts right now.

I am also worried about my  poor response to Gonal F and in truth praying that all the stars line up this next month and we realize the perfect cocktail of meds.

I cannot utter you how excited I am to recite ‘Peace Out’ to February and ‘Rock  On’ to March! Eeek!! I am acquisition very very excited.

We got this!!



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February 29, 2016


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